The Best Bagless Vacuums on the Market

Vacuum cleaner with aqua filter – a reliable assistant to any host and real for allergy sufferers. From conventional units that simply drive dust through, this technique is characterize by better cleaning. In them, humidification and “flushing” of air from suspended particles of dirt and pollen take place in parallel. It is necessary to vacuum the rooms one-time using an aqua filter to final understand what absolute purity should look like. The main thing is to choose the right model, which will not give you much trouble.

Does Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Work

Evaluating the beauty of the vacuum cleaners with the aqua filter, buyers no longer wish to return to dusty bags and muddy cyclones. Producers also do not snooze and constantly update the park of “water” cleaners.

Surprisingly, in this niche the leading positions were take not by the gangs of the home appliance market. In the first lines of our TOP, compiled from buyers’ reviews, were the companies that focused on the release of high-quality cleaning products:

  • Thomas
  • Zelmer
  • Karcher
  • Polti
  • Krausen
  • Arnica
  • MIE
  • Gutrend

The top lines of this rating were taken by European brands with very wide geography: Germany, Poland, Italy – their goods are not cheap, but reliable. There are worthy representatives of Turkey and China – no less effective in their work, but more affordable to our customers.

The most expensive, but extremely functional models that everyone can do: vacuuming, wet cleaning, laundering any coatings. They are equipped with a compressor and an additional reservoir for cleaning fluid – it can be sprayed over the surface, and then removed together with the dissolved mud.


01. Thomas CAT&DOG XT

This technique is indispensable if there are woolly pets in the house. The case of the vacuum cleaner is horizontal, with convenient dimensions (32x49x31 cm), but weighs a lot – 8 kg. Here is installed a liter aqua filter, as well as a reservoir for a soap solution for 1.8 liters. The power consumption of the unit is 1.7 kW.

Zelmer ZVC752ST

02. Zelmer ZVC752ST

This is a budget vacuum cleaner with the standard characteristics for any washing model: 1.6 kW of power consumption, a quite capacious 2.5-liter water filter and a 1.7-liter solution soap container. Nevertheless, he also has his own interesting nuances that made Zelmer popular among buyers. By the way, the engine here is the same as on the German Thomas, and the price of the unit is significantly lower.

Polti FAV30

03. Polti FAV30

A very powerful steam cleaner was very voracious. It consumes 2450 watts, but most of the electricity is expend for the operation of a boiler with a volume of 1.1 liters. In 11 minutes, it turns the water into steam, which is fed under a pressure of 4 atm. As a result, two types of cleaning can be safely added and the mode of the steam generator. It is especially worth noting that with its impressive dimensions of 49x33x32 cm, the FAV30 features an optimal weight of 8.2 kg.