Eureka 4870 brush won’t stop turning in upright position

\015 My Eureka 4870 worked fine for the first year, but now the brush/roller won't stop turning in “carpet” mode when the handle is in the upright position. I've read other posts with a suggestion to move the carpet/bare floor switch, which will stop the brush from turning, but the brush is supposed to stop turning in the carpet mode when the handle returned to the upright position as indicated in the manual with the following note:..NOTE: When handle is in upright position, brush roll.automatically shuts off...I've replaced the belt multiple times and made sure it is installed properly and aligned, but it has not fixed the issue. Can someone please provide a solution? Thanks.\015 – Eureka Smartvac 4870 Bagged Upright Vacuum

Replacing the power switch of the Eureka The Boss 4870 vacuum

\015 I removed the two star screws that allow me to pull the bottom of the switch panel away form the vacuum a bit. How do get the top to release to allow access to the switch for removal? ..Pleased with vacuum overall. But I did order 2 replacement power switches based on the comments seen on-line.\015 – Eureka Smartvac 4870 Bagged Upright Vacuum