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Manufacturing Date: 1990 – 1993

The G3 model introduced a new look and feel to the overall Kirby!

If you demand the absolute best in your vacuum cleaner, you can`t go wrong with the Kirby Avalir 2. This trusted solution is built to last, so it will deliver years of deep cleaning. You`ll never regret investing in a high-quality vacuum that makes your life easier.
All Kirby vacuums use the same size belt for the brush roller. This vac belt will fit every Kirby vacuum model roller brush, including: Avalir 2. Avalir.
Kirby`s Dream Land, released in 1992 for the Game Boy, was the first game in the series.
The Dyson vs. Kirby vacuum cleaners debate can be complicated, as these brands are so different. If it comes down to price or size, Dyson will probably get the upper hand — but for all other vacuuming considerations, Kirby is the way to go.
Kirby vacuum prices are higher than many vacuums found at big-box stores, but that`s because Kirby vacuums are made of durable materials that will last for years. Why replace an inexpensive vacuum over and over again when you can purchase a Kirby vacuum? This complete home cleaning system that will last for a lifetime.
Kirby`s Return to Dream Land Deluxe is a fantastic remake of one of our favourite Kirby adventures. With slick new visuals, some meaningful gameplay tweaks and two excellent new modes to dig into, this is a big, loud and colourful celebration of all things Kirby that should delight new and returning players alike.
The unique pink ball with big eyes is still starring in titles that top the charts, 30 years after the original game`s release. For Eliza Sharp, founder of online Kirby fan account Kirby Informer, the character has stood the test of time because his games have been so distinctive from the competition.
For more than 100 years, every Kirby has been handcrafted in the United States from die-cast aluminum.
Kirby vacuum systems are engineered to get the dirt that others leave behind. Our HEPA filtration vacuum bags trap dirt and debris preventing allergens from getting back into your home.
On most Kirby vacuum cleaners, filtration is managed by the filter bag that is used to collect dust and debris. However, some models offer a secondary level of filtration in the form of a foam filter or a screen filter.
His age is never directly stated, although he is referred to as a “little boy” in the English manual for Kirby`s Dream Land (1992), described as a baby with a projected 200 years until adulthood in the anime, and was referred to as being a “jolly fellow” in Kirby Super Star. Kirby is cheerful and innocent.
It`s actually a northern bobwhite quail; his name is Kirby, and he`s an animal ambassador for the Reversing the Quail Decline Initiative. Kids certainly aren`t the only ones who are enthralled by Kirby Quail.
It`s heavy.

I just would not recommend this vacuum for older individuals or those suffering from arthritis. The reason why it is heavier is because it is mostly metal, whereas the Dyson is part metal, part plastic (well, I think the newer versions are more plastic than anything).

Kirby has a great design. He`s expressive, iconic, instantly-recognizable, and easy for kids to draw. A perfect fit for the protagonist of a Game Boy game. He`s simple, but it works extremely well, and its a far more unique look than all the 30-something brown-haired white men that gamers love to play as these days.
Made in the USA

The Kirby is built in America by employees dedicated to their craft.

Q: It smells like the belt is burning. What is wrong? A:It is likely the belt isn`t turning freely on the brush roll. Flip out the belt lifter handle and turn it clockwise until the green arrows line up.
Superior Airflow, Optimal Cleaning

Kirby vacuum systems are engineered to get the dirt that others leave behind. Our HEPA filtration vacuum bags trap dirt and debris preventing allergens from getting back into your home.

The Kirby Company (stylized as KIRBY) is a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and home cleaning accessories, located in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. It is a division of Right Lane Industries.
But he`s not. Kirby has his own games and franchise set in their own world. He`s his own little kirby-puffball thing, not a Jigglypuff or any other kind of Pokémon. They`re completely unrelated, aside from Smash Bros.
If you don`t have an air compressor to inflate your air mattresses or pool toys, you can use your shop vacuum instead. Just pop the top off a plastic squeeze bottle and fit the top to your vacuum`s hose. You may have to use duct tape. Once the top is secured to the hose, attach the hose to your vacuum`s exhaust port.
It is important to note that all fish tanks need a water pump, so using one is not necessarily an alternative to an air pump. Rather, it can effectively fill both the roles of an air pump and a water pump. Air pumps should always be paired with a water pump, but water pumps do not always need an air pump.
Kirby, also referred to simply as The Cannibal, is the main antagonist of the Internet series There Will Be Brawl (spoofing There Will Be Blood). He is voiced by Matthew Mercer (one of the creators), who also plays Ganondorf and other characters in the series.
Known for his sunny disposition and marshmallowy appearance, Kirby doesn`t seem all that overpowered at first glance. But his unique ability to inhale enemies and absorb their powers earns him a place in this list. Kirby`s ability to copy the powers of his foes makes him the ultimate jack of all trades.

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Electrolux Epic 6500SR Full Bag sensor working, Does not Reset properly
ANSWER : The problem was a sticking switch that was not being reset. The vacuum on/off switch mechanism is comprised of two switches. One is the main switch that turns the vacuum on and off. The second is a shut off switch that gets tripped when the full bag sensor is engaged. This second switch is supposed to get reset when you push the on/off switch on the outside of the machine. The full bag shutoff switch was stiff and it, therefore, was taking a couple of presses of the on/off switch to move the shutoff switch back into the running position.

Unbeknownst to me, someone took the bag out of my Kenmore Progressive vacuum and failed to replace it. I have been vacuuming without a bag for months, and today the vacuum stopped sucking. When I opened up the front to replace the bag, tons of dirt and dust came pouring out. I thoroughly cleaned the vacuum, put in a new bag, but still no sucking power. Just dust coming from the rear vents where one of the filters is. Is the vacuum ruined, or is it a simple solution of buying a new filter?
ANSWER : Sounds like you need to buy a new motor. All that grit and dust will ruin a motor and I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did.
.This is where a vacuum that won’t run without a bag would have been nice. (Aerus for one)

How to set up kirby to vacuum mattress – Kirby Generation 3 Bagged Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : Detach lower end of bag from body of vacuum.
.Attach hose to the opening.
.Attach above floor tool for vacuuming.
.See video instructions on below site.

How do I assemble kirby g3 carpet cleaner? – Kirby Generation 3 Bagged Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : Greetings,

If you click the link below it will take you to a video demonstration that explains step by step what you need to do to convert your Kirby into a carpet shampooer. The vacuum in the video is the Kirby Sentria, but the procedure is the EXACT same as it is on your Kirby G3, as well as Kirby Diamond Edition, G4, G5, G6, etc. All Generation models have the same process of converting the vacuum into a carpet shampooer.

Instructional Video On How To Attach The Kirby Generation 3 Series Carpet Shampoo Attachment:

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Dirt devil vacuum cleaner–trouble vacuuming dirt and pet hair on carpeting –is the problem with the spinning brush which contacts the floor,  not contacting the carpeting??  I thought (when I bought this vacuum) that the aforementioned brush was adjustable to various heights of carpeting.  Sometimes, it seems like nothing is being vacuumed up –unless I have just put a new bag on the vacuum… Do I need or can I replace the spinning brush on the bottom of the vacuum so it kicks up and vacuums
ANSWER : Try replacing the belt. Rubber belts stretch out after about a year.

I need a manual for a kirby vac gen #3 – Kirby Generation 3 Bagged Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : Click the link below for the manual It’s a very large .pdf file, so just be patient while it loads;

How much horsepower for a Kirby G3 – Kirby Generation 3 Bagged Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : All kirbys are good, i reccomend getting a G6

My vacuum kirby turned by itself – Kirby Generation 3 Bagged Upright Vacuum
ANSWER : The problem was that the piece that you connect to the wall outlet was broken. I purchased a new cord and it is working fine now. Thank you!