Electrical Burning Smell from Henry HVR200 Vacuum Cleaner

\015 1. I have a Henry HVR 200 Vacuum cleaner (has two switches – on/off switch and a hi/lo switch).2. Got the Henry about 2 years.3. Yesterday when using it started to produce a smell – an electrical burning smell.4. Other than the smell, there is no other symptoms – it sounds the same and has a decent ****.5. Thinking it was the cardon-brushes, these were checked and are still in good condition (did not fully remove the brushes from the motor – but saw that each had at least 7 mm of carbon left on them).6. Re-assembled the Henry and it still gives the electrical burning smell.7. The smell is more noticeable when the hi/lo switch is on hi.8. Is a new motor needed?Best, Simon \015 – Numatic Henry Bagged Canister Vacuum

Numatic Henry Hoover

\015 Hi,..I have a Numatic Henry which is only a few weeks old and I have smashed one of the front plastic wheels off already!..I have a replacement but it comes as a completed wheel including the metal attaching pin. Only the plastic part of the wheel on my vacuum is broken, the pin is still attached to the unit. How do I take out the old pin safely so I can insert the new one?..Thanks,..Stuart\015 – Numatic Henry Bagged Canister Vacuum