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Simply put, the biggest difference between them is vacuum sealers suck the air out of a bag, but a chamber-style vacuum sealer doesn`t. Unlike a regular vacuum sealer, a chamber vacuum sealer pumps all of the air (including air inside the bag) out of the chamber at once, giving your item a truly airtight seal.
VacMaster chamber machines use 10W non-detergent, hydraulic oil.
VacMaster bags are compatible with all brands of vacuum sealers.
Vacmaster VCFS Standard Cartridge Filter and Retainer (works with Shop-Vac)
The Space Power Facility (SPF) is a vacuum chamber built by NASA in 1969. It stands 122 feet (37 m) high and 100 feet (30 m) in diameter, enclosing a bullet-shaped space. It is the world`s largest thermal vacuum chamber.
The shelf life of your food is greatly extended when you vacuum seal it. Vacuum sealing food preserves it 3 to 5 times longer than food stored in plastic containers or bags. The exact amount of time food will last in vacuum sealing varies depending on whether you are storing in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry.
VacMaster® was founded in Kansas City by a team of experts from the meat processing industry. We saw a market for a smaller, more affordable vacuum packaging machine that could be used throughout the foodservice, restaurant and home markets.
The best overall vacuum storage bag is Spacesaver, the original vacuum sealed bag. Its efficient hand pump proved just as effective as a vacuum cleaner, and the bag remained completely sealed during our week of testing.
3 MIL thickness: Used to store medium to medium-heavy weight products that need a rugged storage bag. 4 MIL thickness: Used for heavy products or items that need extra strength to keep them from puncturing through the bag.
Most manufacturers recommend you change your filter on average every 3-6 months. However, it is recommended to change your filter even earlier depending on usage and allergy care. Most newer vacuum models use more than one filter. Please refer to your manufacturer manual for further assistance on locating your filter.
Most pleated filters have a replacement schedule and are considered disposable by manufacturers. Paper filters should never be soaked or rinsed in water. However, some filters are made from a non-woven synthetic material (similar to a dryer sheet) that can be rinsed with water a few times to remove dust.

Cleva North America, Inc. offers an award-winning portfolio of innovative brands, including Vacmaster®, Vacmaster Professional®, Duravac™, Kenmore®, Kenmore Elite®, Armor All™, and LawnMaster®.

“Shop-Vac is in a position where they are going to be reducing their employment size right now due to the economy right now,” said Jason Fink, CEO of Williamsport Lycoming Chamber of Commerce. The company was purchased by Greatstar Tools USA back in 2021 and looked to bring more workers into the well-known business.
Ultimately, a perfect vacuum isn`t possible because quantum theory dictates that energy fluctuations known as `virtual particles` are constantly popping in and out of existence, even in `empty` space.
The best vacuum in a laboratory setting has a pressure around 13 picoPascals (13 x 1012 Pa). A cryogenic vacuum system achieves a near-perfect vacuum with a pressure around 6.7 femtoPascals (6.7 x 10-15 Pa). In comparison, atmospheric pressure is around 100 kPa or 100,000 Pa.
Teflon does not allow adequate compression to form a reliable, vacuum-tight seal. Some classes of materials that are suitable for o-rings for vacuum service include Nitrile (Buna-N), Fluorocarbon (Viton), Ethylene Propylene (EDPM), Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM, Kalrez) and silicone rubbers.
The National Center for Food Preservation warns that there are risks with vacuum sealed food products. Some harmful bacteria that only grow in air-free setting can grow much better and faster in vacuum sealed products than if they were not vacuum sealed.
The chamber vacuum sealer is more durable and stable than your regular vacuum sealer. They are built for work and made to last. So seal away!
As Consumer Reports explains, a vacuum sealer can extend freshness and save you money when you`re freezing food. Vacuum sealers help maintain the quality of frozen foods by limiting exposure to air. And that can help reduce waste.
The ice crystals directly on the product are from moisture escaping and freezing. The loss of moisture can dramatically impact the flavor of the stored product but is not harmful. Vacuum packaging eliminates air exposure and stops freezer burn.
Verdict. Well priced and powerful, the Vacmaster Captura is a great low-price upright vacuum cleaner. The “Lift Off” mode adds some flexibility, and cleaning is generally very good – although the results in our pet hair test could have been better.
Tank Material

Your shop vac tank will either be made of stainless steel or plastic. Plastic tanks are lighter, making the shop vac easier to carry from room to room. However, stainless steel is more durable and long-lasting.

Final Verdict. Our top pick is the Vacmaster 12-Gallon 5 Peak HP Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum for its impressive cleaning power, maneuverable and portable design, and affordable price point.
Bosch Unlimited Serie | 6 vacuums are developed and produced in our factory with more than 80 years of experience in vacuum cleaner manufacturing. So it`s no wonder that made in Germany, means made with quality.

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I have no power on a brand new Electrolux Oxygen canister vacuum. This is the second time. After the first time, I took it back to Sears where I bought the vacuum and they gave me a brand new vacuum. This is the second time it’s happened, basically on both units after the time that i brought them home.
ANSWER : Ensure that the tools and the bucket are installed properly, if the bucket is not well in place, the unit wont start.

If the electric power does not come on, disconnect from mains
and check plugs, cable and fuses where appropriate.

If you use always the same socket there may be a problem withthe AC socket, and this may be bloewing the fuse.

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My brand new dyson dc33 vacuum ($399.00) is making an annoying sound when applied using a carpet setting. This only occurs on my thinner carpets, not on my thicker carpets. Do I have to inspect the clutch and fan mechanism and replace it? It’s a brand new vaccum for god’s sakes!
ANSWER : .If there are no obstructions and it still makes the grinding noise here is something to try. When you take the bottom plate off which is real easy to do (3 plastic screws turn 1/4 turn with a coin) there is also on the bottom of the vacuum a rubber seal. This is located just above where the screws are inserted. Take a butter knife and remove this seal…it is very thin and runs the width of the bottom of your vacuum. Put plate back on and try vacuuming again..problem should be solved. The suction on the machine is tremendous…with the seal in place the vacuum literally sucks itself down on the carpet causing the brush to stop spinning. This wwill not hurt your vacuum in any way. Hope this helped..


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I just got a new machine (new to me anyway) new home hf106 model. i need to thread the bobbin on the new thead i am using and am not sure where to put the empty bobbin and how to thread it. help!
ANSWER : Janome New Home?

Unfortunately, Janome doesn’t put the manuals for older machines on their website. Your best bet is to contact your local Janome sewing machine dealer and ask for a “copy” of the manual from them. A photo copy should be sufficient for your purposes. Otherwise I understand you’ll have to buy a manual and wait to have it shipped.

But carefully look at your New Home. On the top toward the right there should be a fitting that looks like the bottom half of a spool. and next to it is a thing that almost looks like a mushroom.

Put the spool of thread on the spool holder, run the tread to and around the tension discs on top then thread the end through the hole in your empty bobbin. Place the bobbin on the thing that looks like a half a spool and push the whole thing to the right toward the “mushroom.”

Press start, or hit the foot feed. Wind slowly for best results.

When full, stop and move the bobbin winder back to the Left (sewing mode)

Now… hold your bobbin between your right thumb and fore finger… pull the thread a few inches… your thread should be coming off the LEFT side of the spool, if not flip it over and try again. Open the bobbin area, drop it in with the thread coming off the left to the bobbin.

hold bobbin still with right index finger and with left hand slip the tread between the bobbin race’s tension spring then if your model has a channel for the tread… follow it… otherwise pull straight back, replace the bobbin cover on the machine…..

Thread top thread then use the hand wheel to take up the bobbin thread.

(Of course this all assumes your New Home is similar to my janome or brother.) Have fun!

Be sure to get some good needles…. 😉


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Brand new bissell #6583 upright vacuum worked for 15 min
ANSWER : The belt may be broken. The following link is to the User’s Guide which explains how to check and replace the belt if needed.

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Windtunnel belt I have a new Hoover Windtunnel canister. The belt keeps coming off. It happened a couple weeks ago (several times after putting the belt back on) so I assumed I might need a new belt as it might have dried out at the store. I ordered new belts and today I used it for about an hour and the belt came off again, twice. There doesn’t seem to be anything to hold the belt on the stem as it seems to slip off. I have tried it centered, to the left and to the right….can you help. I am v
ANSWER : I’ve successfully used a compatible belt – Royal 104425001 .It’s still new, but for the time being at least – it works.

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I just bought a new belt for my vacuum and have a brand new bag in and it isn’t sucking anything up.
ANSWER : 1 – make sure that the belt is installed properly and brush roll is spinning as you are vacuuming.
2 – it is not unusual to have a clog in the miniemptor / fill tube assembly – black plastic shoe-like bag bottom part with tube (you can see it HERE)
3 – Sometimes something gets caught in in the exhhaust – part of the main body where you install the bag. Take coat hanger and run through it. Once I have pulled a sock out of there and I could nor see or reach it without the wire…


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Hoover windtunnel t series belt is loose- roller brush doesnt turn.
Its brand new belt is slipping. we bough new belts and putthem on same problem. Can not find solutio in manual.
Is the belt supposed to go around the “metal pulley”. I know it goes around the little metal motor thing, then thru the guide and around the brush.
What is the metal pulley??? Is is the larger round silver thing between the guide and roller?
ANSWER : I also have a loose belt and have bought additional belts but have the same problem. I put the it around the metal rotor and around the brush roller a shown by he Hoover video, and it is loose.

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Need a new mounting bracket for a charmglow electric turkey fryer model # SETFAA
Can I purchase a new mounting bracket or will I have to buy a new outer shield
ANSWER : Hello,

You don’t have to buy a new outer shield.

Go ahead and purchase a new mounting bracket. This should do.

Take care.

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