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The Shark steam mop claims to turn ordinary water into superheated steam that removes everyday dirt and grime. It`s also supposed to sanitize 99.9% against germs and bacteria, leaving behind the days of messy mops and heavy buckets thanks to the washable microfiber pads that lift and lock-in dirt.
A handheld steamer works by heating water until it turns into steam. The steam is then forced through a small nozzle and onto the fabric you want to refresh. The heat and the moisture from the steam will help to relax the fibers in the fabric and release any wrinkles or creases.
Our testing has found that all steam mops remove stains fairly well, with marginal differences, and are likely slightly better than a regular mop and bucket due to the heat and vapour produced by the steam.
Avoid Using a Steam Mop on Wood

Some steam mop manufacturers, such as Shark and Bissell, may say you can use it on a sealed hardwood floor, but Stocki recommends against it because moisture could still possibly force itself into the joints between the boards and get into the wood and warp it.

To prolong the life of your steam mop, we recommend using distilled water in the tank. Make sure you only add water to the tank – chemicals or cleaning solutions (including vinegar) may damage the steam mop and could be unsafe.
The Shark Floor Steamer, also known as the Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop, is a device for cleaning tile, wood and other hard surface floors that uses heat to lift off stains. It can also be used on carpet with an extra attachment.
First, attach the mop pad to the mophead, then fill the reservoir with water using the filling flask. Once the steam mop is plugged in, it takes about 20 seconds for the steam to build up, and you`ll hear the mop hissing. During the first use, I found that I had to pump the handle a few times to prime the steam pump.
It`s imperative that you vacuum the floor before steaming. You could alternatively sweep if you don`t have a vacuum. But good suction power will pull lint, dust, and other surface debris from the cracks, preventing them from dirtying the mop pad. Once vacuumed, your floor is ready to steam mop.
The beauty of steam cleaning is that it effectively trades heat for chemicals without sacrificing strength. When used correctly, what a steam cleaner is used for is to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. It`s a safe, healthy, eco-friendly, all-natural way to clean your home from top to bottom.
According to new research, the best steamers (also known as “steam cleaners” or “garment steamers”) can go a long way towards eliminating household germs and bacteria, while helping to refresh clothing, bedding, furniture and everyday accessories too.
Lithium-ion batteries take approximately 6 hours to fully charge. How long should my handheld vacuum operate after a full charge? A full charge will last about 13 minutes if you are using a motorized attachment. Without a motorized attachment, the handheld vacuum can run longer.
Charge the battery by plugging the charger into the port on the handheld vacuum. Use only Shark® chargers and charging docks. The battery should take approximately 3 hours to reach a full charge.
One of the clearest advantages involved in using your Shark® steam mop to clean your sofa is the fact that the optimum amount of water is used. The revolutionary steam system developed by Shark® means your surfaces can be steam cleaned without leaving excessive water residues behind.
According to The Laundress, steaming your clothes not only gets out wrinkles but it also kills odor-causing bacteria, keeping clothes fresh in between washes—perfect for items that you can`t wash frequently (or at all) or are dry-clean only.
A steam cleaner does to stubborn dirt which a regular mop can never do without cleaning products. Since a steam mop uses water, it makes the grime and dirt loosen before the mop head absorbs it. Also, steam dries quicker than water, so you don`t have to worry about mold regrowth after you clean.
Anything that can be damaged due to heat exposure, such as water-based paint and cardboard. Porous surfaces, such as stucco, brick, and marble. Large industrial spaces and food plants. Large areas of carpet.
Avoid Hardwood and Laminate Floors

Avoid using a steam mop on any type of flooring that should not have hot water on it or on adhesive tiles with lifting corners. It`s common for steam-mop manufacturers to warn against using steam mops on “unsealed” floors, a vague direction.

The answer, though open-ended, is the use of a steamer can execute a good cleaning, however, it must be used with caution. A steamer makes cleaning hardwood floors quick and easy. Very little effort is required from the user when steam cleaning. It allows for a quick clean with good results, at least on the surface.
Soap only lifts dirt and oil into water, making them suspend in water. Therefore, the more soap you use, the more your mop gets saturated with dirt. So, if you do not remove all the soapy water from the floor, the dirt remains, forming streaks on the floor.
Fill the Tank With Vinegar

Fill the tank with distilled white vinegar or cleaning vinegar. Avoid using other types of vinegar because they may have sediment that interferes with the cleaning process.

Yes! Go crazy with your steam mop on your ceramic and porcelain tile floors. The mop will clean the tile surfaces and the grout, leaving a streak-free surface that`s simultaneously disinfected.
While you can use a steam mop on the carpet, you shouldn`t. Steam mops are for hard floor surfaces. They release steam which loosens up dirt. Then, when you run the mop head over the area, it wipes it away.
Steam cleaning is a really effective and efficient way to lift build up from the carpet fibers, including mold and pet scents. It also is effective at improving the appearance of carpets that have been neglected over time.
How hot does it get? We used a hi-tech thermometer that registered the Shark`s steam at 217 degrees. We also tested on wood floors with no problems. “Does It Work?” We give the Shark Steam Mop a yes.

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I need to purchase a new adapter for a Shark Cordless Sweeper model #V1700Z, adapter #KA12D075015023U. Can anyone shed light on this problem. Otherwise I have to through away the sweeper.
ANSWER : What you need is a 7.5 volt DC 150mA charger. If you check on some sites like ebay you may locate one. Another option is you may be able to go to an electronic repair shop and they might make one up for you. You nedd to bring them the sweeper so they know what connector needs to on it. A 7.5 volt is not expensive or uncomon and barrel plugs are cheap also.

Shark Cordless Sweeper ModelVI1900SI
ANSWER : Solution #1 You helped me out Thanks a bunch!! I just have one thing to add when you go to the site on the left side click on Vacuums then click on Cordless Sweepers in the middle of page their you will see what Model you are looking for …

My shark bagless sweeper worked for about 6 months. Like a previous blogger, I caught the edge of a rug that jammed the sweeper, three red lights blink, the brush is free moving yet the sweeper will not work. I did leave it plugged in all the time otherwise it would not run but for minutes. Very disappointed. New battery? what if that doesn’t work? is it junk then, money down the drain.
ANSWER : This will probably cost you more to repair than to buy a new one. Does it turn on at all?

Want to buy a charger for Shark Cordless Sweeper
ANSWER : If you have the old charger, look at the pin and read the output. Many electronics clearance stores sell a generic charger which will match the output in volts and amps as long as you find the identical pin configuration. Volts may exceed the original battery rating by 20%, amps can as well. IE I have a 9.6 volt charger on my 7.2 volt battery pack.

I have mislaid the battery charger for my Shark cordless sweeper
ANSWER : Try here:

Can I buy replacement batteries for Shark Cordless Sweeper
ANSWER : I need a replacement battery for my Shark Stick sweeper model V1911 N. Can’t find it on their web site. I guess it is old..Murnieruth

I need another belt for my shark cordless all surface power sweeper.
ANSWER : Check out this site they have a compiled list of hoover belts im not sure if they carry the shark ones though…
.Good luck

Shark broken hose – Shark Helmet Shark Navigator Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
ANSWER : Go cust. service. You download a free manual. Tell them which you need. You can order it. Or may send one free.