Tips for maintaining shine of your wooden floor

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There is a trend of wooden floors and many of the modern houses are built with wooden flooring at most places. Use of wood and other hard flooring has become one of the finest choices of house owners because of ease of cleaning. It is one of the best options for people suffering from allergies. However it is challenging to keep the shine of these flooring to last for a lifetime. Many of you may be worried about your shinning new floor turning dull and wearing out with excessive traffic of shoes especially high heels, toys and other such items that may be introducing scratches on your floor as well. Tips that we are sharing here would prove useful for maintaining shine of your wooden floor without much hassle and efforts.

Tips for maintaining shine of your wooden floor

Useful Tips for Maintaining Shine

  • For maintaining finish of your wooden floor, it is important to vacuum clean your floor daily. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush so that it could easily capture all the dust and dirt on your wooden floor without scratching or damaging it. Using conventional vacuum with hard brush abrasively on your wooden or tiled floor would damage it and would make it appear dull.


  • One of the best ways to restrict entrance of dirt through doorway in to your house is to place door mats at all entrances. These mats prevent dirt from outside to enter your house.


  • You may witness a lot of spills on your wooden floor and these can turn in to permanent stains and can even make your floor appear dull over time. Thus it is important to always deal with such wet spills as quickly as possible. Make use of a soft clean cloth. Even if it is only water, it could damage your floor and thus you should clean it up immediately with a dry cloth of mop. Wooden floor with less traffic must be cleaned once or twice a week with supplies recommended for maintaining shine of wooden floor.

Tips for maintaining shine of your wooden floor

  • Avoid dragging or pushing furniture or any other items over your wooden floor. Such pulling and pushing can result in scratches on your floor. It is best to lift all such items for the purpose of moving it from one place to another. Even if you need to just move out chair, you must not pull it but rather lift in order to avoid any dents or damage to your floor.
  • With time, you may begin to notice that color of your wooden floor may change. Thus in order to have a uniform color and texture of your floor you should frequently rotate all the rugs placed on your floor. It is also recommended that you must avoid using plastic and rubber mats(sticky mats must be avoided) over wooden floor as these could result in denting.
  • Change of temperature can also result in affecting your wooden flooring. So it is important that you must maintain humidity and temperature changes inside the house. This would enable you to prevent retrenchment and spending of floor. Environment inside your house may become dry during winter season and thus maintaining humidity becomes even more important. Humidifier can be a great help in this regard.
  • For those who have pets in the house, you must make sure that nails of pets are trimmed regularly so that their moving around the house should not scratch your delicate flooring.
  • Usually when furniture is placed on wooden floor and it remains there for extended period, it may scratch and damage your floor. So it is important to place furniture pads on legs of your furniture.
  • Polish floor and consider recommendations of manufacturer regarding frequency of polishing and what products would be most suitable for your specific wooden floor cleaning?

Important Notes

  • Hard bristled brooms are dangerous for smoothness and shine of your wooden floor so in order to maintain the finish avoid such brooms. Perfect wooden floor cleaning can be attained with a canister vacuum with soft brush.
  • Before considering cleaning of floor, it is important to identify type of your floor. Some wooden floors are sealed with Polyacrylic coating and such floors are water-resistant. For such floors, you can easily clean with water without worrying about any damage.
  • Avoid walking over with dirty shoes when cleaning is in process as it could leave marks and make your floor dull.
  • Mix all the cleaning agents in water rather than applying them directly on the floor. Pouring a strong cleaning agent directly in water may discolor floor. Completely dry the floor. Use a terry cloth for buffing the floor for additional shine.


Carefully and regular cleaning and taking care of your wooden floor will enable you to attain a healthy and shining floor. Any carelessness and lack of maintenance can give you a costly damage and restoration would be difficult and expensive. Following all these helpful tips and guidelines would ensure durability of floor and would maintain fresh new look that all your guests will envy. Proper care will ensure that you get maximum satisfaction in terms of look and feel of your delicate flooring. It is important to make sure that you use proper appliances and products that are designed and recommended for use over wooden floor for cleaning. Failing to do so can damage your floor.