Hoover L2310 GUV Central System Vacuum\015 My hoover central vaccum has 2 suction valves on the unit. One was hooked up to the tubing. What do I do with the other one? Do I need to purchase something to block it?\015

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Dual-motor vacuums use one motor to create suction and a second motor to turn the brush. Two motors make units heavier, but it also gives it more suction allowing janitors to suck up a majority of dust and dirt in one pass. In addition, machines break down less because the separate motors are protected from debris.
Central vacuum systems work by creating powerful suction using a motor located in a remote area, such as a basement or garage. This motor is much larger and more potent than traditional portable vacuums.
NuTone® PurePower™ Series Central Vacuums combine powerful suction and unmatched filtration, to remove dust and other allergens from your home. Central vacuums exhaust the vacuumed air outside of your home unlike a traditional vacuum that recirculates air back into your living area.
Vacuum mops explained

Using a 2-in-1 vacuum mop allows you to vacuum unwanted dirt, dust, and hair, whilst mopping and sanitising your floor all at once. Vacuum mops often come as a single appliance but can also come with a mop attachment to go with your cordless stick vacuum.

A two-stage motor has two fans while a three stage has three fans. In addition to the Thru-Flow and Tangential Bypass motors, there`s actually a third motor type we really haven`t addressed since it is not commonly used. This is called a Peripheral Bypass motor.
Cyclonic and filtered central vacuum systems are the two main types of central vacuums, differentiated by the method used to separate dirt and dust from the incoming airstream.
Vacuum is a space devoid of matter where the gaseous pressure inside this volume is below atmospheric pressure. A vacuum pump`s main function is to change the pressure in a contained space to create a full or partial vacuum either mechanically or chemically.
For the most part all central vacuum systems are plumbed the same. There are a few systems that require different sized piping. For example Dirt Devil and Sears use a smaller pipe. If you run into this issue we have adapters to make the new power unit compatible with pipe.
As a central vacuum manufacturer we use the 120 and 240 volt motors. The 120 and 240 motors will not be adversely affected if used with lower voltages. The 120 volt motor will be fine on 110 volts. Likewise, a 240 volt motor will be fine on 220 or 230 volts.
The power unit is typically located in a garage, basement or utility room.
Broan-NuTone™ exhaust ventilation fans allow your home to exhale, eliminating humidity, odor and airborne particulates from your bathrooms, closets, mud room, laundry, work out space and more.
The reason is simple: central vacuum systems extract the dirt, dust, and debris out of the house and into the main power unit in the garage or the basement where they are then exhausted outside. Portable vacuums recycle vacuumed allergens back into the air through the exhaust.
How they work – Dual stage pumps have a low vacuum stage and a mated high vacuum stage in one assembly. The high vacuum stage takes in process gas and transfers it to a second, low vacuum stage that compresses the gas to atmospheric pressure, improving the vacuum performance of the pump.
The level you set your vacuum depends on the height of your carpet. For bare floors, use the lowest or bare floor setting, for short and medium pile carpets use a medium setting and finally, for plush carpets use the highest setting.
With a 2-stage furnace, also known as a modulating furnace, `2-stage` refers to the furnace`s indoor blower motor. It simply means that the blower motor operates at different speeds to more accurately control the flow of heated air to your home.
A two-phase motor is a system that has two voltages 90 degrees apart, which is no longer in use nowadays. The alternator is composed of two windings placed at 90 degrees from each other. They require 2 live and one ground wire that work in two phases.
Vacuum technology is usually associated with three types of flow: viscous or continuum flow; molecular flow; and a transitional range between these two known as Knudsen flow.
The pros of a central vacuum system:

More powerful than portable vacuums with 3-5 times more suction power. Central vacuum systems are quieter as the motorized suction unit is located away from living areas. No risk of dirt and debris getting blown back out of the unit, resulting in healthier indoor air quality.

A vacuum intake passage is provided within the housing for passage of air sucked in from the exterior of the housing, and a steam generator is provided within the housing to generate steam. A steam discharge passage is provided within the housing for passage of steam discharged to the exterior of the housing.
Pascal is the official SI unit for vacuum pressure and consequently widely used in physical sciences. One pascal is the force of one Newton per square meter acting perpendicular on a surface. Pascal is named after the French mathematician, physicist and inventor Blaise Pascal.
How does a vacuum conveying system work? Vacuum conveying uses the principle of negative pressure and air velocity to transfer materials through an enclosed pipe network. These types of industrial pneumatic conveying systems can be used in many production applications in the world of industrial manufacturing.
The inlet valve is in the bottom position and the outlet valve is in the intermediate position. The trap is sealed off by the inlet valve and flow through the bypass is restricted by the position of the outlet valve. The floating check valve of the outlet valve protects the trap from back pressure.
While the Airflow measurement indicates how much air the central vacuum motor can move, the Suction measurement tells us the maximum pull the motor is capable of. This is determined by sucking a 2 inch column of water vertically to its maximum height in inches.
A universal motor is typically used as suction motor across vacuum cleaners. The universal motor is a series DC-motor that is specially designed to operate on alternating current (AC) as well as on direct current (DC). Universal motors have high starting torque, operate at high speed, and are lightweight.

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I am looking for a wiring diagram to install a touch/dimmer switch by “Comfort” mdl # RH-934B – Darjung Ind Ltd.
It has a standard lampcord (two wires) coming from it as well as one white, one black and one yellow wire.
The original touch/dimmer switch (no identification on it) had one white, one black, one red and one yellow – no lampcord.

Thank you very much for your help!

ANSWER : The black and the white will go to the lamp ,eg,output.The yellow is the sensor wire which should be firmly attached to the metal base of the lamp

Windtunnel first one used 6 times beater bar stopped working, took apart cleaned and belt was fine. this one had a reset switch for beater bar. had insurance at best buy so returned for a new one. used 2x beater bar not working and not dirty, no reset switch on this one., now back to the store for another? i don’t even want the same one. I wonder how many they are gonna give me. This seems to be a common occurance.
ANSWER : Sorry, you feel like that. I have rentals and 6 windtunnel’s (I prefer the bagged ones) and have never had a problem such as you have described. I think Hoover makes a great vacuum.

I have a hoover 3000 i have not used in awhile, and since I removed a large rug, I would like to use it again on my slate floor. HOWEVER, I cannot get it to pick up ANY water in the water recovery unit……it is dry, dry, dry. I have put in a new filter, cleaned the nozzle unit, the scrubber , and reconnected both the recovery unit and the water unit several times, but to no avail. I would like to get a graut attachment a well as replacement part, but since I can’t get the basic unit to work, I
ANSWER : Have you made sure the plastic filter cover with the round hole in it that covers the filter is in place ( part # 59177096 ). This piece seems to get lost, and without it there is no pick-up. The other common problem is that the wheel assembly has been damaged. Look at the bottom of the Floormate. You will see a black plastic wheel assembly. There are two pegs at the rear attaching it to the base. If this piece has a crack in it where it attaches to the base, there will be no pick-up.

The unit has 2 intakes. one is used. what do i do with the other
ANSWER : No one is exaust so one sucks one blows sucks is inside for vac . blows gets exsausted outside
. Thank you for useing fixya please rate me

I need a relay board for a Nutone CV 450 12.6 amp dual motor vacumn unit. Where can I locate one? Part #??? Unit will run by itself, then shut off. Unit wll not run at all. It has a mind of its own. Crossed a couple of wires on one of the relays and the unit runs smooth as silk. I assume its the relay, but can’t locate part number.
ANSWER : Why not just replace the relay? Part number 1094117…

Electrolux Centralux I have a Electrolux Centralux. When I plug the hose in at one of the wall outlets the motor will not start. If I go to the motor and slap the unit it will start…..then…it will not stop unless I unplug the power cord to the motor. If I plug the power cord back in, the unit will not restart until I slap the motor unit again. The unit has only been used 20 – 30 times. Any suggestions?? Thanks, Bruce
ANSWER : I dont know if you had your unit looked at yet but it sounds like the Power module is going. I repair the machines so I know some of the work.

This was my grandmothers machine and when she passed there was no owners manual so I am not sure how to use the settings on it or oil it properly. I so want to use it cause it was hers but don’t want to mess up the machine. She never even got a chance to use it before she passed away. I just have no owners manual. I know how to use sewing machines but this one is older and I don’t want to mess it up.
this was passed down to me. and a manual would help in so many ways. even if it was sent in a
ANSWER : May I get the manke and model # so I can help you more

I recently took out a stand mixer that is probably over 50 years old. It belonged to my mother and I wanted to use it. It probably hasn’t been used in at least 10 years. With some effort, I removed one of the beaters but cannot remove the other one nor can I even budge it. I have used WD-40 but it’s not helping. It’s a Westinghouse product. Any ideas? Thanks.
ANSWER : If you used WD40, you should have the unit inverted so the WD40 runs down into the beater socket.Use a small piece of wood and place it against the bottom of the beater and tap lightly with a hammer while pressing the beater release button/lever, just enough to break any crusty seal that may have formed..If this does not loosen it enough to remove, using two pieces of wood about 1″x1″x12″ put them around the stem of the beater, above the beater cage and tap with a hammer while pressing the release button/lever for the beaters..
.This has me a bit intrigued. Please let me know how you make out..All the best.