Miele Mistral S7280 won’t run after changing the bag

\015 Today I vacuumed, and noticed that the bag needed to be changed, so I changed the bag and closed the door. Turned it on and it won’t run! The headlight turns on but the motor doesn’t. I readjusted the bag but it didn’t fix the problem. There was no blockage or over heating. Looked in the manual and it says nothing about this problem, also searched all over the net but can’t find an answer. Please help!\015 – Miele ART S920 Bagged Upright Vacuum

Miele Art hot chocolate won’t start

\015 We just got a Miele Art that had been recently repaired (the orig. owner left it because they didn’t want it anymore after buying a new vacuum). \302\240It worked great the first 3 times we used it. \302\240When we went to use it the forth time, it just didn’t work. \302\240We took it apart to make sure everything was alright and we pulled some bigger pieces of stuff we just swept out. \302\240Why won’t it start?\015 – Miele ART S920 Bagged Upright Vacuum