p all the corn! The 2nd one was definitely related to the 1st one!!! I didn’t find the receipt until today which is past 90 days.
Having the one year warranty on it, what do I do now?
Thanx & Cheers! Lisa

How to Identify and Fix Common Vacuum Problems ?

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The air popper works by circulating the un-popped kernels with hot air. Once the kernels pop, their increased surface area allows them to be easily blown through a chute by the air. I popped the corn in the air popper until the last kernels stopped popping, which took an average of six minutes per batch.
Hot air poppers are seeing a surge in popularity. They use hot air to pop the popcorn kernels, unlike traditional popcorn makers that use oil. Popcorn pops because there is a small amount of moisture in each kernel.
If the unit doesn`t heat, test the heating element (oil popper) or inspect (hot-air popper) the element. If the element is faulty, replace the popcorn popper. If an oil popper`s stir rod doesn`t stir, test the motor and replace it if it is faulty or replace the popper.
An air popper doesn`t require any added oil or flavorings, but store-bought microwave popcorn has additional ingredients, like salt, oil and chemical flavorings that taste like butter. The bags themselves also contain perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), which keep oil from seeping through the container.
Hot air poppers ensure all kernels are popped and not a single kernel burnt. They also create a light-as-air texture and crave-worthy crunch.
Air-popped popcorn doesn`t use oil and is the healthiest way to enjoy the snack, according to Cleveland Clinic. Popping it on the stovetop using oil can be a way to add healthy fats to your diet, just opt for walnut, avocado, canola, or extra virgin olive oil.
Air-popped popcorn contains lots of different vitamins and minerals to support overall health and nutrition. These include vitamins A, B6, E and K, as well as pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), thiamine, niacin, folate and riboflavin.
Wipe the corn popper base, including the popping chamber, clean and dry with a soft dry cloth. Never immerse the corn popper base in water or other liquid. Do not scour surfaces with steel wool or abrasive cleaners.
A: Absolutely you can. In fact, you can put your salt in there too before it all starts. Measure your popcorn kernels and add your oil (nothing fancy needed).
Popcorn kernels will not pop if they contain too little or too much water moisture inside the kernel. The popcorn kernels which do pop have 14-15% moisture in the hull and anything less or more will cause the popcorn kernel to not explode. You can test the moisture of your popcorn by using your fingernail.
Salty Air Popped Popcorn (A Dream Realized)

For the purpose of salting your popcorn salt can be transformed into a powdery state by simply blending it in a normal kitchen blender. Even better than that you can blend 3/4 cup of salt and leave in a container for later use on your popcorn.

Preferred oils for popping (healthy and heat tolerant)

Coconut, Avocado, Sunflower, Olive Oil, Safflower, Canola.

Why is my popcorn chewy and rubbery? A top reason popcorn turns out chewy is because steam gets trapped in your pot when the popcorn kernels are popping. Fix this by using a well-vented lid or leave the pan slightly open to make a light and crispy popcorn.
Is popcorn healthy for toddlers? Plain, air-popped popcorn can be a very healthy snack in general. But it is not recommended that toddlers eat it, since it is considered a major choking hazard. Instead, choose options like mini rice cakes or puffs made specifically for kids.
Popcorn. As long as it`s not served with butter or salt, popcorn is considered a good whole-grain snack for diabetes (Asif, 2014). Popcorn is low in calories, which can support a healthy weight and overall management of type 2 diabetes.
Air poppers were all the rage in the 80s and 90s because they allowed people to pop popcorn without the use of oils or butter. You didn`t hear about them for a while, but now they are making a comeback, not so much for due to a fear of fat, but because they actually produce fantastic, light, and delicious popcorn.
There are a few health benefits to eating popcorn. In addition to being high in fiber, popcorn also contains phenolic acids, a type of antioxidant. In addition, popcorn is a whole grain, an important food group that may reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension in humans.
Spice up your popcorn in a healthy way by adding hot sauce or melt a couple of ounces of cheese on your popcorn. You also can try a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar or eat your popcorn with pickles or jalapeƱo peppers. Make sure to add spices and seasonings and not powders, flavorings or a lot of salt.
Depending on its preparation, popcorn can be a healthful snack. When air-popped, unsweetened, and unsalted, popcorn contains plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs. That said, added butter, sugar, and salt can make popcorn an unhealthful snack.
Fats. If air-popped, popcorn delivers only trace amounts of fat. Most are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, as opposed to saturated fats.
Measure out the amount of popcorn kernels you plan to make – Most air poppers recommend 1/2 cup of kernels which will make about 4 quarts of popped popcorn. Be sure to follow the manufacture`s instructions on the maximum the popper can handle. Put the kernels aside for the moment.
It is convection, the same scientific process that allows hot air balloons to go up in the sky. In nature, one process of heat or energy transfer takes place through convection. Convection is movement within a fluid – a liquid or gas, which is driven by differences in temperature.
Use olive oil as a healthier alternative to butter plus it gives the popcorn that delicious olive oil flavor.
The final possible reason engine oil will find its way into the air intake system and eventually clog the air filter is due to clogged oil passages. This symptom usually occurs when the engine oil and filter have not been replaced as recommended.

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My VX550CC also shuts down after about 15-20 minutes. My problem is that I can’t find my sales receipt. Nutone told me after contacting them several times that they will not honor their warranty unless I can produce the original sales receipt only. Tech assist person was very rude about whether I actually bought it myself. We bought this unit when we moved into a new house 4 years ago and can’t find the slip anywhere. Totally bad customer service and they won’t honor their warranty even for a p
ANSWER : Some People Hu………..Make sure that all filters are clean if need be renew..Sounds like overheating fault resulting in Thermal cut out operating….Good luck

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I have a Kenmore canister vacuum – model 25614506. Some time ago, I was not able to turn the vacuum off with the on/off switch, but could still use the vacuum. Turned if off/on by pulling the plug. The other day when I went to plug it in, I heard a pop. Now the sweeper runs but the vacuum cleaner does not **** – no air flow. What could be the problem. The cleaner is only 4 years old.
ANSWER : The motor has an inline fuse

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Filter I bought this Hoover a few years ago– just now about to use it first time. I cannot find my user’s manual and don’t know how to change the filter– or to clean it or whatever I am supposed to do with it. Also, there is a handle on one side of the unit that seems to be attached to an empty chamber or canister kind of thing. It looks like it should pull out, but it does not budge. I really would like to have a manual, but can’t seem to find one. Is there a similar model that is still
ANSWER : This is not for the exact same model, but should help you out:

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[email protected]
ANSWER : You will need to contact Honeywell at this link below and fill in the form to request a free user manual for the Honeywell 2000i Inverter Generator:.
407 N. Quentin Road
Palatine, Illinois 60067-4832
.Phone Numbers
Main Number: 847-701-3038
Facsimile: (847) 991-7189
.Email Addresses
Sales: [email protected]
Support/Order Status: [email protected]

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I bought the Bissell Heavy Duty in Jan 2009 and now the brush will not rotate. I have gone through all the trouble shooting procedures and it still does not work. Is my vacuum under a one year warranty? If so do I take it back to where I bought it?
ANSWER : If the brush does not rotate when it is in use, chances are the belt is broken. Belts are common to break and should be replaced once a year under normal use. (once a week) and heavier use, more times per year.

If the brush itself is not rotating, meaning you took it out of the machine and it physically does not spin, then you may need to replace the brush with a new one. You can possibly get one at your nearest vacuum repair center.

Good luck.

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I am looking for a wiring diagram to install a touch/dimmer switch by “Comfort” mdl # RH-934B – Darjung Ind Ltd.
It has a standard lampcord (two wires) coming from it as well as one white, one black and one yellow wire.
The original touch/dimmer switch (no identification on it) had one white, one black, one red and one yellow – no lampcord.

Thank you very much for your help!

ANSWER : The black and the white will go to the lamp ,eg,output.The yellow is the sensor wire which should be firmly attached to the metal base of the lamp

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HI, I’m trying to find a part for a Sharp upright vacuum. Its the back part of the handle where the cord is stored. I have taken it off but can’t find any part # on it. The model number for the vacuum is EC12TWT4. I was thinking that if I could find a free owner’s manual, that would give me the part # and then I could look for it on the net.
ANSWER : Any vacuum repair shop should be able to get it

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Our kenmore progressive model #11634922 was working fine today. And then – it’s not. Plugged in – nothing is working on it. We let it cool down (though it didn’t seem hot). Still nothing – no light, no motor. Tried it in some other plugs that we know are functioning well – and still nothing. Any idea what might be wrong with it? It’s six years old but doesn’t get heavy use.

Thanks so much ~ Susan Golden

ANSWER : Hi, it could be a number of things, cord may be bad as well as a problem with the motor. There also is a fuse that could have blown. If you go to sears.com, click on parts, put in your model number, when the page loads, click on the first link and you will have a parts list, and scroll down there will be a parts break-down picture that you can look at. You can also order parts thru the Sears website.

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