Need to know if a replacement part can be purchased and where

\015 The plastic piece in which the power heads pipe/hose is connected to the top of the powerhead has split into on my Kenmore Progressive canister vacuum. Therefore the powerheads pipe/hose keeps coming unattached from the head. Is there a way to replace this part? This is for a Kenmore Progressive Canister vacuum model 116.22813204...If a part is available where and how do I go about getting one.\015 – Kenmore 22812 Bagged Canister Vacuum

Intermittent Power brush

\015 I’m on my second Kenmore canister vac, and after a few years they have both had this problem. As you vacuum, the power brush is fine when you push it forward, but seems to die a little on the pull back. Almost like a connection is coming lose a little. Any suggestions of what I can do to fix, or tighten this? Thanks!!\015 – Kenmore 22812 Bagged Canister Vacuum