t seem to remember it was a definite one or the other. Thanks ahead, Ann

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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It heats up in 15 seconds,it has digital controls,auto shut off .
First unplug the iron, then push the reset button on the wall outlet. Wait 2 minutes. Replug the iron into the wall and try turning it on again. If the problem persists you should follow this disassembly guide to disassemble the iron and look at the main circuit board for issues.
This rechargeable straightener gives up to 20 minutes of cord- free styling** wherever you are. Simply recharges with the charging cable via any USB powered port – laptop, car, desktop charger or USB charging adaptor~.
– Unlocking: Press and hold “-” button for about 3 seconds. All the keys will be unlocked and the lock symbol will disappear. After approximately one hour, the unit will automatically shut itself off. To reactivate the unit, press the ON/OFF switch.
After 30 minutes without being used, the heated plates should switch off. When in sleep mode the light will flash and a warning beep will sound every 20 seconds. Simply switch the straightener off then on again to resume styling. Was this article helpful?
Lovani pro salon hair straightener has an auto off feature that will turn the flat iron off after it has been on for 60-minute without being used It is really easy to turn the salon flat iron off when you are using it without knowing. It will give you added peace of mind with every use.
There are several reasons why your flat iron will not turn on. Check the cord for any frayed or exposed wires. If that is fine, it could either be a faulty on/off switch or a blown fuse. See our troubleshooting guide here for more information.
The lithium-ion battery takes two hours to fully charge, and a single charge lasts around 20 minutes, which should be long enough to style a typical head of hair. The straightener switches itself off after just three minutes if not used, to help preserve the battery.
Brand new batteries should be charged overnight to ensure you have a full charge on each individual cell, so that the life of the cell is not compromised. From that point on, future charges on a the proper/adequate charger can take between 30min to 2 hours to achieve a full charge.
Turn your straightener off and then back on again to reset.
`Straightening irons normally need to be replaced every 2-3 years,` the Pierre Haddad stylist admits. `Store yours in a heatproof zip-up case for maximum use.
Hair Straighteners

They can reach up to 200 degrees, and that sort of heat can do a lot of damage. Especially if they`re just abandoned on your bed or floor. Also, they could seriously burn you if you unknowingly picked them up after leaving them on.

Automatic Shut-off: A good hair straightener will have an automatic shut off – because no one wants to be on the bus on the way to work and realise they haven`t turned their styler off! Depending on the straightener, the automatic shut off system will kick in after 60 or 72 minutes.
Automatic Shut-off: A good hair straightener will have an automatic shut off – because no one wants to be on the bus on the way to work and realise they haven`t turned their styler off! Depending on the straightener, the automatic shut off system will kick in after 60 or 72 minutes.
Close your straightener and slide the lock button to close. The Power button will pulse until the flexing plates have cooled. If you close your straightener without turning the power off, it will turn off automatically.
After use, press and hold the off button for two seconds to turn off then unplug the appliance. Let the appliance cool down before cleaning and storing away.

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Remington Cordless Salon Hair Straightener

I don’t know if I should charge it when it is set ‘ON’ or set ‘OFF’ ?

Lost the instructions but seem to remember it was a definite one or the other. Thanks ahead, Ann

ANSWER : Charge it after use ,, allow the battery to go down almost fully , then charge it . this will prolong the life of the battery

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I am looking for a wiring diagram to install a touch/dimmer switch by “Comfort” mdl # RH-934B – Darjung Ind Ltd.
It has a standard lampcord (two wires) coming from it as well as one white, one black and one yellow wire.
The original touch/dimmer switch (no identification on it) had one white, one black, one red and one yellow – no lampcord.

Thank you very much for your help!

ANSWER : The black and the white will go to the lamp ,eg,output.The yellow is the sensor wire which should be firmly attached to the metal base of the lamp

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My robot will not charge. Tried multiple resets and new battery from irobot.com (both suggested by Irobot customer service) but got nowhere. The vacuum did work for a short time (until the new partially charged battery ran out). If I bypass the internal charging circuits and charge directly from the charger (with jumpers)
the robot seems to work fine. Unfortunatey, there is no mechanism to turn off the charge cycle, so this is not practical.
ANSWER : Replace the battery charger

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Windtunnel first one used 6 times beater bar stopped working, took apart cleaned and belt was fine. this one had a reset switch for beater bar. had insurance at best buy so returned for a new one. used 2x beater bar not working and not dirty, no reset switch on this one., now back to the store for another? i don’t even want the same one. I wonder how many they are gonna give me. This seems to be a common occurance.
ANSWER : Sorry, you feel like that. I have rentals and 6 windtunnel’s (I prefer the bagged ones) and have never had a problem such as you have described. I think Hoover makes a great vacuum.

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Filter I bought this Hoover a few years ago– just now about to use it first time. I cannot find my user’s manual and don’t know how to change the filter– or to clean it or whatever I am supposed to do with it. Also, there is a handle on one side of the unit that seems to be attached to an empty chamber or canister kind of thing. It looks like it should pull out, but it does not budge. I really would like to have a manual, but can’t seem to find one. Is there a similar model that is still
ANSWER : This is not for the exact same model, but should help you out:

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I need to change out the short hose on the underside of my older Dyson DC 07 Animal (Light Purple). It is the one less than a foot long on the underside which is attached on one end to the main body of the vacuum(I was able to remove this one) and the top of the upper soleplate. The latter one seems to be glued or otherwise permanently attached.Any assistance you could give me on this would be greatly appreciated….Thanks
ANSWER : Hello Cynthia,
.It’s not glued, but it can be a little difficult to remove. You need to twist and pull at the same time and it should pull off. If it’s being stubborn, squirt a little bit of WD40 / penetrating fluid where the hose meets the tube on the sole plate, leave it for a couple of minutes and try again. This will also help you to attach the new one more easily. Wipe up any excess fluid after fitting the new hose.
.There isn’t really much more I can tell you. There are numerous videos on YouTube covering Dyson maintenance. The following is actually for a clutch change but it’s one of the easiest to follow and covers removal of the short hose:
.If you fast-forward the video to 1 minute 30 seconds, you will jump straight to the part showing the removal of the hose.
.Hope this helps, please let me know if you need further assistance, by clicking on ‘Add a Comment‘ below your question.

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Owner/user manual Before my sister died she gave me the little grren machine model 1425 turbo brush with heat. That is all I know about it as she did not find the manual and now no one knows where it is and I really want to get it working and learn about it, as I know she loved it. so I really need a manual. thank any one that can tell me if it is on line or something.

I am currently unsure, it my Dyson DC16 battery is charging as it should. I read all the posts about Powersupply voltage of 28V and defective PCBs.
I now need to know from someone who’s DC16 is working properly what voltage the battery should have when it is charged. I currently only measure 24.2V in mine.
Supposing there are 6 batteries in there with nominal 3.6 voltage each, which would add up to 21.6, I supposed one could charge with up to 25.2V (4.2*6) and once reach lower the voltage ke
ANSWER : Does it stop working real fast ?

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