Within days, self propelled pooped!

\015 Please help me! I bought a self propelled hoover (rebuilt!!) online…within days the self propelling died….and it is impossible to use (for me) without it. I bought this w/o my husband’s knowledge b/c he doesn’t like me to “waste” money….now I need to fix it without a huge repair bill. .thanks very very much.chessie\015 – Hoover Self-Propelled WindTunnel Bagless Upright VacuumVacuum

Vacuum faulty power PCB, Need service manual/schematic

\015 Product: Hoover U8371-900..Simple problem: Relay to the main vac motor always on..Long Problem: The relay activates when pluged in before you activate the power button. Visible inspection of the board reveils a burnt transistor and diode Q1 and D3...There appears to be a hoover service manual out there somewhere in PDF format. servicetechhelp.com has a copy, for paying members only! ..The FET part number is unreadable thru the scorching, and the diode was virtualy pure carbon residue. Does someone have a copy of this service manual. Or even a vac they could maybe read the part numbers from? I know the relay triggers at 12 volts (presumably DC)...The PCB also has a debug connection to it’s microcontroller, but I am unsure of it’s data format and voltage specifications. The microcontroller is a 20pin (maybe) SOIC, with a sticker, labeled ”Murcury ver:1.0.0. I assume it is from STmicro, the bulk of the other chips are various STmicro parts, but I didn’t peal the sticker off yet. There is likely an error code waiting to be retrieved that points to the original problem...Aside from the relay problem the board appears to function normaly...Component suggestions or actual values would be of great help!..The PCB in qustion is Hoover part number 46851068JI Rev A0, possibly assembled by Cyntec...I am not the original owner and it is past it’s warranty date. A new PCB would be more than 75USD\015 – Hoover Self-Propelled WindTunnel Bagless Upright VacuumVacuum