Top Best Pet Hair Vacuums in 2022 and Guide

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Top Best Pet Hair Vacuums in 2022 and Guide

Are you worried about all those pet hair that you have to deal with from your pet? Well, pet hair problem is nothing compared to the love for our dear pet. All of us who owns a pet will know definitely about pet hair problems. Whenever you walk on the carpeted floor, upholstery, clothes and other furniture- you get to see pet hair stuck to most of the places. Now you can use the best pet hair vacuums for cleaning your pet hair easily.

However, if you really want to deal with pet hair, then there are many solutions. One such solution to this problem is getting a pet vacuum cleaner to clean all pet hair from your carpet, upholstery, clothes and other furniture. If you are looking to get to know about the solution from pet hair problems, then you should take a look at pet vacuum cleaner to get rid of these pet hair problems and read this article. This article will take a look at the best vacuum cleaner for your pet.


Why should you get the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

You may be thinking that you already have a vacuum cleaner, so why should you even get another special vacuum such as pet vacuum cleaner? Well, there are many reasons why you should get a pet vacuum cleaner. If you are wondering, pet vacuum cleaners are the special type of vacuum cleaner with extra function than a regular vacuum cleaner.

Those of whom have pets and are dealing with pet hair problem and tried using a regular vacuum cleaner to clean the pet hair have already noticed that regular vacuum cleaners cannot clean the pet hair at all. If you want to know why should you get a pet vacuum cleaner, then you should take a look at the points that are listed below:

Clean Perfectly:

The normal suction process that is used for a regular vacuum cleaner isn’t effective at all when it comes to clean the pet hair. Although your vacuum cleaner will pick up some pet hair after cleaning with your regular vacuum cleaner, you will find that there is still pet hair spread in most of the places even after cleaning with your regular vacuum cleaner.

Since your regular vacuum cleaner suction is not effective, you will require a vacuum cleaner that has the wind tunnel or cyclone technology for effective cleaning of the pet hair. And pet vacuum cleaners use this technology that makes them an effective vacuum cleaner to clean all the pet hair.

Save Your Time

It is a difficult process to clean the collected pet hair from the vacuum cleaner filter. The function of a vacuum cleaner filter is to keep the pet hair away from the vacuum cleaner motor. Otherwise, the pet hair will get into the vacuum cleaner motor and will affect the efficiency and the performance of your vacuum cleaner motor. If the filter is not washable, it is not possible at all to remove the pet hair from the vacuum cleaner filter.

When you try to clean pet hair with the regular vacuum cleaner, you will find that the vacuum cleaner machine will start to heat up after you are done with vacuum cleaning the places for the pet hair. This happens because pet hair that the vacuum cleaner picks up will clog or block the hose of the regular vacuum cleaner machine, leading to the overheating of the machine. This is why you need to get a pet hair vacuum cleaner because since they are designed with the right suction mechanism, the pet hair will not be able to clog the pet vacuum cleaner hose.

Clean Pet Hair from Sofa or Furniture

When you will use a regular vacuum cleaner machine for floor, sofa or furniture cleaning for the pet hair, you will find that not all of the pet hair that is collected by the vacuum cleaner will still stay in the bag and are more prone to get inside to the vacuum cleaner filter and the machine that can hinder the performance of the vacuum cleaner machine by affecting its efficiency.


What things to consider before purchasing a pet vacuum?

Now you have seen that why regular vacuum cleaners don’t work for cleaning the pet hair effectively. You will not need to consider some things before you decide to purchase a pet vacuum cleaner for your pet. Below are some things to consider before buying a pet vacuum cleaner for your pet:

Type of Floors

You will first need to consider the flooring and layout of your home. This is very important to figure out so that you can buy the best vacuum cleaner for your pet. There are many types of flooring that your home can have. If your house has a floor that is of hardwood or tiles, then you should take a look at the pet hair vacuum cleaners that are designed to clean such type of flooring. If your house has hardwood or tiles and you get a pet vacuum cleaner that is designed to clean carpeted flooring, then the chances are that this pet vacuum cleaner will not work as it promised.

The pet vacuum cleaner that you are going to get for hard floor or tiles is designed to clean and effectively suction the pet hair from the hardwood floor or tiles. The proper suction for the floor type is very important and required because otherwise, you will find that the pet vacuum will blow away the pet hair all over the place even if it does collect much of the pet hair.

Type of Carpets

For carpeted or rug floor, the best type of pet vacuum is the one that comes with a rotating brush that is able to collect the pet hair effectively. Also for your convenience, you can choose a pet vacuum that comes with an adjustable height. Also, you will need to consider other things if you are buying a pet hair vacuum, like the weight of the vacuum if you are planning to vacuum the staircase, types of furniture that you are going to clean etc.

Type of Pets

You will also need to consider the type of pet you have before you purchase a vacuum cleaner for your pet. You can have cat, dog, rabbit or any two of the pets together at your home. The way your pet will shed pet hair will depend on the breed of hair pet. For example: if you have a dog, the dog breeds that shed a lot of hair is Chihuahua, beagle, German shepherd, chow, and husky, etc. The dog breeds that shed less hair are the poodle, Scottish terrier, Shih Tzu, Maltese and bichon fries, etc.

If you own a cat as a pet, then the cat breeds that shed a lot of hair are Himalayan, Persian, Siberian, ragamuffin, etc. The cat breeds that don’t shed much are Bengal, Burmese, and Cornish Rex, Siamese, Bombay, etc. Then you will need to consider your budget when you are planning to purchase a pet vacuum cleaner. The price ranges vary according to the model and the feature of the pet vacuum cleaner.

Type of Vacuum Cleaners

You will need to consider the type of vacuum cleaner you are going to purchase for your pet. There are many types of pet hair vacuum cleaner that you can purchase. Upright vacuum cleaners are easier for using because when using a vacuum cleaner you will not need to bend over much. Also, another great feature of using an upright vacuum cleaner is they can function on both carpeted floor and hard floor. Also, many of them come with extra attachments that make it easier for you to clean the furniture effectively.

Canister vacuum cleaners are also very effective vacuum cleaners and are considered as one of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair and come with a variety of features. Robot hair vacuum cleaner is another type of vacuum cleaner that they provide you the great convenience of cleaning the pet hair throughout the day, but it may not be efficient when cleaning some types of pet hair. Handheld pet hair vacuum cleaners don’t have the strong performance suction, but they are easy to clean small spaces from the pet hair. Pet hair vacuum cleaners come with many features as well. The features range differently from one vacuum cleaner to another.

Bag or Bagless Vacuum

However, some features of the vacuum cleaner you can look for are: whether to purchase vacuum cleaner with the bag or bagless? Many of the pet hair vacuum cleaners also come with the bagless feature. The advantage of a bagless vacuum cleaner is that you will not need to change the bag frequently before cleaning the pet hair from the floor or the furniture. But on the other hand, the vacuum cleaners with bags are easier to clean than a bagless vacuum machine.

HEFA Filter

Another feature that you should definitely consider when purchasing a pet hair vacuum is HEPA filter pet vacuum, and this is considered to be one of the most efficient and best vacuum cleaner for pet hair. If any of your family members or you have allergy problems, then you should purchase a HEPA filter pet vacuum because, these type of vacuum cleaner can also pick up the pet dander and other microscopic sized allergens that can easily hide in your carpet, rug or furniture.

Vacuum accessories

Here is another good feature that you can consider when purchasing a pet hair vacuum is to buy a vacuum with a brush agitator accessory. The vacuum accessories help to pull the dirt away from your carpet and keep your carpet dirt free and also pull away or loosen the pet hair that is stubborn enough to come off the surface. This is a great feature to consider if you have a pet which shed more than any other breed of the pet.

How to purchase the best best pet hair vacuums?

The best pet vacuum cleaner for your pet will depend upon your choice and which one you will find more convenient for your use. People mostly will opt for the vacuum cleaners that are light in weight, because heavier vacuum cleaners are harder to move around freely and clean the spaces from pet hair. Also, it is better to purchase either the upright pet vacuum cleaner or the canister vacuum cleaner for cleaning the pet hair because they come with powerful suction motors and you can easily clean both the hard floor and the carpeted floor with both types of the pet hair vacuum cleaner.

This is the best option to choose if your house is a combination of both hard floor and carpeted floor. While purchasing a pet vacuum cleaner, never opt for the cheaper pet vacuum cleaner because they may not be durable for use and will break down after sometimes. It is always best to consider purchasing pet hair vacuum machine with an affordable option or bit expensive as they will offer more features and will be of good quality. Also when buying a pet hair vacuum machine, look for the warranty that comes with the vacuum machine.



You have already read why someone should get the best pet hair vacuums to clean the pet hair instead of the regular vacuum cleaner. Pet vacuum cleaners come with various features and also price ranges. When you are considering purchasing the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, one thing you can do is to go and make a search run for the various types and models of the pet vacuum cleaners. You will find the top vacuum cleaners that are most searched on the market.

Also, the benefit of doing this is that you will find a lot of reviews on any of the pet vacuum cleaners that you have chosen for purchase. You can buy a pet vacuum cleaner from online stores such as, or you can also purchase it yourself by visiting the stores and getting a look at the pet vacuum cleaner before purchasing it for your pet.