Black & Decker V9660 DustBuster Handheld Vacuum

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While the blue LED on the appliance is flashing, it is indicating the unit is charging and is normal. Once the charge is complete, the light will go out or will turn into a solid light.
It arrives fully assembled; you`ll just need to charge it before your first use. (It takes roughly 10 hours to go from a dead to full battery.)
Holding the unit over a waste bin, press the dust bowl button to release the lid, pushing the compact handle down to empty the contents.
Proceed as follows: • Place the appliance on the charging base. Plug in the charger. Leave the appliance to charge. If the appliance detects a damaged battery, the charging indicator will flash at a fast rate when the appliance is on the charger base.
A: The light us green and blinking when the battery is charging and solid when charged. Red may indicate a bad battery.
The vacuum needs 6 hours for a full charge.
After the initial charge, under normal usage, your power pack should be fully charged in 3 to 6 hours. If the power pack is run-down completely, it may take up to 6 hours to become fully charged.
If your battery is not charging and the charger is rapid flashing and the battery is warm, it may be too hot- particularly after heavy or continued use. If so, please allow the battery to cool, then reinsert the battery on charger to try charging again.
BLACK+DECKER vacuums feature washable, reusable dirt bowls and filters, so you don`t have to buy and throw away disposable vacuum cleaner bags. Instead, you`ll simply empty your dust bowl into the trash and wash the bowl and filters as needed.
Can I leave Li-Ion batteries on the charger? Unless your tool instructions specifically say to store the battery on the charger, be sure to remove it after charging is complete. Overcharging can damage a battery and shorten its life, and not all chargers shut off automatically.
A: Your unit should be fully charged after 24 hrs. It is best to use the dustbuster until the battery runs fully down. Then it can be charged after that for its regular cycle of 24 hours. The red light will remain ON as long as the unit is plugged in.
The approximate run time of a fully charged battery is 11 minutes.
Generally, this occurs when the charger does not receive a signal from the batteries, in other words there is a break in the connection between the charger and batteries.
Yes! The units are designed in a way that they can stay on the charger until they need to be used. Once the battery is full the charging stops.
The BMS doesn`t only consist of the actual battery but also the circuitry and other components; together, they ensure the right range of voltage and current reaches the battery for a duration of time. So, in that respect, you can`t overcharge your handphone or vacuum cleaner.
Maintenance chargers can be left connected to the battery indefinitely without risk of damage to the battery.
Leaving the battery on charge You can leave a battery/radio in the charger once charging is complete. Leaving a battery in the charger will not overcharge or damage it. You can remove a battery/radio from the charger at any time without harming the battery, the radio, or the charger.
Even though there is no risk of overcharging with the use of a high quality charger, the battery should not remain connected to the charger for more than 24 hours. A full charge is usually achieved by charging overnight.
Under normal household use, the useful life of a 18v Ni-Cad battery is 150-200 full charge cycles before the user will feel that the battery should be replaced. The average number of charging cycles which can be expected from a Lithium-ion battery is 300.
If the charger detects a weak or damaged battery, the charging indicator (24) will flash red at a fast rate. Follow these steps: Re-insert the battery (22). If the charging indicators continues flashing red at a fast rate, use a different battery to determine if the charging process works properly.
The Black & Decker Dustbuster Bagless Cordless Hand Vac operates for about 25 minutes on a full charge.
Vacuum won`t turn on

Make sure the battery is fully charged, with the vacuum turned off while charging. After many cycles of use or after intense wear, the battery may lose charge over time or wont function at all. Contact Black and Decker for warranty coverage or replace the battery(!!!

dustbuster®™ Hand Vacuum Filter

Contains (1) filter. The BLACK+DECKER® EVF100 Replacement Filter is a washable replacement filter for long life performance.

For everyday clean-ups all around your home, this lightweight dustbuster®™ hand vacuum gives you the long-lasting suction and portability you need. When you`re done, store it in the wall-mount charging station, and it`s fully charged in just four hours.

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I do not have my users manual and have never vacuumed wet with this vacuum. How do I change it from a dry to wet vacuum.
Can’t find my manual and I need to use the shop vac for water in basement, do I have to change the filter or what
lost my user manual never used it to pick up water. need to know how to puit it in wet mode i want to clean the dirty water out of my pool.
ANSWER : .Vacuuming Liquids
.1. When picking up small amounts of liquid
.the filter may be left in place.
.2. When picking up large amounts of liquid
.we recommend that the filter be
.removed. If the filter is not removed, it
.will become saturated and misting
.may appear in the exhaust.
.3. After using the vac to pick up liquids,
.the filter must be dried to reduce the
.risk of possible mildew and damage to
.the filter.
.4. When the liquid in the drum reaches a
.predetermined level, the float mechanism
.will rise automatically to cut off
.airflow. When this happens, turn off
.the vac, unplug the power cord, and
.empty the drum. You will know that the
.float has risen because vac airflow
.ceases and the motor noise will
.become higher in pitch, due to
.increased motor speed.
.IMPORTANT: To reduce the risk of damage
.to the vac do not run motor with float
.in raised position

User manual needed. – Black & Decker V9660 DustBuster Handheld Vacuum
ANSWER : Black and Decker website offers product manuals. Also, various online vendors provided information I needed about DustBuster in product description, making it unecessary to purchase manual.

Dirt devil vacuum cleaner–trouble vacuuming dirt and pet hair on carpeting –is the problem with the spinning brush which contacts the floor,  not contacting the carpeting??  I thought (when I bought this vacuum) that the aforementioned brush was adjustable to various heights of carpeting.  Sometimes, it seems like nothing is being vacuumed up –unless I have just put a new bag on the vacuum… Do I need or can I replace the spinning brush on the bottom of the vacuum so it kicks up and vacuums
ANSWER : Try replacing the belt. Rubber belts stretch out after about a year.

I do not have my users manual and have never vacuumed wet with this vacuum. How do I change it from a dry to wet vacuum.
Can’t find my manual and I need to use the shop vac for water in basement, do I have to change the filter or what
ANSWER : No – simply remove the filter. That is the only step necessary!!
.Hope your cleanup goes well!!
.Thanks for using FixYa – a FixYa rating is appreciated!!

I purchased a brand new Eureka Pet vacuum, sorry don’t know exact name but it the one that has the self cleaning duster on it. Last night I used the vacuum on my carpet, it was working fine until I accidently sucked up the corner of a scarf that was hanging off a couch. I shut the vacuum off, pulled out the scarf and and resumed vacuuming. Much to my dismay the suction on the vacuum had ceased. Can you tell me if there is a reset button on the vacuum? The vacuum does not appear to be damage
ANSWER : If the motor is running, there should be suction. Possible problems depend on whether it’s a canister or upright and are:
.A clog in the hose, UR or canister. Detach hose. Drop small coin in one end and lift hose causing it to roll out the other. If it does, no clog in hose. Drop same coin into hose opening on power head. If it rolls out, no clog in PN.
.Broken fan blades, UR. Needs to be taken to shop for repair/replacement.
.A reset button is for use if the motor isn’t running, so won’t have anything to do with the suction.

Need a charging base for a Black&Decker CHV7200 DustBuster
ANSWER : You can find the charging base here. hope that helps..

Need replacement batteries – Black & Decker VP7240 DustBuster Handheld Vacuum

I need a user manual for the VCU007 upright vacuum
ANSWER : Hi, i have a user guide which i am happy to photocopy for you and post…would this help ?