Beater Bar Does not turn

\015 Hello, I have a Eureka Boss.5890-5909 series upright. It is the model that does not have the.adjustable beater bar speed slide control on the handle. It is the.model that the first click of switch is for tile/hardwood floors and.the next click is for carpet which of course turns on the beater bar..Well, it works great for hard floors and when switch is pushed for.carpet nothing happens as beater bar does not engage. I checked the.belt, hit the reset button (which wasn’t tripped), and made sure no blockage to prevent from it turning. Any advice would be greatly.appreciated. Thanks.\015 – Eureka 5892AVZ Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum

Eureka 5892AVZ Bagless Upright Vacuum has become extremely noisy

\015 I am looking for a parts diagram so that I can become familiar with the vavuum before I disassemble the machine down to the motor to see if the fan blade has been damage or has something stuck in it. Vacuum has had hard use over the past couple of years and has vacuumed up a number of objects not intended to be ,.sucked up. Any information you can pass on to me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bruce\015 – Eureka 5892AVZ Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum