Vacuums\015 We recently bought a wind tunnel supreme. it is very loud, and sounds like its going to come apart any moment.. the sound seems to be coming from the base. Is there anything we can check?I bought this vacuum only 5 months ago. Recently, whenever I am using the agitator brush roll option it makes a clacking noise as though the beater bar was hitting something. I took the bottom cover off to inspect it. Nothing was caught in any part, the belts are intact and unworn, the beater brush was in its proper position. The cover had no damaged or upraised areas, there are no cracks that could cause vibrating noises. The brush appears to turn rapidly and smoothly when turned on, just noisy and with a burning smell. Perhaps the motor is bad?\015

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Check that the brush bar is clean and not damaged

If the cleaner becomes noisy or starts vibrating, it may be because some debris has got tangled around the brush roll or agitator situated in the bottom of the cleaner.

Blockage – when a vacuum cleaner becomes unusually loud, it is normally because of a blockage of some sort. This is a problem that is easily solved by turning off the cleaner, check for blockages in the pipes, and remove them. You can also check and empty the canister to remove any possible blockages there as well.
As the chart shows, the “strong” mode of the Dyson model was the loudest, reaching above 90 dB. The Toshiba model was the noisiest of all models in when we compared the “weak” modes, and stayed around 80 dB at “weak” mode and just below 85 dB at the “strong” mode.
The Hoover WindTunnel Air was a bit quieter at just over 70 decibels when the brush bar was not on.
If your Dyson vacuum cleaner is making a loud vibrating or revving noise. First thing to try is empty your bin and make sure there are no blockages, if that doesn`t solve it then remove the brushbar and then try switching your Dyson back on again.
A high pitch whistle could indicate a seal is damaged or the machine is blocked. If the noise occurs without the Wand and Cleaner head, it is likely to be caused by either the bin or cyclone.
Check the Rotator Brush and Wheels

Sometimes pieces of string or other objects get wrapped around your vacuum`s rotating brush or around the wheels of the vacuum. Unplug your vacuum. Turn it over and have a look at the wheels and brush. If you see any pieces of string or objects lodged there, remove them.

The motor in your vacuum cleaner is essentially safe from damage, however, when it is exposed to conditions other than what it was designed for, it can fail. The most common reason for vacuum motors failing is overheating.
If your vacuum cleaner overheats, this could be due to the following reasons: Blockages – check the hose and head for any obstructions. Filter – always check your filters, if these are clogged this could be causing the vacuum cleaner to work harder and lose suction power.
This means it is best to choose a vacuum cleaner with a noise output that is less than 70 dB. However, the noise levels of vacuum cleaners fall between 75dB to 85dB. Thus, continuous exposure to such noise levels affect a user`s health while also being a sign and source of inefficiencies in the equipment.
Vacuum cleaners with a noise level between 71 and 75dB are loud. If you want to have a conversation with someone 2m away, you`ll have to raise your voice significantly. You also won`t be able to hear the TV without turning up the volume. We consider more than 76dB of noise very loud.
Why are Hoovers so noisy? The noise vacuum cleaners make is the result of the airflow required to provide high-performance suction. This sound comes from a number of places, including the motor, fan, and the airflow/vortex within the canister.
Vacuum cleaners have a decibel rating that ranges from approximately 64dB to 80dB. Most vacuums fall in the 70dB to 80dB range, with uprights tending to be the loudest. The quietest vacuums are always cylinder models that are designed to minimise noise output (and often have “silent” or “quiet” in the product name.)
Why are Hoovers so noisy? The noise vacuum cleaners make is the result of the airflow required to provide high-performance suction. This sound comes from a number of places, including the motor, fan, and the airflow/vortex within the canister.
The main answer for your question, “why is my washing machine noisy” might include an unbalanced load in a spin cycle, loose drum bearings, a blocked filter or a trapped item such as a coin.

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Wind tunnel supreme sounds very loud
ANSWER : Something mite be lose in the motor take to the nearest hoove repair store and have them check the motor

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Wind tunnel supreme sounds very loud
ANSWER : Sounds like a bad motor, you have a years warranty on this, take it in for warranty repair. You will void the warranty if you mess with it.

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I have a Hoover Wind Tunnel Supreme mach 3.9. It
ANSWER : Check the filter above the dirt tank. If you take out the dirt cup and look where in slides into the machine, there is a filter that is probably dirty. It can be cleaned or replaced

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There seems to been a high pitched sound in the motor. I’d describe it as a ‘dry’ sound, and the high pitch of it is very loud. I want to stop vacuuming because it’s so loud. Are there any oil/greasing points/spots? If so, how do I find them?
ANSWER : High pitched noise is not good. It may indicate that a bearing is going out. I would not use Kirby as it may lead to burned motor.

If you feel that it vibrates quite a bit too – then it may be only broken fan blade.

Fan blade – you are looking ar around $40-$50 and if this is a motor bearing – $60-$80. If anyone wants to charge you more – we will repair it but you will have to pay shipping both ways (roughly another $30 both ways all together)

Ohhh yeah – try it with the hose. If no sound then brush roll bearings may be bad…

Good Luck,
If you want to send it for service – go to click on SERVICE, print form, fill out and ship it here.

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Vacuum sound is too loud
ANSWER : If its aloud grating noise the motors at fault the fan in the motor is catcthing its housibng

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Soinds weird my dyson sounds like sucksion is leaking…the air leaking sound is really loud. it sucks some dirt but is not going into the canister, don’t know where its going. it sounds like when i’m using the attachments when i’m just vaccuming…please help!!!
ANSWER : Dysons web site has an online area where you can walk through common problems like this:.

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Kenmoore Intellivac w direct drive suddenly started making internal sound like something was stuck. Hose is clear, and sound is made when hose is detached from main unit. Vacuum sounds find at lower pressure, only makes sound with bag door closed and/or placing my hand over the end of hose.
ANSWER : Shut off the vac and open container and remove the bag. Try dropping a coin into the hose, then raise up to see if it falls thru to the bag area. If it does check the throat of the vac where the dirt is sucked upward to dump into the bag itself.

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My vacuum is making a loud whirring sound and is hotter than normal.
ANSWER : Hi Kelsey! I understand how frustrating this must be. Dirty filters or a clog can cause the vacuum to change sound and be hotter than normal.

Here is a quick link to troubleshooting the excessive noise:.

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