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What should I do if the steam cleaner does not heat up? Check the power cord and fuse, as well as the thermostat and pressure switch. Top up the water. If the water shortage light does not go off, please consult one of our service partners or contact us directly.
Heating Element. A common cause to your cleaner not producing steam can be a failed heating element. As the heater is used to heat up the water, if that has ruptured or burnt out your steam cleaner will not produce any steam. With the water tank filled and switched on the steamer should sound like a boiling kettle.
The Euroflex Difference

The Euroflex range of Vapour steam cleaners and steam mops are designed by Euroflex Italy, a leading global manufacturer of domestic steam appliances.

The method uses a combination of water and heat to effectively clean and sanitize* sealed hard floors and a variety of hard surfaces all around your home. And because it only involves water, steam cleaning is 100% chemical-free.
How does a steamer work? Steamers work by heating up water until it becomes steam. The hot steam is then applied through a steam nozzle to a wrinkled fabric to eliminate wrinkles and creases. There are two main types of steamers: upright steamers and handheld steamers.
12 Month Domestic Warranty

Kärcher reserves the right to replace defective parts of the Product with parts or components of similar quality, grade and composition where an identical part or component is not available.

We have had some customers who have had their steam cleaners for 5-8 years and are still going strong. For less expensive models like the steam mops or handhelds, you should probably expect more like 3-6 years of consistent use.
Upon the first use of your steam mop or first use after refilling the water tank, the pump may make a knocking sound. This is normal and should diminish after a few seconds. If the sound continues if may be because the metal tube is not reaching the water in the tank.
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EUROFLEX® rubber slabs & accessories for playgrounds. EUROFLEX® rubber slabs guarantee the highest safety standard on playgrounds – for the past 40 years. They allow children to romp about happily, without risk of injury.
Soak and Clean the Nozzle: Submerge the nozzle in the warm vinegar and allow it to soak for at least eight hours or overnight. Remove the nozzle and rinse well with warm water. Use a toothpick to gently remove any deposits from each nozzle. Rinse again and dry with a towel.
Except when you are descaling a steam mop, do NOT put anything other than water in the tank. Not only does this defeat the primary purpose of steam cleaning (in avoiding chemical cleaners), but you can possibly damage your steam cleaner.
Baking Soda

It is also a cleaning agent. Fill the steam cleaner with hot water, then add 2 cups of baking soda. Clean the carpets, concentrating on any stained areas.

A typical large or medium steamer consists of a water tank, heating element and long metal rod, as well as a rubber hose with a brush attached to remove hair and lint.
Since the appliance requires the production of hot steam in order to get rid of wrinkles, it`s no surprise that water would be used in the process. Just as the name suggests, the water reservoir of your clothing steamer should be filled with water. Of course, you can`t just use any water in your clothing steamer.
The handheld steamers are affordable because they have a price tag as low as $40, and most good-quality handheld steamers do not cost more than $100.
Preparing food using three tier steamers is quick and simple. Simply load up the different levels, turn on the heat and walk away, all on one burner. It`s also extremely versatile, so cooking for one is as easy as cooking for a small group. Because it uses only one burner, this is also a great tip for small kitchens.
There may not be enough water left in the tank. Fill it up to the MAX level. Your iron needs to get hot enough to turn water into steam. Give your iron a few minutes to heat up before using it.
Tips for Using a Clothes Steamer

If your steamer is sputtering, the vents are probably clogged. Clean them by adding a 50:50 mix of distilled white vinegar and water to the steamer. Run for the entire steaming cycle with the nozzle pointed into a sink. Add distilled water and run another cycle to flush the steamer.

A lid is necessary to ensure the efficient steaming process. Each set of steamer should have its own lid.
Kärcher has remained a family-owned company to this day, headquartered in Winnenden, Germany.
Headquartered in Winnenden, Germany, it produces both cleaning equipment and full cleaning systems.
Wearing a plastic cap is the worst thing you can do during a steaming session. Allow the heat to do its magic and seep into the roots to work effectively. Tying your hair will prevent steam from reaching every strand of hair. Instead keep it open and let the heat do its work.

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No steam My SV1000 steam cleaner will not make steam. It heats up, but I think the small portholes where the steam comes out are clogged up. Are parts available to change the steam line?
ANSWER : I used the straw to prime the lines and 50/50 mix of vinager and water and it worked perfectly. I then mixed the water container with the same mix and ran it through the system. All works fine now.

Parts replacement We have a Hoover Steam Vac that has a broken part #10 in your picture or Part # 37271035. Does this part cover the whole top section of the Vac? Is it hard to replace? Where can you get the best prices on Hoover parts? I have been on Hoovers website and they don’t even recognize this Steam Vac. which is hard to believe they don’t even recognize their own unit? Thanks Ray
ANSWER : This the hood or top cover. There some screws on the bottom as well as on the top, then it comes off.

Parts Hi I have the Eurkea steam cleaner model 2450 and was wondering how do you take the front part off where you can see the water sucking up from carpet so this can be cleaned. Also I think the spring in the part that holds the water has come off another part is this able to be fixed or can I just purchase a new water holding tank and if so where?

Had infamous extra part once I put my steam cleaner back together
ANSWER : Steve, The o-ring goes inside the turbine assembly on the metal shaft.

For some reason, our shark steam mop stop working. Usually after I plug the steam mop, the power light would light up then you would hear & see steam coming out of the mop’s head but all of

Shark steam cleaners parts – Euro-Pro Shark SC-505 Handheld Steam Vacuum


Here is a tip that I wrote about how to find the parts you need for your Shark

How to Find Shark Parts and Accessories



The female part of the catch which holds the lid to the accessories compartment closed has broken. This forms part of the handle to the vacuum cleaner.We’ve had the vacuum for less than a year but cant find the receipt so i think i will just have to pay for the parts. What is the part called that i need or the part number and where can i get it from. Many thanks
ANSWER : Even if you do not have the receipt you are still entitled to one or two year warranty.
Since appliance sales are recorded after-sale by manufacturer, you need to contact the manufacturer to validate the warranty and get the replacement.

Here is the website, click on your location and see Contact Us or After Sale Service on website.


Please let me know how it goes.

Parts for Mcculloch MC 1275 steam cleaner
ANSWER : You can find your parts on amazon. take a look here Amazon com Mcculloch MC 1275 parts. I hope this was helpful. cheers