Why to get a Canister Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are impressive tools for the effective cleaning of different kinds of surfaces all around your house. These appliances are cleaners that improve your living environment and offer you healthy living free from allergens, bacteria, and all kinds of dirt and dust. A wide variety of vacuum cleaners are available these days and you can choose a style that suits you best. You can either have a canister, upright, robotic, or handheld vacuum cleaner. You can get a machine according to your preferences budget and requirements. You can check different vacuum cleaner reviews to look for your desired features, attachments, and suction power.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners


Canister vacuums are cleaning appliances that are appointed with a long wand and flexible hose. It includes a powerful motor that gives excellent suction for the collection of dirt and dust. Canister vacuums are appointed with wheels and they are lightweight devices that you can easily carry with you for whole household cleaning. These are portable and more convenient to use than a conventional upright vacuum cleaner.

Canister vacuums are versatile in operation and you can clean different surfaces with the use of varied attachments. Flexibility is the best feature that these machines have to offer. Whether you have a wooden floor, tiled floor, or carpeting, canister vacuums are suitable for complete cleaning.

Highlights/Features of Canisters

We will have a detailed look at what these canister vacuums are capable of doing?

High-tech Filtration System:

If you are using one of the high-quality vacuum cleaners, you will have 3 step filtration systems including a chamber filter, vacuum bag, and an exhaust filtration system. The chamber filter is located inside the machine in front of the motor and at the back of the vacuum bag. Many cleaners are now being introduced with synthetic cloth bags and these preferred bags can be found with some good brands of vacuum cleaners. Keeping the internal filter free from clogging by dirt and debris is important in order to have your canister function properly. If your filter is clogged, airflow will be restricted, can hinder suction performance, and even can cause damage to the vacuum motor. An exhaust filter is a HEPA filtration system that gives you 99.9% allergens and dust-free air. Canister vacuums have completely sealed systems that keep dirt and debris from being released back into the air or to your floor.

Powerful and Controlled Suction:

Canister vacuums have powerful suction and you can even control suction power according to the surface you are cleaning. Suction controls are mostly appointed on the handle of the cleaner so that users can conveniently control it.


One of the major highlights of canister vacuums is that they are compact and portable. Most full-size canister vacuums usually weigh between 16 – 26 pounds. You can check the weight of the machine you intend to buy before making a purchase decision.

Ease of storage:

Being lightweight and compact machines, canister vacuums are also easy to store in comparison to other full-size upright vacuums. So if you have small storage space and that is why you are avoiding buying a vacuum cleaner, check out some canister vacuums as they will be the most suitable choices for you to have for household cleaning. Moreover, all the parts and attachments of canisters are held on the machine only so no additional space is required.

Air-driven or Electrical Canister:

If you have high-pile carpeting in your house or if there is a pet in the house, you must choose an electric-powered brush roller. These are however expensive than its counterpart. Another option is air powered roller that is less expensive in price.

Ease of maneuvering:

A canister vacuum is easy to move around and many of the better quality machines have wheels located under the body of the canister that makes cleaning around the house more convenient. Such models are easier to move around.

Flexibility with attachments:

Canister vacuums come with a wide range of attachments including brushes, power hoses, extensions, etc, and with the aid of these attachments, you can easily reach difficult tight areas around your home.

Canisters are suitable for

Canister vacuums work well with hard flooring whether at home or at the workplace. They can also work effectively over loose carpets, area rugs, draperies, and stairs. The attachments that come with vacuums are a great choice for cleaning drapes and you need not lift heavy cleaning appliances to reach high places. The long extended hoses can do the job for you with complete ease. No painful stretching or straining your body to reach high. You can also make your stairs shine bright with canister vacuums. You can easily move up and down the stairs with these lightweight cleaning machines.

Canister vacuums work better and more quickly than many other cleaning appliances. They may not be recommended for larger rooms or for rooms that have heavy fixed carpeting but there are many names that are popular for serving a complete range of consumers both individual homeowners and businesses.

Some of the popular brand names that offer high-quality canister vacuum cleaners include Hoover, Electrolux, Dyson, Panasonic, Miele, and others. You can get a machine as cheap as 100 USD and even if you wish to spend some more you can purchase some really high-quality tough machine.


There is surely no doubt about the superior features and advantages of canister vacuums and they offer superb cleaning. With many canister vacuums available on the market, it is recommended that you choose one that is suitable for both hardwood and carpet cleaning. Check for the prices of each one of them to see if it is well under your budget. You can check our canister vacuum reviews to see which one suit you best. When considering purchasing a vacuum cleaner, check for its maintenance tips too. Ease and proper maintenance can give your machine a long life.

Usually canisters last more in comparison to upright and one of the reasons is that the dirt and debris collected through these machines travel from the machine to the bag without being in contact with the vacuum motor. Get a durable canister machine now and relieve yourself from the hassle of everyday tiring house cleaning.