Dyson Vacuum Dc 14 Low Reach\015 Just got new carpet with a higher pile. My Dyson, which is working fine, creates too much suction an I can't move it forward on this carpet. I don't know if it's the higher pile or the somewhat more 'sealed' backing. Is there a way to reduce the suction?\015

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The suction control slider is located at the front of the cleaner head. The ball located between the bin and the cleaner head.
As with other Dyson`s the DC14 uses Root Cyclone technology to create it`s suction (280 air watts of power – according to Dyson. This figure ranges from 250 to 280 on the multitude of sites advertising this vacuum).
If the suction is poor at the inlet to the motor, skip down to Filters are Dirty. If you are getting suction without attachments or through alternate airflow paths, you can narrow the problem to a clog in a hose, brush head, or attachment. Otherwise, your issue may be with the vacuum body itself.
A 1/2 inch height adjustment should resolve this and be easily added by Dyson. Put a flip switch on the vacuum head itself that raises it up higher off the carpet.
One of the easiest ways to increase vacuum cleaner suction is to empty the dust bag or container. Dust containers need to have enough space for airflow, otherwise, they could get clogged and have less suction power. Regularly check your dust compartment and empty or change it when it`s already 70-80% full.
What is a Good Suction Power for a Vacuum Cleaner? An upright cordless vacuum cleaner should have at least 100 air watts to effectively clean a variety of floor surfaces, with the best Samsung vacuum cleaner reaching up to 210W*.
The DC14 was released in 2004. It is a revision of the DC07 upright vacuum cleaner with lower centre of gravity and `telescope reach`. It uses Dyson`s Root 8 Cyclone technology, which maintains constant suction.
Replace the Brush Belt

If the vacuum is still hard to push, tilt it back far enough that you can inspect the moving brush while the vacuum is running. Be careful to avoid getting too close to the moving parts. If you see that the brush is not turning, that means you will need to replace the brush belt.

You Need to Change Suction Power Settings

One of the most common reasons for a vacuum that`s hard to push is using the incorrect suction setting. Most people want to use the maximum suction setting all the time, when in some cases this isn`t necessary.

Developed by a team of 370 engineers globally, these latest vacuums use a Dyson Hyperdymium motor which generates up to 230 air watts of suction[1] and 5-stage filtration captures 99.99% of dust particles down to 0.3 microns[2] for a powerful deep clean.
Within the 3.5kg machine is 262AW suction power1, to ensure no loss of suction. HEPA filtration traps 99.99% of particles down to 0.1 microns in size2, for scientific proof of a deep clean. Our latest vacuum also includes a single-button power control – removing the need to hold a trigger as you clean.
There may be blockages in the wand or main body creating a weak suction. Detach the main body and the cleaner head from the wand to separately examine them for any obstructions. Looking through both ends of the wand, check for any light coming through and if none is present, a blockage may need to be removed.
It may be full, or the machine may simply perceive it as too full to continue working. Dyson vacuum cleaners require constant airflow through them to work, and a full bin can stop this from happening. Make sure there`s no dirt lodged in the top part of the bin.
When securing the dock to the wall, ensure there is a distance of 1.2m/47¼” from the floor. This is to allow the machine to sit in the dock without touching the floor.
The two main indicators to determine vacuum power performance are water lift and airflow. The water lift is measured in mmH2O, mbar or kPa. It represents the suction force and is the reference parameter for vacuuming liquids and heavy materials. The airflow is measured in m3/h or in l/s.
All vacuum cleaners operate based on air flowing from the opening at the cleaning head or tool, through the vacuum cleaner and the bag and/or filter system and then out the exhaust port. This airflow is created by the vacuum motor, which also may be referred to as the suction motor.
Max(4000 PA): It can deeply clean the place that needs cleaning, dust cleaning is up 80%, garbage collection is up 30%, and the cleaning times are up to 80 minutes.
These are the vacuum pressure ranges as measured in Torr (or fractions of 1 Torr). What defines a high vacuum is then that it is normally placed in the range between 1×103 to 1×109 Torr, equaling one thousandth (0.001) of a Torr (or 1 micron) down to one billionth (0.000000001) of a Torr.
The Roborock S5 offers 2000Pa of suction power. Pa is short for Pascal Pressure Unit. The higher the number, the higher the suction power. Could you imagine what 2000Pa means? It means that the Roborock S5 has enough suction to pick up AA batteries off your floor.
A regular sized household vacuum cleaner will use between 500 and 3000 watts of energy, an average best selling model will use around 1400 watts.
The suction is 22Kpa which is very powerful, easily to pick up the hair, dust and sand in a short time.
The Dyson DC14 is a moderately-priced upright vacuum with premium suction. It boasts a telescope wand extender for detailed cleaning, a bagless and hygienic one-touch disposal, and root cyclone technology that certifies it allergy friendly. However, it`s worth noting there`s some concern about the vacuum`s portability.
Putting in the incorrect amount of oil, putting in the wrong type of oil, and oil contamination can all cause the pump to not reach full vacuum. For this reason, you must check the oil regularly to ensure that it is not only clean, but also properly filled.
Today, the lowest achieved vacuum level (on Earth) is 1013 Torr and scientists continue to explore the field of vacuum technology and vacuum science, and make innovative discoveries.

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Poor Suction Heya! So I just picked up a used Dyson, but when I vacuum with it, the suction is pretty weak and it spits all kinds of stuff out the back and into my feet. When I pull the hose I have good suction, but in regular mode it hardly picks up anything. The brushes are spinning, and it eventually will clean an area if I go over it again and again. Maybe a clog somewhere? Please tell me that Dysons have better suction than my $50 Dirt Devil! Thanks!
ANSWER : I recently bought a second hand Dyson DC07. Its suction was poor. I removed all the un-clipable pipe bits and to remove any blockage but it all looked clear. The Final Sponge and hepper filter did have a lot of dust in it and the rotating brush was full of hair but nothing bad.
.I eventual gave in to curiosity and removed the three screws in the top or the yellow removable dust collection tube and cyclone bit to see what was in there. The mechanism to release the flap at the bottom of the collection tube does not allow you to remove the lid completely but it does open far enough to get inside. I found the whole top section of the yellow plastic bit blocked by a big plug of compacted dust and a champagne cork. If you are willing to take the risk and have a torx 15 screwdriver handy it that part may be blocked. It did get a bit messy.
.If I was going to attempt the same procedure I’d remove the dust collection unit from the vacuum cleaner as I did before, but leave the clear tube attached and the emptying flap firmly closed to reduce the mess from the dust falling out the bottom while cleaning the top part.

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My dyson seems to have lost its suction therefore is not picking up anything yet i have found that when my dyson is standing upright it has a little more suction but nothing like how it use to work. This has only happend in the last 2 weeks. I sanded a floor & though the sander picked up majority of the dust i did use the dyson to pick up the excess and it is since then that my dyson has not been working to its full potential.
ANSWER : Hi there,
.Sorry to hear you’re having a problem with your DC07. You should be able to resolve the issue by following these simple steps: http://www.dyson.co.uk/support/help.asp?article=1940&product=DC07-SY
.If you’re still experiencing difficulties, please get in touch with us, free, on 08002980298 (UK), or 1866MYDYSON (US), so we can run through some checks over the phone.
.Kind regards,
.Dyson Customer Service

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Hi my dyson dc18 has great suction from wand but when you got to use the vac for floors little suction but wand still got suction even while vacuming floors is it suposed to stop suction from wand
ANSWER : My Dyson dc18 had the same symptoms. The wand worked well and the floor bar had no suction. After removing pieces & shoving my fingers into the machine (no blockage) I found the suction pipe rotates between two positions (floor and wand). It looks like a piece of plastic broke on the outside housing, so it no longer rotates positions when the wheels are raised or lowered. My son found we can move the suction by sliding a finger into the mechanism behind the wheel cover, and rotating the plastic piece clock-wise or counter clock-wise until it locks into position. It’s a big pain but it works for now. I wish I could find a replacement piece online. Patty

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Hoover Windtunnel My Hoover Windtunnel is 3 years old. It worked great until yesterday when it lost all suction. I have followed the manual to trouble shoot any possible clogs and could find none. Then I noticed that when I remove the dirt collection cup and held my hand over the vent the suction is fine and strong. So… I replaced the hepa filter thinking that might be the problem. That didnt’ work. The motor runs fine. The suction without the dirt cup inserted is strong. As soon as you insert
ANSWER : Either the hose has a clog, or the inlet down by the belt is clogged. Is there suction at the end of the hose, if not then it is clogged. If there is suction, then it has to be clogged down below by the brush roll, check that inlet. There also is a filter at the bottom where the dirt cup (and bag) is, check it also.

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Hoover Windtunnel My Hoover Windtunnel is 3 years old. It worked great until yesterday when it lost all suction. I have followed the manual to trouble shoot any possible clogs and could find none. Then I noticed that when I remove the dirt collection cup and held my hand over the vent the suction is fine and strong. So… I replaced the hepa filter thinking that might be the problem. That didnt’ work. The motor runs fine. The suction without the dirt cup inserted is strong. As soon as you insert
ANSWER : Mine does the same thing. There is no suction. I found that there is a door that opens when you tilt the handle in the down possition. I think there should be a spring in place so it can open. Until I find a replacement spring I have to open the door manually throught the opening under the light.

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Dyson Vaccum suction not strong enough
ANSWER : Look for an obstruction in the air passages at the bottom and where the air enters the canister. Make sure the HEPA filter is not plugged (take it out for a test). Hope this helps!

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No suction Just received my refurb. dyson animal bagless. Finally figured out how to get it all together, turned it on and there is no suction coming up thru the beater bar. The hair is just collecting around the bar and not going up into the canister. It appears all the suction is going thru the open red end of the attachment hose, which has a vented cover piece. Am I missing a piece or is there a switch to turn of the attachment suction?
ANSWER : So the red hose isn’t connected to a part on the vaccum so like it is connected to the connester but not to an opening just above the beater bar, this is the only idea i can supply you with. good luck, maybe i got lucky and helped you out.

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Dyson hose suction strong…when using the brush bar no suction available. Have looked to see that all airways (u-bend) are clear. When engaging the brushbar the brushbar turns but no suction to floor.
ANSWER : Hello,

There. are several things that this could be. Probably the most common problem. that we see when customers come in with this problem is actually a .fairly simple problem to fix. Here are just a few things that this could. be.

The fist possible problem sounds like the most probable to .me, just because of the fact that you said you had just replaced the .clutch, and therefore you had to remove the bottom sole plate. This is a. VERY common problem actually.

Possible Problem #1. The first .problem is extremely common. In fact, we probably see between 2-3 of .these problems every week. It mostly happens after people take the .bottom plate off the vacuum cleaner2_bing.gif in. order to clean the roller brush. What happens is when they reinstall .the bottom plate, they put it on on incorrectly. It’s actually very easy. to do. When the bottom plate (soleplate) is installed wrong, there will. be a gap between the bottom plate, and the agitator housing, or the .purple tray the roller brush sits in. This will cause the soleplate to .be a few inches higher off the ground then it should be, preventing the .brushes from even hitting the carpet. This makes it seem to the user .that vacuum has lost suction power because without the brushes .hitting the carpet, the machine will not pick up very well on floors, .but when they use the attachment hose there’s plenty of suction power.

Here’s. a picture of the WRONG way to install .the bottom plate. Notice the gap in between the two housings:

Here’s. another picture, that is the RIGHT way to .install the soleplate:

I. would say probably 6 times out of 10 this is the problem with the .customers machine. If you checked the soleplate and it is installed .correctly, move on to the second possible problem.

Possible .Problem # 2. Turn the vacuum cleaner2_bing.gif .upside down so the brush roller is facing upwards. I found the easiest .way to work on it is to put it on a counter top or work bench. On the .left hand side behind the roller brush you should see a flexible .transparent hose that goes from the motor to the agitator housing. This .hose actually has a lot of strain on it when the vacuum cleaner is in the reclined .position. When the first few series of Dyson DC07 models came out, they .didn’t make this hose long enough, so when the vacuum was in the .reclined position, it would put too much stress on the hose, and cause .the hose to actually crack, usually right where the end of the hose that. goes into the agitator housing. Examine your hose and see if you have .any visible cracks in this hose. If you need to you may just remove the .entire hose assembly by pulling on it. It will easily come right out of .the machine so you can inspect it better. Here’s a picture of where the .hose usually cracks:

This. would also explain why the vacuum works fine when using the .attachments, but not on the floors. The attachment hose uses a different. suction channel, and when the machine is in the upright position, no .suction goes through this hose. If you do find a crack in this hose, the. this hose needs to be replaced. Here’s a direct link to that hose on .our GoVacuum website.
Dyson DC-07 & DC-14 Upright Replacement Internal Hose. Part # 904219

Possible Problem #3. I would suspect that this. may not be the problem, but if neither of the solutions above worked, then try this. one. Dyson’s in general are prone to clogging. There are a few clog .ports throughout the vacuum cleaner that were added there due to Dyson .prototypes becoming clogged at these points. Here are pictures of how and where to check .for these clogs. Simply remove the suction port covers at both of these .locations:



If. you are getting suction power from the hose, but the vacuum still .doesn’t pick up on the floors, I think that these solutions should fix your problem. If. you just replaced the clutch mechanism, the roller brush should be .fine, but turn the vacuum over on it’s side and make sure that the .roller brush is actually spinning while it’s on carpet mode. If none of .these problems fixed your Dyson, please use the Clarification Request, .or leave another comment here on the Fixya repair page, and I’ll be .happy to further diagnosis the vacuum cleaner with you.

I hope .this was helpful to you. If so, please be sure to rate the repair as .helpful by clicking the thumbs up icon in the top of the repair page. .This is what keeps Fixya repair professionals like myself continue .posting these detailed repair solutions for free. We really do .appreciate when someone recognizes the work you’ve done. Thank you very .much,

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