What to do if your vacuum cleaner stops sucking or smells burnt?

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What to do if your vacuum cleaner stops sucking or smells burnt?

Vacuum cleaners are one of those no-hassle-appliances that you frequently used almost every day. Imagine if you are in the middle of your housework then suddenly it stops working. Imagine if you are nonchalantly vacuuming your floor and suddenly you smell smoke or something’s burning from your vacuum cleaner. Those scenarios are totally upsetting. The thought of stopping halfway your scheduled housework and the stress of figuring out what went wrong with your cleaning machine will surely drain all your energy.

Fortunately, the components of this machine is not complicated and it is possible to repair it yourself. Before you start dissecting your machine, it is better to check the basics firsts. This article will give you tips on vacuum cleaner repair.

If you are not familiar with the parts of your vacuum cleaner. We have here a video that pretty explains everything you’ll need to know on how this machine works.

If you are now oriented with the parts of the vacuum cleaner and how it works, you are now ready to diagnose the problem of your machine.

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Broken suction

The main function of a vacuum cleaner is to suck up the dust and small pieces of junks dawdling on your floor. A vacuum losing its suction power is a common problem. If you fail to identify the culprit of the problem, you are left with no choice but to buy a new vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, you can still grasp on that single straw of hope – the possibility of knowing the main cause if you’ll follow these steps.

    • Analyze the problem: As explained by the video. The power used by the vacuum cleaner to create suction is generated by a motor integrated into the machine. If your vacuum loses suction, check these parts: hose, receptacle, roller, belt or gasket. There is a high possibility that one of these parts malfunctioned or damaged.
    • Check the parts: Check the rollers, bag, hose and gasket. A roller might be entangled with any debris. The vacuum’s bag might be full or clogged. The hose of the vacuum might be damaged. Gasket or belt might needs replacement.
    • Try it out: After checking the common parts that usually cause this kind of problem you now have the solution. Checking every part is the easiest and safest solution to figure out the problem and fix it. If your vacuum sucks at sucking (pun intended) there’s no need to throw it away. Why replace your old vacuum if you can still fix it. Buying an entirely new vacuum cleaner need a lot of money. Investing in a new cleaning machine is a waste of money if you can still make it work.

What to do if your vacuum cleaner stops sucking or smells burnt?


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Something’s burning

Fire and vacuum cleaning shouldn’t be together. You should not remain complacent if your vacuum cleaner smells burnt. Your vacuum should NEVER ever produce fire or smoke. If it does, then it is a clear sign that something’s wrong with your cleaning machine.

If you smell something’s burning from your vacuum cleaner while casually cleaning your house, TURN OFF the machine and INSPECT it right away. Any confirmation of the three signs listed below is a red flag and means that your machine or the damaged component(s) need to be repaired or replaced.

Important reminder: You should never touch with bare hands the parts you suspect the burning smell came from. This part(s) might be hot enough to burn your skin. When you smell something’s burning from the vacuum cleaner or saw smoke coming out from the motor, take it outside right away.


A smoke is a universal indication that there is fire. This sign indicates that something inside your vacuum cleaner is working on high temperatures and might ignite fire. In this case, you need to check the temperature of the motor, the drive belt might be congested or a lighted cigarette might be setting the receptacle on fire.

Hot cable

A motor working on high temperature can cause your connections or cables to overheat. A cable that suddenly overheat might be a result of bad wiring connections. The connection between the vacuum plug and the main source might be loose so tightening them will solve the problem. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then you need the help of an expert.

What to do if your vacuum cleaner stops sucking or smells burnt?

Black marks

Black smudges on or near the motor is an indicator that your motor is dying. It means that the motor of the vacuum cleaner needs replacement. Usually, a burning smell came from the area where these lack marks are visible. This is also an indication that the motor is running at high temperature which is very dangerous.
It is normal that the vacuum cleaner will produce a distinctive smell while using it. So, if this smell will change to something similar to a burning smell, then you should be alarmed. Aside from observing the signs mentioned above, you should also check the following parts.

  • Receptacle or bag: There are many possible causes why a vacuum motor overheats. One of this is a full bag or receptacle. Another cause is clogged filters. To solve the problem, you need to unclog the filters and empty the bag.
  • Wiring: A loose connection causes the plug to overheat and spark. This is very dangerous. So, double check the wiring connections and make sure that everything’s connected.
  • Belt: Jammed belt is also a common source of burning smell. You should make sure that the belt is in the right position and hasn’t slipped out.
  • Brush: Hair fall is very common especially to women with long hair. When these hairs entangle to the brush of the vacuum cleaner, it will cause friction and will eventually produce the burnt smell.

If none of these solutions solve the problem, the best and only option left is to call a professional electrician. If that doesn’t work then, let’s state the obvious – you need a new vacuum cleaner.