Review: Shark NV751 vs NV752

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shark nv751 vs shark nv752
Shark NV751 Rotator Powered Review

Shark NV751 Rotator Powered
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  • Pros
    • Affordable.
    • Antiallergenic.
    • Quick to empty.
    • Multipurpose cleaning.
    • The canister is detachable.
    • Easy to replace filters.
    • Incredible swivel steering.
    • Comes in an elegant design.
    • Easy to wash microfiber pad.
    • Can clean hard to reach areas.
    • Helpful LED lights for dark places.
    • The lift-away design makes moving from room to room easy.
    • Can clean spacious areas because of its 30-foot long power cord.
    • Convenient fingertip access to buttons when changing cleaning modes.
    • No retractable cord.
    • Heavy for small persons.
    • Spare parts cannot be bought easily.
    • May be difficult to maneuver for beginners because of its powerful suction.
    • A few customers complained that it doesn’t clean thoroughly as expected.
    • A few customer reviews stated that the roller brush has to be cleaned after each use.
  • The Shark Lift-away NV751 has special features that will allow you to clean various types of surfaces and areas. This unique vacuum received good reviews from its users. This is because its powerful floor nozzle is motorized and the pod is detachable, so it can clean areas underneath hard-to-reach low spaces.
  • One of the best features of Shark nv751 is its LED lights. These lights can facilitate cleaning in dark places; you don’t need a flashlight to see through the nooks and corners of your house. Its various cleaning modes can allow you to clean almost all types of surfaces: wood, concrete, carpet, and tiles.
  • The Shark NV751 can also clean bare floors without any snags, as it has a hard-floor genie attachment. Its mini motorized brush attachment is durable too. It’s a True Pet model. Also, its swiveling steering ability allows you to maneuver quickly around furniture and similarly hard-to-reach places.
  • This Shark Lift-away NV751 provides an incredible vacuum trapping device that could trap 99.9% of allergens, tiny particles, and dust. It has also a HEPA filter that ensures the allergens, dust, and dirt are trapped inside the vacuum and does not escape to the air to circulate once more.
  • If you compare the NV751 with other vacuum cleaners, the HEPA filter is one cool feature that others don’t have. This has a crucial function to ensure that what you inhale is clean air even while you’re cleaning up.
  • Who it’s for
  • The Shark NV751 is for pet owners or individuals, who want a clean, hygienic, and comfortable place to live in. If you have one pet this vacuum will do. This is because The Shark NV751 has an edge vacuum. Some vacuum cleaners because of its LED lights, easy swivel control, fingertip access, and HEPA filter.
  • The HEPA filter ensures that the allergens, fur, and dust particles don’t go back to the air inside the room.


This is one of the affordable vacuums in the market that can accomplish its tasks. It comes in classy designs and its swivel steering and lift-away, so you can shift from room to room and maneuver your way through furniture or obstacles on the floor. It’s quick to empty, has a detachable canister and filters that you can wash or replace easily. Because of its 30-foot cord, its reach is wide and far.

It can also clean difficult-to-reach spaces, and dark areas because of its narrow head and LED lights. Except for a few cons, a majority of the Shark nv571 reviews are positive. This is enough proof that the NV751 upright vacuum can perform its task reliably as directed.


The suction of the vacuum; however, is so powerful that a beginner may have difficulty controlling it. Nonetheless, all in all, it’s an amazing vacuum cleaning device to reckon with.

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Shark NV752 TruePet Review

Shark NV752
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  • Pros
    • Affordable.
    • Easy to use.
    • Elegant design.
    • Washable filter.
    • Reasonable price.
    • Detachable canister.
    • Powerful suction ability.
    • Dynamic swivel steering.
    • LED lights for dark areas.
    • Incredible pet hair cleaner.
    • Convenient fingertip controls.
    • Useful motorized hand attachments.
    • Can clean various types of surfaces.
    • Superior cleaning device for the bare floor.
    • More available tools for cleaning.
    • Can enter tighter spaces because of the narrow powerhead.
    • Smaller dust cup.
    • Heavy and cumbersome for some people.
    • Animal fur tends to wind around the brush.
    • Can be difficult to maneuver for some persons.
    • Fine dust is not separated and goes straight to the filter this can decrease the power suction as the dust accumulates.
    • The Shark NV752 is a lift-away vacuum cleaner that makes it convenient to move from one room to another. If you compare the Shark NV751 vs NV752, their key features are similar. Only, the nv752 vacuum is a better version of the nv751.
    • The upright vacuum has a True Pet brush that is motorized; it can clean all the dust and tiny particles in your house. There are vital cleaning attachments that you can use to ascertain that this function is accomplished efficiently.
    • Also, you can quickly control the NV752 vacuum cleaner using your fingertips because of its push-button features. The vacuum can be turned on and off just by a flick of a finger.

The NV752 can navigate the dark corners of your house and make them spotlessly clean as its LED lights will help you see through the dark. The NV752 True Pet features a dynamic swivel control that allows you to steer the vacuum around furniture and other obstacles that may block its way.

Who it’s for

The NV752 True Pet is excellent for pet owners, who may have multiple pets at home because the vacuum can trap 99.9% of allergens, fur, and dust inside the vacuum.

The HEPA filters prevent these allergens and dust from going back to the air with its Complete Seal Technology. It’s an incredible per hair cleaner with various motorized hand attachments for cleaning.


One of the vital advantages of the NV752 is its affordability. It’s cheaper than most vacuums, and it’s easy to use as well. You’d be proud to display it because of its elegant design. What more, the canister is detachable and the powerhead is narrow, so you can hard to clean areas, and when dirty, you can wash off the particles in the filter.

You can maneuver the vacuum through the dark because of its LED lights, and easy fingertip controls. The suction ability is powerful, but you can navigate the area easily because of its dynamic swivel steering.

Just like nv751, the nv752 has the ability to trap 99.9% of allergens and dust. The vital Complete Seal Technology characterized by Shark vacuums is provided too with NV752. As mentioned previously, the HEPA filters ensure that the air is free from allergens and dust.

What’s amazing is that as with nv751, the majority of the nv752 vacuum reviews are also positive. These reviews of the nv752 are even better and encouraging than that of nv751.


A few users complained about the hair being wound around the brush, while some users stated that the vacuum was too heavy for them, so they can maneuver it properly. A customer observed that the dust goes directly to the filter; thus, this will gradually reduce the suctioning power of the NV751.

Verdict: Shark NV751 vs NV752

The Shark NV752 has similar features to the NV751. This is because the Shark vacuum comes with the following significant features: LED lights, swivel steering, fingertip operation mode, lift-away capacity, ability to vacuum various types of surfaces.

If we compare these models, we can conclude that they have similar features. The difference between them is the attachments and the power.

NV752 has more True Pet motorized powered attachments than NV751. These are the 3 brushes; an upholstery brush, a rotating hair brush for pets, and a small brush for crevices. In addition, NV752 has more power than NV751. Clearly, NV752 is an improvement of NV751.

Between nv751 vs nv752, nv752 is the clear winner because it has more power and essential motorized attachments than nv751. Consequently, as expected, nv752 is more expensive than nv751.

Furthermore, between the two vacuum cleaners, NV752 obtained higher customer reviews at 4.4 stars than NV751, which only gained 3.9 stars out of 5.