Steam Mop Power-Simple Steps on Discovering the Most Powerful Steam Mop for Your Needs

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If you are ready to experience true, unadulterated steam mop power, you must continue reading. In this consumer buying guide, you will learn the simple steps that will allow you to discover the most powerful steam mop for your individual needs. In evaluating the market today, you will discover that there are, basically, three different types of steam mops currently available for purchase by consumers. These include the classic, upright steam mop, the handheld steam mop, and the highly versatile cylinder-based steam cleaning devices. For the purpose and intent of this guide, we will focus on the traditional or classic, upright steam mops.

What is a Steam Mop?

In order to truly appreciate steam mop power, you must first understand what a steam mop is and how it works. This is a specially-designed cleaning device that utilizes steam in order to clean heat-resistance surfaces, such as floors, in order to remove dirt and microorganisms. The unit contains a water tank and a heating element. Once the water is placed within the attached tank, the heating element warms the water to a temperature of at least 140°F. Once the water reaches this temperature, steam is created and is emitted from the mop head. You then, usually, press a trigger on the unit in order to place the steaming water on the surface that you are cleaning to disinfect and clean the surface through the use of back and forth motions. A steam mop typically does not require the use of detergents as the heated water/steam is highly effective in eliminating dirt, grime, microorganisms, and other types of debris.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

If you are looking to harness steam mop power, it is imperative to ensure that you unit you select comes with the proper accessories to complete a wide range of jobs. Today, most of these units include tools that may be used to clean windows, counters, and even clothes. To maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of steam mop power, you should opt for those that come with a squeegee, cleaning pads, an upholstery tool, a scrubbing pad, and even scrubbing brushes. You may also discover units that include a built-in dispenser that will allow you to successfully add detergent to the unit for maximum cleaning power; however, this is not a necessary component. In fact, it is best to simply harness the power of the heated water and forego all chemical usage.


Now that you are aware of the accessories that will allow you to maximize steam mop power, you should consider the features that are often included on steam mops. The main features that you should pay attention to are the mop’s capacity size, the heat-up capabilities of the unit, and the amount of time that it takes to create the steam that you will use to clean surfaces. You should always opt for those that heat and create steam quickly and have a large capacity size. If you have the accessories and focus on these features, you will find the steam mop power that is absolutely perfect for any cleaning job – regardless of how small or how large.