Miele S7210 Has a blockage within motor area, rest of attachment clear

\015 I bought the S7210 2 yrs ago and no problems until now.. I just put in a new vacuum bag, and changed the other two filters. When attempting to vacuum carpet, after 2 minutes the normal sound shifts quickly to a louder, grating one. I checked the motor area by touch- defintely heating up. I examined the rest of the vacuum assembly, hose external and internal as the pathway travels up the cannister and into the collection bag. There was some blockage- hair and dust at the bottom- which I completely removed and checked with a stiff wire to make sure all was clear. If I disconnect the hand piece there is plenty of vacuum, but the motor still is labored when I try to vacuum carpet. I suspect I waited a bit too long to change the bag, and got junk into some grid protecting the motor, preventing air from flowing properly. I am pretty handy with tools, I live in the middle of nowhere (the local vacuum repairman said in response to my ? ‘Are you an authorized Miele repairer?’ with ‘Miele? Is that a vacuum? Never heard of it!’) Would anyone who knows the solution to my problem here please be willing to share with me their expertise?\015 – Miele S7210 Bagged Upright Vacuum