Dust blown out of Rainbow SE Performance vacuum

\015 I have a used Rainbow SE Performance vacuum and when I use it to vacuum my carpet, it blows out some dust when I push the button to vacuum. While holding on to the button the dust only comes out on the initial push of the button and when I pull back when vacuuming. I hope this makes since. I’ve already cleaned the brushes and it still does that. Please let me know what needs to be done to not have that happen. I was thinking that there might be a filter somewhere that needs to be changed. Let me know. Thanks.\015 – Rainbow 75th Anniversary Canister Vacuum

I have a d4c rainbow vacuum, need help replacing the electrical cord

\015 I have opened the vac up and removed the old elec cord and replaced it with the new one and now the vac won’t run...I had to use a safety pin to remove the old wires from the switch before placing the new ones in. Is there by chance a reset button??? ..I purchased a cord from a rainbow dealer...any help is greatly appreaciated. I having problem replacing the power cord for a d4c \302\240can you help tell\302\240.me how to do this without splicing it [email protected]\015 – Rainbow 75th Anniversary Canister Vacuum

How much water goes in the tank?

\015 I know this is a silly question, but I borrowed this vacume from my Mother-In- Law, and she told us to fill the tank up over the little bump. Do you actually cover up the bump or do you leave the top of it above water? I’m not sure what you call the little thing that protrudes up in the middle of the tank, but that is what I’m calling a bump! I’m sure if I had the manuel that came with the vacume I would know how much water it takes. I don’t really want to question my Mother-In-Law’s intelligence by asking so can someone help me out? There is a fill line on the tank and it looks to me like it’s under the bump. My husband thinks that it is over the bump!\015 – Rainbow 75th Anniversary Canister Vacuum

Power nozzle don’t work

\015 My power nozzle for carpets quit working. Used it a few days ok, everything was fine, but today, when I went to use it, the nozzle did not come on when I pressed the nozzle to make the caroet attachment work, What could be the problem? I checked everything. My model doesn’t have a reset button that I can find, and I don’t know where the manual is at this time.\015 – Rainbow 75th Anniversary Canister Vacuum