Steam Mop Technology – Don’t Just Push Dirt Around

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Steam Mop Technology – Long Gone Are the Days of Pushing Dirt Around

The new innovative steam mop technology is gaining quite a bit of positive attention among homeowners. When it comes to cleaning chores, most agree that cleaning the floors is one of the most challenging and daunting of all household tasks. Removing loose dirt and debris through sweeping, preparing the cleansing solution for the mopping, performing the mopping, and waiting on the floors to dry to reduce debris tracking are all time-consuming tasks that have the capability of quickly eliminating a large chunk of your time and your money. If you have a desire to eliminate the hassle, the work, the time, and the cash that it takes to thoroughly clean your floors, you should opt for cleaning devices that utilize steam mop technology. Not only will these products allow you to finish this cleaning chore more quickly and more cheaply, but, you will find that you are able to cut through dirt and debris with ease and successfully eliminate it completely. Unlike traditional mops, those that use steam mop technology do not just push the dirt on your floor around; instead, it eliminates dirt and other forms of potentially hazardous contaminants.

The Traditional Mop

In order to truly appreciate steam mop technology, it is important to understand the traditional mop. This is a specially-designed cleaning tool that is typically composed of a long pole for maneuverability and a bunch of absorbent materials at the end. The absorbent materials at the end of a traditional mop are typically placed into a bucket that includes both water and a floor-cleaning agent. Once the mop is soaked, it is then wrung out and passed over the floor to be cleaned. The idea is that the dirt, debris, and other unclean substances on the floor are lifted. Unfortunately, test after test has confirmed that the dirt, debris, and other substances on the floor are not successfully lifted. Instead, these substances are just pushed around on the floor – given the appearance of cleanliness. Once this fact was realized, steam mop technology was introduced to the world.

What is Steam Mop Technology?

There are several steam mop cleaning products currently available on the market that use steam mop technology. These are designed similar to the traditional mop; however, there is a water tank installed on the unit, as well as a bottom that typically holds a microfiber cloth. The unit is typically plugged in once water has been placed in the tank. The electricity heats the water. Once the water reaches a certain temperature, steam is emitted out of the bottom of the unit, into the microfiber pad. The steam mop may then be used to clean floors. Due to the heat of the steam, no cleansing agent is required. Not only does the heat cut through dirt and debris, but, it completely lifts the dirt and debris. Additionally, the steam has the ability to kill nearly 100% of the germs, bacteria, and even mites that are present on the floor. If you want your floors thoroughly cleaned and want to avoid simply pushing the dirt and debris on the floor around to give the appearance of being clean, you should opt for cleaning products that utilize steam mop technology.