To whom it may concern I have a steam mop

\015 To whom it may concern I have a steam mop model S3101 serial number120544.My problem is the water doesn’t get hot it only gets luke warm.I used it a few times.I would apprecate what is wrong or do you have a service the area where i could have it service.My address is2190 Bellmont ave.Elemont NY 11003would you please respondPS what is the guarantee on this itemthank you . [email protected]\015 – Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop – Gray/ Purple Vacuum

Streaks on porcelein tile from shark steam mop

\015 Read your reply to one other user about streaks. I don't agree with you. There are only two adults in our household and my floors don't have product buildup or soap residue. I use it to refresh the floors just like the steam is supposed to refresh the carpet…...I have never used anything on my floors but the steam mop (and I mean it) I vacuum & mop my floors every 3-4 days. I don't know if the steam feels hot enough. I rinse the pads out before I wash them, put them in washing machine with detergent and that's it…. Every time I use the mop it leaves water streaks. I even purchased new pads..Same problem. I have even used vinegar. I have 2500 sf of tile. There has to be another way or solution to do this. I don't plan to get on my hands and knees each time to wipe my floors down !! ..To me, a steam mop should apply steam and should leave your floors streak free. If it doesn't it must be the pads…...Wish someone would make a real micro fiber mop pad that would absorb the dirt (if any) and leave floors virtually spot and streak free.\015 – Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop – Gray/ Purple Vacuum