How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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If it is not working properly, you may need to replace the portafilter. If all the parts look nice and clean and you are not getting water to brew through the grouphead, then most likely the pump is weak and needs to be replaced.
If your steam wand seems to be clogged, the water flow may be blocked within the steam wand itself. Try the following: Using a needle, poke through the end of the steam wand to unclog it. Using a crescent wrench, remove the steam wand and clean off any residue or obstruction that would cause it to clog.
Look at the factory specifications for your pump and ensure that it is receiving the correct electrical power supply in order to work properly. Ensure that all electrical wiring is in good condition, that there are no loose connections and that the electrical current is reaching your pump in the first place.
Stuck pressure control relays. Problems with the pressure switch relay contacts. A damaged pump motor or worn-out wiring. A torn water bladder/diaphragm.
Starbucks has been using the Mastrena machine since 2008, and the company has worked closely with Thermoplan to customize the machine to their specific needs. The Mastrena machine is used in most Starbucks stores worldwide and is a key part of their coffee-making process.
The filter is where the coffee pours out, and the head gasket inside can wear down over time. When this happens, you`ll notice the machine leaking or dripping water when it`s not supposed to. This piece can also get clogged with coffee grinds and oil, so you need to clean it regularly.
Can you repair a water pump? This will depend on what has caused it to stop working in the first place. Simple issues can be repaired quickly, but for more complex problems it can be simpler and cheaper to replace the pump.
If the tubing is pinched, something is placed on the tube, or the tube is at an extreme angle, suction can be reduced or diminished. The same is the case if there is a hole or any tears in it. Slowly run your hands along the tubing to look for these issues.
You can`t buy a Starbucks espresso machine for your home. Starbucks sources their equipment from Mastrena, which specifically manufactures supplies for their cafes.
An espresso machine brews coffee by forcing pressurized water near boiling point through a “puck” of ground coffee and a filter in order to produce a thick, concentrated coffee called espresso.
Thermoplan manufactures the Mastrena, the super-automatic machine made exclusively for Starbucks. The Mastrena is an upgrade of the Verismo 801, using some of the same components, and some face-lifted.
A valve connected between the wand and the flexible pipe provides the possibility to regulate the flow of steam. This valve is mechanical and can be controlled by hand, usually a simple knob built on the side of the machine.
The three most common causes for a steamless pipe are lack of water in the tank, steam dial on the wrong setting, and a clogged steam wand that reduces the power of the stream. All of these can be easily fixed. Make sure the milk wash and water combination becomes warm before soaking it.
Deep Cleaning an Espresso Machine

Dissolve a small amount of espresso machine cleaner in water as directed to make a cleaning solution. Use a small nylon brush or a specialized group brush to scrub the basket, portafilter and group gasket with the cleaning solution. Scrub the removable items and rinse with warm water.

Fixing a broken water pump can take anywhere from two hours to most of a day. A simple replacement should take around two hours, but more complicated work trying to fix a water pump (which will save you money on parts) can take four or more hours.
A dead or dying water pump cannot circulate coolant through your vehicle`s engine and, as such, the engine will overheat. The hotter the engine gets the greater the chance of serious damage, including a cracked engine block and damage to the cylinders, pistons, and head gasket.
Potential hazards include, but are not limited to, high temperature, flammable, acidic, caustic, explosive, and other risks. Pumping equipment Instruction, Operation, and Maintenance manuals clearly identify accepted methods for disassembling pumping units. These methods must be adhered to.
Pumps typically consist of three main parts: a housing, an impeller, and a motor. The housing is the pump`s mainframe, which supports the impeller and contains the pumped fluid. The impeller is a rotating set of blades that helps move the fluid through the pump.
The top 3 most common causes for impeller failures are due to cavitation, erosion and corrosion.
The water pump contains several seals and gaskets that keep coolant enclosed and secure as it flows throughout the engine. As these seals and gaskets age, they will become worn, cracked, and dried out. Once this occurs, the coolant can leak from the water pump.
Water Quality – A well pump can prematurely fail if you have poor water quality. Minerals can clog up the pump and cause it to burn out. Bacteria can build up a slime that can also clog up the mechanics. The well liner should be checked, as that`s your best protection against corrosion.
The pump is not producing the rated flow or head:

The clearance between the impeller and casing is excessive – adjust the impeller clearance. The suction head is insufficient – ensure the suction line valve is fully open and the line unobstructed. If the impeller is worn or broken – inspect and replace.

A clogged suction pipe: If a suction pipe is riddled with debris, there is less flow into the pump, which in turn leads to less flow out of the pump. Worn impeller, ring, and plate: If the vanes on the impeller, the ring, and plate have worn down, the hydraulic capacity of the pump is hampered.

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.On the front page under Customer Service click on User’s Guides and enter the model number of your unit.
.User Guide will be displayed as a PDF file.

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