Kenmore Quick Clean – how to remove dirt from cannister

\015 I have a Kenmore Quick Clean, which I bought at Sears on sale. \302\240When I got it home, I realized that there was NO Owner’s Manual with it. \302\240When I called the store, they told me that it was probably an ‘open box’ purchase – meaning that the product had been sold, then returned. \302\240The returned products often no longer have the Owners’ Manual with them. \302\240The sales lady told me that all sales were final and that I could find a copy of the Owners’ Manual on the Kenmore web page. \302\240However, when I tried that – I had NO luck. \302\240..Basically, all I want to do at this point is to figure out how to remove the canister which holds the dirt so that I can empty that and begin the operation all over again. \302\240I have looked in every conceivable nook and cranny but just can NOT find any kind of latch or button which would release the canister so it can be removed and emptied. \302\240Does anyone know how to do this. \302\240Also, if someone has a ink for the CORRECT Kenmore web page which WOULD have a copy of the Owners’ Manual for this product, I would greatly appreciate it! \302\240Thanks in advance – Deborah\015 – Kenmore Quick Clean 30012 Vacuum