I have a problem with Vax Rapide Ultra 2 carpet washer

\015 When i am trying to push the washer with lever pressed (to release the clean water solution on the carpet), it only dispenses it through two ports and so creates parallel line while moving forward. When you pull it back (with lever not pressed), it sucks up everything. .What i am not sure of is whether it only jets at two places on carpet or should multiple jets comes out from the washer making the carpet wet throughout?\015 – VAX Appliances Vacuums

Vax power 8. all muck goes direct to filter, seems to bypass bucket.

\015 I have cleaned filter so many times its got silly now, all the muck gets sucked up ok, but seems to come out into top of bucket and gets sucked down to the filter and not into the bucket. any ideas please. the seal at the bottom of the bucket at the “trumpet” does not seem all that great but still cannot understand why stuff comes into bucket then sucked down to filter through the “trumpet”,\015 – VAX Appliances Vacuums