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iRobot Roomba 550 Vacuum

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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Check if the bearings on the brush holder are rusted or broken. If broken then it`s better to replace the brushes. The side brushes of a robot vacuum cleaner usually collect the long strains of hair and other debris. As a result, They are prone to get clogged and stop moving.
If the Side Brush is not spinning after cleaning, you may need a replacement Side Brush Module. Please visit the iRobot Store – Parts and Accessories, contact iRobot Customer Care, or use an authorized retailer or partner.
If your Roomba® i Series Robot Vacuum is not turning on or is not able to charge, rebooting your robot tends to solve most related issues. To reboot your Roomba: Press and hold the CLEAN button for 20 seconds. After you release the button, the light ring will show a white clockwise swirl while it reboots.
Error five (5) means the left wheel cannot turn. Please check the following: If Roomba® is stuck under an obstacle, move it to a new location and press CLEAN to restart. Use Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barriers to block off problem areas.
The Driving Wheels may be tangled with hair or debris. Use the provided Cleaning Tool to cut off and remove any hair/debris tangled around the Driving Wheels. The Bumper rail may be stuck. Press each side of the bumper rail to see if it rebounds automatically.
Just like regular vacuums though, not all robot vacuums are created equal and some Robots are not repairable and cannot be serviced. The Robot vacuum should not replace your regular vacuum and it should be used for maintenace cleaning. We can usually service your Robot if its doing this: It is running in circles.
How do I fix my Roomba brushes not spinning? To fix your Roomba`s side brushes that are not spinning, look into either cleaning, lubricating, or replacing them. Unfortunately, maintenance is something that will commonly occur with smart vacuums.
Charging error two (2) means a fault has been detected and your Roomba® or Braava® battery is not charging. The error indicator will vary by model. To clear the error, run the robot or remove and reinstall the battery. Check robot and Home Base for liquid damage.
Charging error three (3) means your Roomba®/ Braava® charging system on the robot isn`t working properly, and your robot may need to be replaced. If the error persists, please contact iRobot Customer Care for assistance.
Factory reset on a Wi-Fi Connected Roomba® and Braava jet®

e Series Robots: Press and Hold the Home and Spot Clean and CLEAN button down for 20 seconds then release. 900 Series Robots: Press and Hold the Dock and Spot Clean and CLEAN button down until all LEDs illuminate.

Make sure to push and pull your vacuum forward and backward as you go across the floor. This way, you are allowing the vibrations of the vacuum to loosen any debris in the carpet fibers so that dirt can be picked up when you make another pass.
The standard sensors are located on the robot vacuum`s bottom and bumper.
Each eligible product sold at iRobot comes with a limited one-year warranty.
With proper care, your robot`s battery should last at least 2-3 years before it needs to be replaced.
Most owners believe that running their robot vacuums four times per week is sufficient to keep the floors dust-free. However, if you have children or pets, you should use your robot vacuum more frequently. Daily vacuuming is recommended if you suffer from seasonal allergies.
“The beauty of iRobot Genius is that our robots get smarter over time and continuously provide customers with new ways to clean where, when and how they want,” said Keith Hartsfield , chief product officer at iRobot.
The side brush replacement procedure will be the same for all series. Loosen the side brush screw with a screwdriver or coin. Remove the side brush. Install the replacement side brush by firmly pressing it onto the side brush post.
The Roomba® s Series Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes – now 30% wider* clean large areas efficiently and work together to help get floors thoroughly clean. One brush loosens and agitates dirt, and the other moves in the opposite direction to extract and pull it in. Compatible with Roomba s Series Robot Vacuums Only.
Step 4: Starting Roomba

To start Roomba always 2 codes must be sent: “START” [128] and the mode, in our case “SAFE MODE” [131]. If you want a “FULL MODE”, the code [132] should be sent instead.

Reboot. A Robot Reboot will resolve many typical robot issues. It is used most often to clear an error from a robot if it doesn`t clear on its own through proper care and maintenance. A reboot is always safe and will not delete information such as maps, schedules, or other preferences.
Error nine (9) means your s Series Roomba bumper is stuck and is not moving freely. Your robot may exhibit behavior such as backing up or spinning in an unexpected manner. Briskly tap the Bumper several times to dislodge any debris that may be trapped underneath, and then press CLEAN to restart.
You can easily check the status of the battery in the iRobot® HOME App. A battery icon will be displayed in the top-right corner, indicating the current status of the battery.
The Room Confinement Sensor (RCON) allows Roomba® and Braava® to detect compatible accessories, such as the Home Base®, Clean Base® and Virtual Walls®.
While Roomba is cleaning, it avoids steps (or any other kind of drop-off) using four infrared sensors on the front underside of the unit.

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Roomba Discovery My Roomba turns on and moves but the brushes won’t turn. Someone told me that I had forgotten to put in the yellow and black end bearings, but I did. Help, I miss my Roomba
I have a Roomba 530, I have had it for 2 weeks and really loved it. I have followed all the cleaning instructions etc.. Then the Roomba wanted it’s brushes cleaning “please clean Roombas brushes” So thinking that something was stuck I removed and cleaned the brushes, (yellow tabs on and in place by the way)
ANSWER : I read somewhere that you need to clear the software in case there is a glitch. To do this, take the battery out and then, simultaneously hold down the “spot” and “clean” buttons for 30 seconds. Replace battery. This has worked for my Discovery model.

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Front wheel problem
ANSWER : I would send it to protechrobotics. they will test all your components and let you know what needs to be done. if the repair is more than it’s worth–they will help you out too.


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Roomba Discovery Roomba is fully charged and cleaned with sensor wiped clean. When turned on it it sounds normal and commences to go, but it then acts like it is putting on the breaks, spins, tries to go and manages a short distance and breaks again, just not making any progress because it keeps breaking after a foot or so and turns and tries again. Sometimes is gets so stuck from moving forward at all, like it is stuck in one spot just trying to go while seemingly surrounded by barriers. Somet
ANSWER : I had the same back-up, turn, move forward a couple inches, backup-up, etc. problem. Try cleaning/cutting the hair, etc. out from around the brushes, as well as around the ends of the brushes. Also, try a Q-tip to clean out the four pair of sensors (on my Roomba there are four pairs of little lenses under the bottom of the bumper) that (apparently) can cause the Roomba to think it is going over a cliff so it backs up. I didn’t have a can of compressed air, so I turned it over on the grass and went after it with a leaf blower..up close. Lots of dust came out and it has worked fine since.

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My roomba won’t go forward; it just rotates right ~90 degrees and then left ~90 degrees. I’ve cleaned the brushes, taken it apart and cleaned the brush gears, popped off the front wheel and cleaned the hair off that, taken off the front bumper panel and cleaned off the cliff sensors. Please help!
ANSWER : Compare your Roomba to the video on http://www.eesolutions.ca and look for the fix.

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My Discovery 4210 Roomba will run normally for about 20 minutes on a smooth, wooden floor. It then begins the following sequence: run forward a few inches, turn in a tight counter-clockwise circle a few revolutions, stop, power off a few seconds, power up, repeat cycle from forward run. The sequence can be repeated seemingly endlessly if I don’t turn off the power manually. I’ve replaced the motor, and led revolution sensor system on the left drive wheel. I’ve blown the dust out of everywhere. A
ANSWER : This robot vacuum has a electronic micro processor that controls the unit and tells it how to operate and where to go based on programmed parameters. It’s quite a technical marvel. I have dropped a link here for contacting the company tech support line. They will be able to find a replacement part or give you the correct solution to the misbehavior of the machine.

Go here:


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My Roomba will not move forward. It will try and spin itself and then try to move forward but then spin itself again until it stops and beeps. I tried cleaning the whole unit but it still is unable move forward. Help please!
is it 5xx Roomba ? is it 9 beep that it sounds ?

Please look for other same problem posted here 😉
You are probably facing a bumper sensor issue.
Try to clean the bumper first and if this goes on, either call iRobot service, or
take a look at this page for the step by step 9 beep fix.
Have fun

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I have a roomba 530 pet series. It appears that the brushes aren’t turning. They are free of dirt and debris and move easily when manually turned. But, You can tell there may not be a motor turning, because the roomba is more quiet than normal when you turn it on. Also, the hair just collects along the bottom of the brush and doesn’t get pushed into the bin.
ANSWER : The belt either broke or has come off the track…. this should be easily accessable from the underside of vaccuum

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My roomba won’t go forward it just spins in a circle and will go backwards. I have already tried cleaning it out and cleaning the front bumper sensors.
ANSWER : This is the Circle-Dance Error. I had the same problem. I just ordered a repair kit from EESolutions.ca and did the fix myself. Works like new to this day.

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