Sirena Vacuum Reviews: New Sirena 2 Speed Vacuum, 1200w Home Cleaning System

Sirens vacuum cleaning is a Canadian designed water-based filtration system with a HEPA filter which was designed to help in the tidying of homes. This is not the usual out of the dock product but was systematically built to help in the cleaning of homes. Sirena helps especially in keeping the interior part of the homes healthier while freshening and deodorizing it at the same time.


Most people who keep pets have the challenge of removing pet hairs in their homes but with Sirena vacuums, the challenge is easily eliminated without any hair seen. This is because Sirena is powered by a 1200W dual cyclonic action Italian made technology to achieve an efficient cleaning service. This product also helps keep the indoor airs clean and the United States Environmental Protection Agencies have warned that warned that indoor air can be more unhygienic than outdoor air due to the dust, dirt and pets kept in the home so this product addresses these problems.

Sirena Vacuum Nozzle Rainbow Fragrance


These reviews have products which includes Sirena Vacuum Nozzle Rainbow Fragrance – this vacuum cleaner has been described as a state of the art machine which helps in efficient cleaning while leaving the homes with a refreshing fragrance.

Key features:

  • It is a canister vacuum – 12..W, 8.72 amp Italian-built motor 3.5L/0.92 gallon water tank washable HEPA filter weight 21ft. Cord Length No Cord rewind 6-foot hose Bagless.
  • It has Dustbin capacity of 0.53 dry gallons with included attachments and bonus attachments plus 4 fragrance pack, deodorizer and mini power head.

Pros and Cons:

  • As every other product, the Sirena Vacuum Nozzle Rainbow Fragrance has its pros and construction which are listed below.
  • It eliminates allergens: Sirena vacuum nozzle rainbow fragrance removes allergens in a home. Since most people have allergies to pet hairs, dust and shirts, Sirena eliminates these allergens and makes the home cleaner and healthier.
  • 100 percent effective cleaning: this product guarantees you a an effective cleaning of the home, it is safe to use and also assures you of a 100 percent cleaner environment.
  • Deodorizing and fragrance: Sirena leaves your home fully deodorizer and refreshing. After it’s used, the fragrance is always refreshing and leaves one happier.
  • Water filtration system: water has always been the most efficient form of cleaning, that is Sirena uses water to clean. It does not carry water bags but has a washable water tank that is inbuilt.
  • This product has not received any disadvantages so far.

In conclusion.

Sirena vacuum nozzle rainbow fragrance meets the needs of every home in cleaning efficiency and keeping pet hairs at bare.

Sirena Cleaning Exclusive Fragrance Deodorizer

02. 2016 SIRENA 2 SPEED 1200w Vacuum w Power Nozzle Total Home Cleaning System Exclusive Bonus Items

Another of Sirena cleaning product to look at us the Sirena deodorants which are placed in drops when vacuuming a home. All you have to do is to fill the basin with tap water and place a drop of deodorant in it, then you can use it to clean.

Since some people are also allergic to some scents, you can easily choose a scent that you want from the Sirena products and this includes four natural fragrances, which are:

  • Pine
  • Tropical
  • Apple
  • Eucalyptus

Pros and cons:

  • The four Sirena cleaning fragrance oils are all made from natural resources for the home which is most useful for a home where children’s safety is the basics.
  • Natural sources: the four fragrance oils are made from natural resources and all you have to do to use it is to place a drop of the oil of your choice in the basin, close it and begin use.
  • Safe for children: when you use any of the natural Sirena fragrance oil, there’s no cause for alarm in your home as your child is safe with it. Its scent is refreshing, clean and healthy.
  • It lasts longer: the effect of using the fragrance oil when vacuuming is that it lasts longer after use. For a period of time, the purpose is actualized and the home cleaner.
  • The Sirena vacuum exclusive fragrance deodorant has not recorded any disadvantages.

In conclusion, Sirena vacuum exclusive fragrance deodorant oil is a very healthy and wealthy product to be used in vacuuming a home because of its long-lasting fragrance, healthier and cleaner environment.