Shop Vac (464-38-10) Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum\015 The shop vac works, I was using it, but must have sucked up something, hose is now plugged. I don’t know how the hose disconnects. I tried pulling it out, it seems to be screwed in, I tried unscrewing. Inside the canister is a square part, it appears that it might pull out to disconnect hose, but I can’t get it out either...Maybe it cause I’m getting old and don’t have the strength to do whatever needs to be done. I did get a hammer, thinking I should just put the thing out of its misery! ! Any ideas? And if I get hose disconnected, whats best plan to clear blockage? Thanks!!\015

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Clean Your Shop Vac Often

Rinse out the hose with water and run it through until the water comes out clean. Use a power washer or a high-pressure hose to rinse out the filters. Dry the unit entirely with a clean rag so it is ready for its next use.

The Shop Vac bag isn`t designed to get wet. If you leave the bag in, you`ll have to replace it with a new one when you want to use it for dry messes again.
Grab the clog with a pair of needle-nose pliers and pull it out. Open a pair of needle-nose pliers and feed it into the end of the lower hose. Once you feel the clog, pinch the blockage with your pliers to get a good grip on it. Pull the clog out of the hose and throw it away.
Shop Vacuum Cleaners Shop vacuum cleaners, usually known by the generic trademark Shop-VacĀ® or shop vac, are vacuum cleaners specially designed to handle the larger and tougher cleaning tasks associated with workshops, machine shops, and other facilities with tougher debris.
A wet and dry vacuum cleaner works in a similar way to a canister cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is ideal for picking up dry dust, and wet spills and is ideal for heavy-duty jobs. However, it comes with the added advantage of cleaning wet spills and damp patches.
A dry vacuum system does not use water to generate suction. A wet vacuum needs significant water flow to generate suction.
YES! Both Sch 40 and Sch 80 fittings will glue to Flexible PVC pipe using standard PVC glue and primer. Cut the pipe, prime both the pipe and fitting, glue both pipe and fitting and stick them together. That`s it.
But a shop vac has two holes. One hole near the top permits replacement air to enter the container. When a hose is attached to this hole, dirt and debris can be sucked into the container. Air circulates out another hole to equalize the constant airflow in the shop vac and keep the motor cooled as it`s being used.
Initially, shop vacs were mostly used for industrial purposes. Nowadays, they are more customized with added features. Hence, they can also act as household items. On the other hand, home vacuums are only used in households and cannot be utilized for industrial purposes.
For wet surfaces, however, you`ll need to remove the filter entirely. Liquids will damage filters, and you could even potentially ruin your vacuum if you suck up water before removing the filter.
Regular vacuum cleaners are not designed to pick up water and other liquids. If you are ever tempted to run the vacuum cleaner over a puddle of water, remember that you run the risk of electrocution and serious damage to the machine.
Luckily, some of the biggest cleaning nuisances can be tackled easily with a Shop-Vac. From cleaning campers and tents to simplifying yard work, a dry vac has infinite outdoor uses in the summertime.
One of the biggest benefits of a wet/dry vacuum cleaner is how it helps you clean faster. You don`t have to pull out your vacuum, vacuum your floors, and then go back over the same section of floor to mop it. With an all-in-one vacuum, you can just tap on the handle and you can switch between both tasks.
Hold the floor tool as best as you can using your foot and twist the metal pipe.. this should `break the bond`. As soon as you have movement after twisting the pipe, you should find that it pulls free.
Slide the attachments off of the end of the wand. Some attachments may have a “Release” button–if so, hold down the button while sliding the attachment off. The back of the vacuum has slots to hold up to two vacuum attachments. To store, simply place the attachment onto the circular slots.
Hangzhou Equipment Holdings is a manufacturer of hand tools in Asia, serving DIY, professional, and industrial markets worldwide. GreatStar Tools USA did rehire many of the employees who were abruptly let go when Shop-Vac closed in September of 2020.
More powerful than the average Hoover, more versatile than the typical Dyson, and tougher than your pet Roomba, a shop vacuum is a must-have for any household. These cleaning tools can suck up almost anything.
Some of the high-end vertical vacuum models support steam mopping, which absorbs dirt from the floor and the heat of the steam kills harmful bacteria and dust-mites. It also sanitizes the floor in the process. Robot vacuum cleaners can work around your home to keep it clean.
Wet dental vacuums (also referred to as wet-ring vacuum pumps) use water to create vacuum. Dry dental vacuums create that vacuum pressure by pumping dry air, using turbines or rotary vanes to create suction power.
Pinch clamps are typically used on miniature tubing applications which are not subject to much pressure or forces. They are a viable option for quick, easy field installation of a range of tubings. These are zinc plated or 304 stainless steel double ear clamps that are ideally suited for both maintenance and O.E.M.
The clamp can be hand tightened to over 135 in/lbs. without the screw slipping or the cage becoming deformed. Clamp Jackets protects users from cuts and scrapes caused by the sharp ends of hose clamps.
The F-clamp is similar to a C-clamp in use, but has a wider opening capacity (throat). This tool is used in woodworking while more permanent attachment is being made with screws or glue, or in metalworking to hold pieces together for welding or bolting.
Hoses can also be classified by material. Common types of hose material include metal, rubber, PVC, PTFE, and composite.
It`s almost a rule that the best hose clamps must be stainless steel in construction. Stainless steel is strong, durable, and resists corrosion. Heat-treated spring steel is also an option, though it`s not as corrosion resistant as stainless steel.

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Shop vac has something plugging hose, I can’t disconnect hose
ANSWER : The hose just pushes in. You should be able to just twist the hose and pull it out. After you get it out, try attaching it to the discharge side and try to blow the obstruction out. If that doesn’t work, try running a fishing pole or something inside the hose.

I have an old Shop Vac model 3331.5. This is a 12 gallon 1.5 hight peak shop vac with a detachable blower. After many years I decided to use the blower feature, but have lost the lost the manual. Question; how do I attach the hoses to the blower? The motor has that cap on it the direct the flow of air in one direction and the wide hoses do not fit over it. I may be missing a part, but I would think the directional cap would have to come off anyway.
ANSWER : Remove the cap that directs the air and insert the hose in there.

No suction Hello – any help with this would be much appreciated!

I just changed the bag and filters. The machine runs, seems normal, but there is no suction. There is no blockage of the hose, as indicated by the fact that that little viewer window above where the hose connects to the unit is not showing the red portion that it shows when there is something blocking the hose (god, this is hard to describe!).

If I disconnect the hose and put my hand over the hole, I feel some suction. But

ANSWER : Well, it actually sounds like there is a blockage. Try removing your hose and dropping something through it, like a quqrter. If it comes through, no clog. If it is clogged, I believe that machine has a blower on the upper part of the cleaner (maybe in the bag compartment towards the top. You can take out the filter holder and plug the hose in there and run the unit . Does the blockage come out? If not, Try shaking the hose, or you can put a stiff wire in it to try to free it. Do not run water through it. If there is no blockage at all, then you will probably need to take it to a service center. But I am pretty confident that we are looking at a clog situation. Let me know if this fixesya! Thanks, Rene (vacuum Doctor)

Central vac our central vac will not work unless the main vac in the garage is switched on manualy…. its sucking fine but i have to switch it off at the main switch in the garage after i have used it normaly i just plug in the hose and vac away and it switches itself off we have just had cable installed with a fisher guy in the walls do you think that would be the problem thanks a lot
ANSWER : It is possible that the low voltage wiring that controls your central vacuum has been damaged during the cable work. You can check to see if the low voltage relay is working by shorting the two terminals together at the unit. Just disconnect the two small (18-22 gauge) wires from the unit and short across the terminals where the wires connect. If the unit comes on, the vacuum is fine, and it is most likely the low voltage control wires that have been damaged. It should be a pretty easy fix, if you can get to where the wires are located. They are probably just pulled apart at a joint. Good Luck!!

Hose disconnected There is a clear circle on the part where the hose connects to the cannister (above the orange ball) that is in a position that has the hose disconnected. I can move the circle so that the hose connects, but it won't lock in that position. Help!
ANSWER : This video may help

Shop vacuum float rises to shut off vaccuum immediately when turned on. Is using foam filter covered by Shop vac paper filter. Vac is shopvac 86L450

Power nozzle not working on my vac but does on another vac
ANSWER : If pushing the reset button doesn’t help try having your local Aerus dealer check out the 2 prongs in the power head where it all connects. Sometimes they go bad.

NuTone CV353 Central Vac does not start when hose is plugged into
ANSWER : Try to plug the hose in sideways. So the top of the hose is rotated 90 degrees. If the unit turns on then there is something wrong with the hose. It might be a short or it could be a bad switch on the handle. If the unit still wont turn on I would think that maybe the low voltage wire got disconnected from the unit or there is a break in the low voltage wire somewhere along the way. Let me know if you plugging the hose in sideways works.