Tips for cleaning after holidays

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Tips for cleaning after holidays

Holidays are such fun and enjoyable time that we all spend in full swing. Your house during holidays would witness guests including friends, family and others. Thus after holidays it becomes a little difficult to clean up all the mess that is created as a result of varied parties on different occasions. Cleaning after holidays may not be really encouraging thing to do after having fun but making it easy with some helpful tips will enable you to bring your living space in to same position and even improved for giving New Year a warm welcome. Not only with the mess created during season but you got to deal with deep cleaning that makes your home appears fresh once again. Here in this page we are going to focus on all those common areas of your house that witness traffic in the form of guests, decorations, food etc. during the holiday season.

Areas to focus for cleaning after holidays!

We are going to discuss cleaning of all important areas of your house in different sections:

Cleaning your kitchen area:

Kitchen becomes a vital traffic area during all those holiday seasons. Additional traffic and extra cooking during the season leads to messy countertops, dirty floors and spills all around the kitchen. In order to have this place effectively clean, start your way up and then move down.


  • Clean your countertops, stoves and doors of cabinets for any spills and dirt.
  • Check your refrigerator and get rid of any unwanted food. Make sure all storage spaces and shelves of the refrigerator are properly organized. Clean outside of fridge for any dirt or fingerprints with a clean cloth.
  • Clean dining area with an antibacterial cleaner in order to get rid of dust, dirt, residues and fingerprints.
  • Clean all the dishes and make your glassware sparkle.
  • Once you are done with above the counter cleaning, now move to floor. Choose a suitable vacuum cleaner according to your kitchen floor and clean the entire floor including corners.

Tips for cleaning after holidays

Cleaning your guest room:

During holidays, you must have had some guests staying overnight at your place and thus you need to clean-up and organize your guest room. You should have this room ready for any other guest who might join you.


  • Begin with dusting all around the house.
  • Now vacuum clean with a canister vacuum entire floor including wooden and carpeted areas. Try to reach all corners. With a canister, you can even clean drapes, upholstery and other hard to reach areas.
  • Now change the bed sheets.
  • Replace all the items that your guest may need during stay. This list would include items such as toothbrush, towel, bath towel, soaps etc.

Cleaning your living room:

Living room witnesses a lot of traffic during holiday seasons and thus it needs some extra cleaning. A lot of guests would be coming in and out of your living area and thus you need to pay additional attention to cleaning of this space. Clear up all the dust and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the entire floor thoroughly. Vacuum well under furniture and around tight corners. Also store away all the decorations that you have placed for occasions during holidays.

Tips for cleaning after holidays

Cleaning your bathrooms:

With guests coming in the house, your bathrooms may be getting used. Bathrooms need to be thoroughly cleaned.


  • Make sure that you have all the cleaning supplies in hand.
  • Begin with sink. Fill warm water and add cleaning liquid. Just sponge the area and clean with water.

Tips for cleaning after holidays

  • Now move to cleaning of walls, you can wipe all the walls with a cleaning sponge/rag.
  • Get rid of any unwanted products in cabinet and replace those that are finished with new ones.
  • Now clean the toilet and places around it.
  • Finally mop the floor with an effective cleaner.

Use an effective cleaner that is capable of cleaning your floor and making it shine and at the same time it should sanitize your bathroom. An effective cleaner would remove all hard stains too. For all those who have shower curtain liners, you should replace them too after cleaning the entire area.

Tips for cleaning after holidays


Now you need to think about getting rid of holiday decorations. All such items that can be re-used must be stored for holiday seasons next year. Take a box and carefully place all the Christmas ornaments in the container. For all the decorative lights, you must wrap all the lights and store them in a cardboard box. It is better to wrap all the decorative items before storing them so that you can keep them safe for use next year.



Check all the cards that you have received before disposing them. You may have received some really beautiful ones that you hate to dispose and thus you can save these and be creative to repurpose those cards again. You can even cut some beautiful pictures form cards and can add them as tags on gifts for next year.


Place gifts at their appropriate places for use. However if you already own a similar thing such as a DVD player, there is no harm in donating the old one and using new one. Duplicating items would only increase clutter, thus place all the new useful items in their place and donate old ones.

Tips for cleaning after holidays


Cleaning after holidays will make sure that you get rid of all the items that are of no use now. Apart from useful ones, you can even get rid of all the unwanted gifts. Either donate them or can replace them (if possible). Do not collect clutter as it would only make things more difficult for you in coming years. It is best to give such items for charity. Following all these steps would give you a cleaner clutter free fresh house for starting your new year.