Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop – Gray/ Purple Vacuum\015 Read your reply to one other user about streaks. I don't agree with you. There are only two adults in our household and my floors don't have product buildup or soap residue. I use it to refresh the floors just like the steam is supposed to refresh the carpet…...I have never used anything on my floors but the steam mop (and I mean it) I vacuum & mop my floors every 3-4 days. I don't know if the steam feels hot enough. I rinse the pads out before I wash them, put them in washing machine with detergent and that's it…. Every time I use the mop it leaves water streaks. I even purchased new pads..Same problem. I have even used vinegar. I have 2500 sf of tile. There has to be another way or solution to do this. I don't plan to get on my hands and knees each time to wipe my floors down !! ..To me, a steam mop should apply steam and should leave your floors streak free. If it doesn't it must be the pads…...Wish someone would make a real micro fiber mop pad that would absorb the dirt (if any) and leave floors virtually spot and streak free.\015

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Yes! Go crazy with your steam mop on your ceramic and porcelain tile floors. The mop will clean the tile surfaces and the grout, leaving a streak-free surface that`s simultaneously disinfected.
It is safe to use on many different types of flooring

I used this Shark steam mop on my ceramic kitchen floors, but it is also rated for use on sealed hardwood floors, marble, and stone tile.

If there is an odd-looking substance on the pad, the streaking is likely being caused by dirt or residual cleaning products. If you have used floor polishes or wax on your floor, use of any steam product may decrease the glossiness and you could refer to the manufacturer of the wax or polish for removal.
Use a microfiber flat mop pad to mop your floor.

Not only do microfiber mop pads clean well with just water, they also prevent your floors from getting too wet which can cause streaks. Microfiber mops don`t even require a bucket to get the job done, and are easy to rinse and wring out in the sink.

If you are using a mop that has not been cleaned properly, it can spread dirt and grime instead of picking it up, leaving streaks on your floors. To prevent this, it`s important to regularly clean and sanitize your mop and change the water when it gets dirty.
How do you clean porcelain tiles without streaks? Cleaning with a vinegar-water solution can help to promote a streak-free finish on porcelain tile. It`s also important to thoroughly rinse and dry the floor.
The best mop for porcelain tiles

The traditional mop and bucket are hard to improve upon. However, for tech fans, there is the electronic spin mop or the steam mop which will make life easier when it comes to cleaning porcelain tiles.

Avoid Hardwood and Laminate Floors

Avoid using a steam mop on any type of flooring that should not have hot water on it or on adhesive tiles with lifting corners. It`s common for steam-mop manufacturers to warn against using steam mops on “unsealed” floors, a vague direction.

Although it`s a handheld model, the Shark Wandvac has a high-speed brushless motor that provides strong suction, making it one of the best vacuums for tile. There`s also a boost button when you need even more suction.
Too little floor finish on your mop during application means you are not applying enough finish. This creates streaks on the floor but it can be easily fixed. A scrub and recoat is all that is needed to repair the streaking. Just be sure not to overwork your mop and avoid wringing out the mop too much.
To ensure a streak-free finish, cleaning expert Andrew Gaugler from Best of Machinery suggests drying your floor with a microfiber cloth to ensure no water marks are left behind. `Leave it to dry completely before using it. You can enjoy your streak-free floor for the next few days,` Andrew adds.
Detergent can also cause a problem when too much has been left on the floor from daily activities like mopping. Over time, the detergent can build up and cause a sticky residue that will not respond to buffing. The detergent will be ground into the floor finish and cause the floor to look hazy.
Although porcelain tiles are stain resistant, care must be taken to immediately clean any stain, especially on polished bench tops. The best way to ensure stubborn marks do not occur is to wash away stains such as red wine, food and drinks, using warm water and a soft cloth.
As with anything in your home that gets a lot of wear, porcelain tiles can lose that initial shine and shimmer if they are not maintained correctly.
Avoid using heavy-duty cleaning agents and abrasive chemicals. You may also want to avoid cleaning unpolished porcelain tiles with acidic agents like vinegar. Avoid cleaning porcelain tile floors with products that contain chlorine, ammonia, or bleach as this can damage the patterns and coloring of the floor.
Saturate the tile with a vinegar-and-water solution, allowing it to soak for five to ten minutes. Scrub the floor with a soft-bristle brush, again working in two directions. Rinse the floor with hot water in order to thoroughly remove the cleaning solution. Go over the clean porcelain tile floor with a damp mop.
The short answer is – Yes. The slightly longer answer is – There`s no better way! Although most people only turn to their steam cleaners when it`s time to clean their carpets, these handy little devices are very versatile and can be used to clean a porcelain floor as well.
Do: Wipe up excess dirt before steaming. Steam mops essentially employ steam to loosen grime, which the mop head then clears away, but there`s no suction element in this appliance. This means that surface dirt will need to be vacuumed or swept up before you begin or you`ll only succeed in pushing dirt across the house.
Vacuum cleaners work best for tile floors because brooms drive dirt into the air, leaving some of it in the gaps of your tiles and giving the impression that they are unglazed. The other most important reason is time saving features of modern vacuum cleaners.
The easiest, quickest, and most effective step you can take is to regularly sweep, vacuum, and damp mop your bathroom, entryway, or kitchen tile floors. A quick sweeping or vacuuming removes dirt and debris before it can become embedded in the tile or grout.
So, where does the dirt go when you steam clean? Actually, it doesn`t go anywhere. Instead, the heat and vapour of steam cleaning ensure that all the unwanted substances or stains are fully broken down and easy to get rid of.
What can`t I steam clean? Steam can warp unsealed floors, melt plastic, and cause laminate floors to swell. Don`t steam clean these surfaces. Other surfaces on the do-not-clean list: cold windows, unglazed tile, those covered in water-based paint, and delicate surfaces.
Do you use a steam mop to clean your floors? If so, adding a few drops of orange, lemon or lavender essential oil on the steam mop cover will not only disinfect the floors, but make your house smell great in the process!!!

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Streaks on porcelein tile from shark steam mop
ANSWER : I have the same problem!!! its driving me nuts, i think its the microfibe pads that do it. I used the kenwood steam mop and it didnt have a microfibe cleaning pad on the bottom of it and it cleaned it perfectly, no streaks! because that blew up i have the monster mop and it streaks every time, i ended up wraping a bath towl around the base and mopping with that on it, dont know what else to do?

For some reason, our shark steam mop stop working. Usually after I plug the steam mop, the power light would light up then you would hear & see steam coming out of the mop’s head but all of

Shark Steam Mop – Gray/ Purple Vacuum: shark steam mop has water, but there is no steam….
ANSWER : I tried running vinegar through as you would a coffee pot to get rid of hard water scales. This did not work. Then I noticed that the light behind the shark decal on the front of the machine was going off and on. And sure enough as I moved the cord around the light would come off and on. Looking closer I could see the the heat had melted thru some of the cord.I bought mine at Target before xmas last year, throwing away the sales slip after several months so I guess there is nothing I can do about it.

Kenwood Steam mop
ANSWER : The Manufacturer suggests you clean the hose by removing the water tank dammed if u can get it off though.

Shark Steam Mop – Gray/ Purple Vacuum: I left water in the steam mop and now the steam is…

Here is a tip that I wrote about the Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop and why it maynot be getting steam to the head…

Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop Problem

Here also is a link to get any of the Shark Manuals that you need.



Shark Steam Mop – Gray/ Purple Vacuum: When washing the shark steam mop pads, can I use a…
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Yes, ammonia should not hurt anything as all of the parts are plastic and there is nothing to corrode…
.Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop Problem

My Europro shark steam mop won’t steam, light on but no steam.
ANSWER : Hard water deposits. I ran some white vinegar through mine, like a coffee maker, and it worked for a while, but clogged again. So I unplugged it, let it cool and turned it over in the bathtub and squirted a small amount of Lime-Away into the hole where the steam comes out. Let it soak for 5- 10 minutes and it is working like is is brand new.

Shark S3501 steam mop will not make steam – Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop – Gray/ Purple Vacuum
ANSWER : I posted this video showing how to clean the heater core of the S3501.