Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Vacuum cleaner review

Admit it or not, vacuum cleaners are heaven sent equipment especially when it comes to making households tidy and clean. There are lots of brands and models to choose from and for sure, one will be suitable for your needs. Some vacuum cleaners are useful for pet owners while some are good for general cleaning purposes.

Others are even suitable for picking dusts and granules from carpets and textile-based couches. The mere fact that there are hundreds of them can be a source of stress to anyone. Choosing the best and most appropriate vacuum cleaner for your home can be confusing, especially true if this is your first time to buy one.

So how can we reduce such stress in deciding what vacuum cleaner to choose?

Doing a little research will help you decide on purchasing the vacuum cleaner that you truly need. Vacuum cleaner reviews are abundant in a sense that they can help you identify which one works and which one could potentially give problems while being used. Of course, you also need to do a research on this equipment bearing in mind the functionality that you need. This is important aside from listening to other consumers who have already used a particular vacuum brand. Only you can tell what your needs are and what vacuum cleaner will satisfy such personal demand.

Does looking for a vacuum cleaner rating help? This should only be a secondary approach when choosing the best vacuum cleaner. The first thing that you need to consider is to match your needs to the features that a vacuum cleaner model can give. For example, do you actually need an upright vacuum cleaner for your carpet or do you need a bagless vacuum cleaner with HEPA features?

Generally, people who are at a loss in finding the best vacuum cleaner for their needs will spend hours and hours researching online. It could be ideal for some but for the most part, it is time-consuming and frustrating. Here, we are making your life simpler by giving you substantial vacuum cleaner reviews.

Our website provides some of the most important things that you need to know about a particular vacuum cleaner brand. By navigating through our menu and database of brands and models, you do not need to scout over search engines just to find a reliable review on a particular vacuum cleaner. Everything you need to know about vacuum cleaners.

How to Pick the Best Vacuum Cleaners?

There are many types of vacuum cleaner – upright, canister, stick, cordless, handheld, bagless, lightweight, robotic and more! Each vacuum has different features. Most importantly, they have very different prices. Here in this blog, I’ve written some product reviews and tips that will benefit and guide you on choosing the best vacuum cleaner.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Qualities to Look Out For:

  1. Versatile– Does it work well on most surfaces? Both floor and carpet?
  2. Strong Suction Power – Can it trap dust/debris/hair with single run through?
  3. Lightweight – Is it heavy? If yes, it may be difficult to lug around.
  4. Long Cord Length – The longer, the better. That way, you can reach more areas in your home without having to plug/unplug in different power sockets. Or go for cordless!
  5. Easy to Store – Bulky vacuum cleaners are hard to store and they take up a lot of useful space.

Types of Vacuums and Their Functions

These days, I walk into the electrical store and I see different vacuum models and brands. I enjoy chatting with the salesperson and act like I’ve no experience whatsoever in buying vacuum, just to see what he/she would recommend based on my needs! After doing this a few times, I’ve compiled a list of the types of vacuums and their most suitable functions (a million thanks to the helpful salespersons I’ve met in different stores!)

In general, a vacuum can work on different surfaces (unless specified) and they are built to be portable and user-friendly. I’m awed at the fact that vacuums come in different size, shape, and design to meet specific purposes. To know which one suit you best, here’s a list of vacuum type and function:

1. Upright Vacuum

Good for carpets but most models today can work on wood floor, tiled floor, and hard surfaces. Overall, they are cheaper than canister vacuums. Since it is upright, you don’t have to bend over much and you can keep a comfortable posture when vacuuming. Most models also come with soft bristles to avoid floor scratches. More advanced models include pet hair removal feature and good filtration system, making it more popular among pet owners. Here’s my review on Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

upright vacuum

2. Canister Vacuum

Canister models are a popular choice because they are practical. With a wide range of price, you get to choose a model (and brand) that suits you best. They also work on carpet and floor surface, giving a thorough cleaning because of the better suction power. They come in bag or bagless feature and most models have a more compact design these days. Easy to store and lightweight, they are easy to lug around house or office space.

3. Stick Vacuum

Ideal for light-duty cleaning, stick vacuum or Sweeper conveniently replaces the traditional carpet sweeper. They work best on bare floors but can be used for light cleanups on carpet. Storage is easy because it’s designed to be lightweight and compact. It is also not expensive. Read my post on the best stick vacuum.

stick vacuum

4. Robotic Vacuum

This is ideal for those who have no time to clean or in need of quick house cleaning. This vacuum power on with a button press and helps you save time by roaming the house on its own while picking up dirt and dust. This is an impressive technology that does the cleaning for you while you are busy doing something else. However, they are expensive. The models can range anywhere between $190 to more than $300. I think that it’s good for long term use.

robotic vacuum

4 Ways to Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner in Tip Top Condition

I’d like to share a secret with you- do you know that you save A LOT of money if you can just extend the use of say, half of your household appliances? Repairs and replacements need money. I’ve used up quite a lot of money just to fix my microwave oven, shower heater, cooking stove, television (and the list goes on…). Same goes for my vacuum cleaners. It was not until sometime later that I learned from a friend how to keep them in tip top condition, with some simple and easy-to-do steps. I’ll share those steps with you right here.

Here are the steps to maintain your vacuum cleaner:

(1) Take Time to Clean Debris and Dirt off the Roller Brush

I like to pay attention to the roller brush because if it’s filled with dirt, my vacuum cannot work well. The roller brush takes debris and dirt off the floor/carpet. It’s quite easy to clean actually. Usually, I’d use a sharp scissor to take out clumps of hair or dirt. After that I use a damp sponge to clean the brush. Voila! It’s as good as new again.

(2) Replace Vacuum Cleaner Bags Every 2 Months

I make it a point to change my cleaner bags every 2 months once (depending on your usage, you can change it every month). Cleaner bags hold dust and debris. When I replace the bags, I sometimes add baking soda or powder beans into the bag. It helps prevent foul odor plus I get a whiff of sweet aroma whenever I vacuum!

(3) Dust the Inside of Your Vacuum

Yes, not only your floor needs dusting, the inside of your vacuum must be kept clean because that’s where all the debris and allergen from your house is trapped in. You can also use a wet cloth to wipe the inside of the vacuum.

(4) Replace Belts and Filter Every 6 Months

I’ve had a bad experience with a clogged filter on my vacuum. You see, my second son suffers from asthma and he’s allergic to dust. There was once he suddenly felt difficulty in breathing even though I had cleaned the house thoroughly. Then, I realized I had a problem with my vacuum cleaner filter because I forgot to change it for many months. What a lesson! A clogged filter makes it hard to trap allergens. Now, I always make it a point to change my filter every 6 months. To remember, I mark it down on the date I visit the dentist. And that’s about every 6 months.

There are some signs if your vacuum needs professional fixing. Look out for these signs:

a) Burning electrical smell

b) Poor cleaning even though all the other parts are in good working condition (bag, belt, and roller brush)

c) Machine making more noise than it usually does

d) Difficult to push machine when you vacuum

Why You Need A Vacuum Cleaner (and Why a Broom Just Won’t Work!)

Before vacuums became popular, broom was the only thing I had to count on for my chores. Not that it’s bad, but I was secretly wishing that someone would come up with better ways for housekeeping. Maybe someone can design a machine that cleans my floors so well I don’t have to deal with the dust. Anything besides the traditional broom and mop method is an improvement for me.

Why won’t a broom work? Well, read on and see if you agree with me.

(1) Cleaning With a Broom Takes Ages

Whenever I want to sweep the floor, I dread using a broom. It takes up much more time because I sweep in such a way to reduce the amount of dust that goes up in the air (hey, I’ll sneeze!). Then, after sweeping comes the mopping part. I take up another hour just to do that. Usually, I can’t spare that much time. With my kids running late for classes (plus I don’t have a helper), I just find it hard to do both. That’s why I need a vacuum cleaner. One that works on both wet and dry surfaces would be great. Otherwise, a machine that gets rid of dust (and allergen) seems good enough for me.

(2) When the Sweeping Stops, the Dust Is Still There

Sweeping alone isn’t enough because the dust that rises up to the air will eventually settle on floor. That’s why I always need to mop right after. Working with a vacuum cleaner cuts down the hassle. I clean more effectively because there is a filter system in the machine that absorbs allergens. I don’t have to worry about collecting settled dust. Isn’t that just great?

(3) You Cannot Clean Your Carpet with a Broom

No one cleans their carpet with a broom- it’s just impossible! A broom can only be used on hard floors and not on carpets. And I know that carpets accumulate dust very quickly. So, if you have carpeting at home, you surely need a vacuum cleaner. Check out my thoughts on the Best Vacuum for high pile carpet.

(4) Everyone Likes a Good Product

Well, there is a simple and clear reason why vacuums are more popular than brooms these days- it’s a great product! It saves time and is easy to use. With a little more money, you get a machine that lets you finish your cleaning chore in half the time. It’s like having a personal helper to do your chores. Getting the vacuum cleaner was one of my best purchases. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the extra time I get to spend with my kids after I finish my chores quickly. And for the first time in my life, I worry less. I know that the vacuum cleaner will do a good job for me.


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