Tips for Cleaning your Hard Floor with a Canister Vacuum

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Conventional cleaning methods make use of brooms and mops however these items scatter dirt and debris from one place to another and leave your room with dirt accumulated around corners and edges. When you use brooms on hard floor, some of the dirt and debris get stuck in the cracks and corners of your floor which becomes difficult to clean.

Thus a canister vacuum is most appropriate tool that completely captures dust and debris from your hard floor while keeping the beauty of it. Dirt can make your hard floor look dull and it may cause scratches however by following some tips for cleaning of hard floor with canister, you can effectively clean hard floor. Cleaning without damaging hard floor is the biggest challenge that you may face.

Track these simple tips:

Tips for Cleaning your Hard Floor with a Canister Vacuum

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Preparation for Vacuuming

  • Remove rugs and other items that are lying on your hard wood floor. If you wish to clean under some furniture where tools may not be able to reach, carefully lift furniture to avoid scratching floor.
  • Many of the canister vacuums are now designed especially for hard floor cleaning. Check your vacuum carefully to see if it has a setting for hard wood floor. Vacuums also have height adjustment feature. For hard floor, set the vacuum at highest height setting to keep your brush from hitting the floor. Your canister may also offer you an option to turn brushes off for cleaning.
  • Check bin or vacuum bag. If it appears to be full, empty its contents. Screen filters and make sure that they are not facing any hindrances for maximum performance.
  • Attach hose attachment. Before attaching check for any large debris that may be clogged within the hose. Hose is the most effective tool for cleaning of difficult corners.

Steps for Vacuuming

  • Begin cleaning by taking small sections at a time. Vacuum at a slow pace both in horizontal and vertical position until you find the room completely free from dirt and debris.
  • Be gentle with cleaning of hard wood. However in areas where you find huge traffic of dirt, concentrate efforts of cleaning. Run canister over that surface until you feel that it is completely clean.
  • We recommend you to vacuum your hardwood floor daily in order to prevent dirt from being accumulated that would affect finish and look of your hard floor.
  • If you have small area rugs placed over your hardwood floor, clean them daily as these items catches dirt quite easily. Shake them well outside on daily basis for cleaning.

Get a Hard Floor Vacuum

Tips for Cleaning your Hard Floor with a Canister Vacuum

If you have much of wooden, tiled and other hard flooring around your house that requires daily cleaning, you should purchase vacuum that is designed especially for cleaning of hard floor. Hard floor vacuums are usually light weight and their surface is padded that prevents the vacuum to cause any scratches on floor.

A light weight hand-held cheap canister vacuum would support effective and quick frequent cleaning. At any point of time, if you see dirt/dust anywhere around your house, you can get your hand-held vacuum and use it for cleaning. Hard floors are beautiful and richness of these floors can be broken over time. Brushes and dust mops do not work effectively for cleaning of hard surfaces.

One important aspect that you may consider is that your canister that you would move over your delicate floor should have casters or wheels that are designed to work well on such surfaces while others may scratch. Also the cleaning head of the appliance must have casters or soft bristles on the brushes. If your vacuum has roller bars, make sure to turn them off in order to avoid any dents in hard floor.

For all those who have pets in the house, the good thing is that cleaning of pet hair is much easier to deal over hard floor than on carpets. Over hard floor, pet hair usually accumulates along corners and baseboards of the room. In order to get rid of them, get a vacuum with wand. Wand sweeping with crevice tool makes it easier for cleaning of a room with pet hair.


There are varying ranges of hard wood floor canister vacuums available in market today however you still need to consider these tips and techniques for successful cleaning around your house that gives you clean and beautiful appearing hard floor. Dread out your conventional cleaning methods using old style brooms and mops and adopt a more convenient way of carrying out your household cleaning chores. Within a short span of time, you will be able to clean your house like a pro with less hassle and consumption of time. Spend more time with your family and for your professional grooming rather than on cleaning.