Polti Vaporetto 1500 Unable to unscrew polti safety cap. ( nothing to do with steam as machine not turned on yet)

\015 Polti Vaporetto 1500 not used for a few weeks and just went to put safety cap on ( just to make sure that I had put in the inner white bit in correctly ) and then couldnt unscrew the cap off so that I could add the water. Tried for ages and eventually it unscrewed it self. Then added the water and did a second check of unscrewing the cap and again unable to unscrew it. ( Nothing to do with the steam pressure as not put the unit on yet) Any advice. I am wondering if the thread of the thread of the screw is worn. Machine is about 10 years old but I only use it about once every 2-3 months. The only thing I noticed is that it felt a little tough to put screw on. ( I have had contractors in my property who accidently flooded my property and when I returned from work they had packed all my belongings on top of each other in a corner and looking back I am thinking that stuff was piled on top of the Polti ( which was in a large bag) ) Any ideas or tips to try to unscrew it.\015 – Polti Vaporetto 2400 Canister Steam Vacuum

Polti Vaporetto Steam – need to open case

\015 My control panel has come loose from the body and has dropped inside!I need to access the inside of the case but the screws – Star T20s – are recessed and access is too narrow for the shaft of my ‘tool-driver’.I suspect that this may be deliberate to make access difficult and that a special Polti narrow shafted tool may be required.Does anyone have any ideas how I could get such a tool or any other solution? The claener is otherwise in good order and it would be shame to have to throw it away or have to spend a lot of noney on what should be a simple repair.Thanks in advance, Bob J\015 – Polti Vaporetto 2400 Canister Steam Vacuum