Simple tips for cleaning your house for Christmas

Simple tips for cleaning your house for Christmas

Christmas is all about celebrating but before the celebration begins you need to get a lot of stuff done and one of the most important time-consuming tasks would be cleaning all around your house. In order to keep up with your busy schedule, you need to work on and design a proper cleaning plan that would make this job less of a hurdle. Of course, you would like to have beautiful pictures in your house with all that decorating stuff placed well and would surely not want a house with clutter and dirt all around. Decorating dirty stuff would be no fun so the first and foremost issue is cleaning. Let us explore some tips that would prevent Christmas house cleaning from becoming a massive issue.

Before taking another step, the first one is to make sure that you have all the cleaning products in hand in order to address all the areas that need cleaning. With so much advanced cleaning equipment available now, most of you would need only a good canister vacuum for whole house cleaning including carpets, wooden floors, upholstery, furniture, walls, staircase, etc.

House Cleaning Tips before Christmas

  • Make sure you don’t wait till Christmas to start cleaning around your house. If you wait till Christmas is just around the corner, you will feel rushed and overwhelmed with all that cleaning and other preparations that you have to do for the day. So begin well in advance in order to enjoy the Christmas holidays with family and friends.
  • Get started with one room at a time. If you have enough time, you can spend one week focusing on one room at a time which includes working on bathroom cleaning too.  If this time seems more to you, you can set up a timeline for yourself. Breaking down into chunks would ease up your cleaning project.
  • First, get yourself a large box where you can accumulate all the unnecessary stuff and things that won’t go well with your Christmas house decoration. All that stuff can be removed for the celebrations so that your house won’t look overcrowded or messy. You can even take the help of kids to pick up all those things. This would take only a couple of minutes in a room and you will be all good to begin cleaning in detail.
  • When you are done with deep cleaning of a room, you can end the cleaning room job by adding a fun celebration Christmas feeling by adding some Christmas-specific décor. This would surely give you a nice feeling of accomplishment.
  • Once you have started your cleaning project, you will surely be motivated and all that takes it to make your house beautiful will become to appear completely worth it.

Cleaning Checklist (Before Christmas)

  • Clean out all the dishes, cutlery, and crockery that you may need for additional guests in the house for occasions.
  • Cleaning after the guests leave would become even easier if you use disposable plates and napkins. You would just need to trash them away and would keep you from the hassle of dish cleaning.
  • Keep a good stock of kitchen paper, toilet paper, rubbish bags, tissue boxes, stain removers, and cleaning powder.
  • Get all the Christmas decorations in hand whether you need to buy new ones or would like to clean old ones from storage.
  • Check all the lights and bulbs around the house, clean them, and replace missing/non-functional ones.
  • Check for webs and dirt and debris that collect on walls and ceilings. You can effectively use your vacuum for this extended cleaning.

Maintaining Clean House during Christmas

Once you are done with cleaning all the rooms, then you just need to work on keeping them clean and well-maintained, and trust me it won’t take much time. Just a few minutes each day would enable you to maintain the same clean shape of your room. Just a round of vacuum cleaning would be enough; you can check vacuum cleaner reviews to find a suitable one for your specific requirements. Rooms that are well-organized and clean are much more appealing and give you a fun and warm feeling to enjoy holidays. Once you are done with cleaning, maintaining is not a hassle. Also when Christmas time would be over, these rooms could be easily transited back into their original shape.

Daily Cleaning Checklist (during Christmas)

  • Any spills or stains must be addressed right at the moment in order to get rid of them completely. Leaving them for later cleaning could require more effort and the stain may not completely remove.
  • All the communal places along with the kitchen must be vacuumed quickly with a canister vacuum cleaner.
  • Dispose of rubbish from trash cans.
  • Check and place toilet papers and tissues where required.
  • Quick cleaning of hand basins and toilets would keep your bathrooms maintained.
  • Store any remaining food before you go to sleep in order to prevent spoiling it which could result in wastage and bad odor.

Cleaning Tips Up after Christmas

  • Clean and dry all the additional dishes, crockery, and cutlery and store them back.
  • All the Christmas outfits should be cleaned before storage.
  • Remove decorations and lights and wrap them up in spare paper before storage so that you can use them again.
  • Use leftovers as meals for the next few days when you are busy cleaning.

Christmas is about sharing and caring

Christmas is not just celebrating among our family and friends but it is time to share and charity to people in need. There are people who may be less fortunate than you and need your help in order to get some small cherished able moments of the occasion. There are some ways when you can help generously and practically.

  • Hire someone for a cleaning job who you know is currently jobless. He/she could be a great help for cleaning and maintaining your house before Christmas.
  • Meal plans should be set keeping in mind some donation of food for homeless people and you can donate it to your nearest food bank.
  • While cleaning, you can give away any unwanted clothes, books, toys, and other stuff from your house.
  • Christmas flower bunches that are left over are better to be donated to old age homes and community centers.


Christmas is a time when you look forward to spending some quality happy moments with your loved ones, enjoying traditional delicious meals, clicking some memories, and sharing your spirit of festive within your community with care and charity for less privileged ones. But at the end of the celebration, you would need to do some clean-ups too. Dirty dishes, carpets stained with spilled juices and rubbish may need to be tackled after Christmas but avoiding cleaning mistakes and proper cleaning with a canister vacuum would keep the spirit of celebration up. While hosting wonderful parties, you can still keep your house cleaning in complete control by following these simple tips for cleaning your house for Christmas.

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