The best pool leaf vacuum on the market: Which one?

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best pool leaf vacuum

Would you like to keep the leaves out of your pool but are having trouble? Sometimes, using a pole can become tiresome if you are like me. I can never seem to get leaves out of the bottom of my pool, even with a pool net! Some pesky leaves always escape the net when I scoop the bottom of the pool. If that happens, I use my leaf vacuum to clean off the leaves. When it comes to removing leaves from a swimming pool, a leaf vacuum is much more effective than a traditional net. A few specialized vacuums really do the trick, but there are countless vacuums on the market.

With the introduction of more advanced pool cleaning equipment, vacuuming leaves and twigs has become more challenging. However, even the most advanced pool cleaners cannot ensure that leaves will be lifted and taken in. All pools, even those with the largest filter baskets, will require assistance during fall pool cleanup.

A robotic pool cleaner or filter system will not last as long as it is overworked. So it is never a bad idea to go back to basics and choose to complement your most advanced pool cleaners with a leaf vacuum for pools designed for this purpose.

This hand-held vacuum is used to clean pools of leaves and twigs which have accumulated in the pool. The leaf vacuum is also known as a leaf gulper, a leaf bagger, or a leaf vacuum. There are various ways and mechanisms within each leaf vacuum with the same purpose as the different names. Here are some of the best leaf vacuums on the market right now based on our review of the top models.

Before purchasing a pool leaf vacuum, it is important to consider the following:

  1. It’s not recommended that you use a “suction vacuum” that plugs into the skimmer. When you have a lot of leaves, they can easily clog up your skimmer line and cause a lot of headaches.
  2. If you want to vacuum leaves from your pool, you should use a vacuum with a variety of bags. That way, you can choose the right bag for the job. Is there more sand in your pool? Does your pool have smaller leaves or larger leaves?
  3. Make sure you choose a system that is easy to set up. You will be more motivated to vacuum your pool if it is easy to set up because, let’s be honest, vacuuming a pool is not fun!
  4. Pool vacuuming does not have to be a daily chore. Vacuuming only needs to be performed periodically if you follow a weekly routine. Learn how to keep your pool sparkling clean with my ultimate guide to pool maintenance!

Best Pool Leaf Vacuum:

1.Poolmaster 28316 Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

best leaf pool vacuum
2,053 Reviews
Poolmaster 28316 Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum, Premier Collection
  • Large 15-inch ABS body with 8 high-pressure jets
  • Includes 2 reusable mesh leaf bags (1 all-purpose and 1 fine mesh)
  • Durable mar-proof rubber bumper and features aluminum metal handle

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Poolmaster sells this leaf vacuum as part of its Premium Collection of pool vacuums. As soon as you look at the appearance of the model, you can tell that it feels premium. A black vacuum head matched with a black and aluminum metal handle gives it a more durable appearance. Additionally, the vacuum is fitted with a bumper to protect the surface of the pool.

As with the leaves being lifted by the pressure of water coming from your garden hose, this will work as well. You can either purchase a pole of the same brand or use a garden pole of the same size to make sure the handle fits well. Even though it includes brushes and a bumper, this leaf vacuum is still surprisingly light at 1.82 pounds.

  • It does not require batteries to function
  • Material that is durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easily transportable
  • Aluminized handle
  • Improved brushes could improve cleaning efficiency

The bottom line:

Among pool cleaning supplies, Poolmaster is an industry leader. Their improved pool leaf vacuum is a worthwhile upgrade. Brushes built into the machine are said to interfere with leaf vacuuming, but adjusting the water pressure and navigation can solve the problem.

2. Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister

best leaf pool vacuum
1,838 Reviews
Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister
  • Advanced Cyclonic Technology Creates a dynamic water flow to keep debris and impurities from clogging the canister and restricting suction.
  • One Size Fits All Compatible with Most Suction Pool Cleaners - Works with turbine-driven or disc-style models. Adapters included for universal hose connections.
  • Easy to Install and Use Easy Connect fittings lets you install in seconds while the Easy Release Twist Lock Top makes it simple to empty and clean the canister.

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It is not so much a vacuum as it is an accessory that is perfect for those who have a suction pool cleaner; it will prevent clogged skimmer baskets and filtration system, so it can be used with a suction pool cleaner.  Cyclonic Leaf Canisters from Zodiac serve as a leaf gulper to catch leaves and debris before they are swept up by the skimmer baskets.

You need to fit the leaf canister in between two hose sections of the suction-side vacuum hose. Almost all suction pool hoses work with both of these easy-connect fittings. Never again will you have to deal with debris nor experience a clogged filtration system.

Inside the canister, there is a strainer, which makes it easy to open, lift and empty. Just twist the canister open, lift the strainer, and do not touch the leaves it caught. It is made of lightweight, durable material that is easy to clean.

  • You don’t need a battery to make it work
  • Materials that are durable
  • No messy cleanups
  • It is designed to be attached to suction-side cleaners and cannot be used separately

The bottom line:

The accessory is convenient and beneficial. By doing so, it prevents messy cleanups and emptying of skimmer baskets, as well as strains on the filter system caused by leaves and twigs. Suction side cleaners can use this leaf gulper.

3. Poolmaster 28300 Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

best leaf pool vacuum
10,622 Reviews
Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum, Blue
  • Specifically for removing large leaves and dirt and debris from pools; see item # 28008, Jet Vacuum for easy pick up of small debris
  • Large, 15 inch diameter vacuum with handle made of durable ABS
  • Underside features 8 high-pressure water jets and 4 multi-directional wheels

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Poolmaster’s 283000 Big Sucker Pool Leaf Vacuum does not require electricity or batteries to operate, just like most leaf baggers on the market today. By passing water through its 8 high-pressure water jets underside, it utilizes the suction effect created by water pressure.

With its four multidirectional wheels, it is easy to navigate flat surfaces and mild slopes. It can also accommodate larger loads of leaves and cover a larger area because of its 15″ diameter vacuum opening. Furthermore, it has a built-in quick disconnect valve that can be used with any garden hose.

Using the push-lock closure, it will fit the vacuum neck perfectly and come with a reusable, multi-purpose leaf bag. In addition to the vacuum ring, it has a push-lock clasp. 

  • You don’t need a battery to make it work
  • Materials that are durable
  • Easily navigable
  • It consumes a lot of water, and isn’t environmentally friendly.

The Bottom line:

Its wide opening will surely shorten the time it takes to remove leaves. Aside from being easy on the wallet, the vacuum is also lightweight and easy to carry. There could be a tendency for it to lift or topple, so you might need to guide it with a heavy pole.

4. Pool Blaster Leaf Vac

best leaf pool vacuum
2,106 Reviews
POOL BLASTER Water Tech Leaf Vac - Cordless Battery-Powered Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer & Leaf Vacuum...
  • HELPS MAINTAIN PH LEVEL: Leaf Vac is a self-sufficient cleaner and does not add any water to the pool which may alter pH and Chemical balance.
  • CORDLESS: Perfect for quick and easy cleaning on the swimming pool bottom or surface skimming. Works independently from pool filtration system, no garden hoses or cords needed.
  • HIGH CAPACITY LEAF BAG: The Pool Blaster Leaf Vac includes the extra-large all-purpose leaf bag for quick and convenient leaf pick-up on the pool bottom or pool surface. Picks up leaves, seeds and twigs right off the pool floor.

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Pool Blaster offers cordless convenience for sucking up leaves from pool water. It is our favorite pool leaf vacuum on our shortlist.

Since this vacuum is completely self-sufficient, it won’t disrupt the pH levels of your water. You should find that the water levels stay in check since it doesn’t add water to your pool.

This leaf vacuum does not require a garden hose, unlike many other leaf vacuums. Instead, benefit from the 3 hours of runtime by embracing the simple push-button operation. This will require 8 x AA batteries, so make sure you have a steady supply on hand, or consider buying rechargeable ones.

Although most users find this leaf vacuum to be positive, we found a handful of complaints regarding the battery housing. It has been reported that leaking has been an issue, and that the design is generally poor. Be sure to research this thoroughly.

There is a substantial amount of capacity in the leaf bag. This will eliminate the need to endlessly empty the unit, allowing you to spend more time on the pool lounger and saving you from tedious pool maintenance.

You can attach this leaf vacuum to any telescoping pool. Weighting less than 2 pounds, this lightweight leaf vacuum gives you everything you need for the coming swimming season.

  • Bags with a high capacity
  • pH levels are maintained in the pool
  • Using a push-button
  • Battery housing issues

Interesting read:

best leaf pool vacuum
2,490 Reviews
POOL BLASTER Catfish Ultra Cordless Pool Vacuum w/Pole Set - Lightweight & Efficient Hoseless...
  • CAPTURE MORE DIRT: Catfish Ultra features higher debris capacity than the standard Pool Blaster Catfish to capture more leaves, dirt sand and debris.
  • CORDLESS: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery. No hoses or cords needed. Ideal for In-Ground Pools, Soft-Sided pools and Above Ground Pools like Intex.
  • VERSATILE CLEANING: Spot-Clean in seconds or clean the entire pool. Includes a removeable 10.5” vacuum head for general cleaning or simple remove to expose nose cone head for hard to get areas.

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You can use a cordless pool leaf vacuum in the same way as a standard leaf vacuum, except that you don’t need to attach a garden hose to it to generate suction.

A cordless model has no suction, so where does it come from? 

This vacuum is battery-operated and has a fan blade designed into it that suctions leaves up. 

All other aspects remain the same – the unit must still be pushed around with a pole, and it’s all caught in a mesh bag.

  • Does not require the use of a garden hose. Sometimes a hose can become tangled or be too short, limiting the range in which the cleaner can be used.
  • Powered by a battery that runs for around three hours
  • The cost of replacing bags is between $20 and $30 for the first bag, but under $100 for replacements
  • Battery-operated devices require you to replace the batteries eventually (typically takes 8 “AA” batteries).
  • Cleans without scrubbing the walls and floor

Leaf vacuums vs. pool cleaners

Both pool leaf vacuums and pool cleaners remove debris from the pool, but leaf vacuums are specifically designed to remove leaves, while pool cleaners have a wider range of debris they can handle

Leaf vacuums are operated manually. There are a garden hose, pole, and debris bag attached to the unit. As the hose is turned on, suction is created, and the telescoping pole assists with moving the vacuum across the surface of the pool and sucking up the leaves.

There are some automatic pool cleaners (but not all). Designed to remove leaves, bugs, fine dirt, sand, and even algae, they can handle it all. Some of these vacuums come with rotating brushes that clean the pool’s surface without having to brush it, and can also be used to vacuum leaves.


We hope today’s guided tour of the best pool leaf vacuums gave you a clear understanding of what to look for when you compare them.

We kept our selection short today due to the lack of decent models on the market. Bringing you low-quality products is not our goal.

If you choose one of the pool leaf vacuums we review, you will be in good hands. When you buy any of these appliances, you know exactly what you’re getting into. We hope you find the pool leaf vacuum buying guide useful if you run into a model we didn’t review.