The Best Vacuum Mop Combos of 2022

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One of the most innovative cleaning devices, the vacuum mop sucks up and removes dirt at the same time using hot water or steam. Cleaning is no longer the chore that made us balk so much before. In fact, you will no longer need to vacuum before you can mop the floor with the mop, because this 2-in-1 device takes care of dusting and washing the floor in a single pass .

The vacuum cleaner thus offers many advantages. However, as there is a wide range of models on the market, it is better to invest in a model that will meet your needs and expectations. Cleaning the floors becomes a real source of pleasure thanks to the performance, speed and efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Then discover in this comparison all the information you will need to know more about this type of vacuum cleaner and thus better make your choice when buying vacuum cleaner and scrubber.

Top 6 Best Mop Vacuum Cleaner Combo

On the market, you can find a wide range of vacuum cleaners . Each model has its own specificities. To help you find the best vacuum and mop that suits you, our team of experts has selected the best models of the moment for you.

Bissell CrossWave: the best vacuum mop on the market

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Gain speed and efficiency in your household chores with this Cross Wave, the vacuum cleaner from Bissell . A multifunction vacuum cleaner, it allows you to clean the floors perfectly thanks to its suction, washing and drying system. Cleaning is done in a single pass and a single action on all types of floors, even on hard floors. It includes a particularly resistant and efficient motorized brush to remove even the most encrusted dirt. On its handle, you have an adjustment button to select the cleaning mode adapted to your type of floor: “Hard floor” for hard floors and “Rug” for rugs and carpets. Easy to handle, its suction head swivels 60° and it stands alone vertically. Even though it does not contain hepa filter,it has an in-water dust trap to eliminate all allergens

  • The effectiveness of deep cleaning.
  • Large amount of clean water tank and can be refilled at any time
  • Dirty water tank with dust trapping
  • More efficient rotating brush with detergent
  • Carpet mode with water flow limitation
  • Too heavy device
  • No automatic brush cleaning system
  • Too loud (80 dB)


Rowenta RY7557WH: the most versatile vacuum and mop

Dyson, vorwerk, Philips, koenig,… these are all successful brands in the world of household appliances, but Rowenta is no less successful, especially with its RY7557WH vacuum cleaner and mop model. A rowenta 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner, the suction head of the device first removes dust from the floor and then proceeds to steam cleaning. With a power of 1700 W and with advanced cyclonic technology , it is very efficient and allows cleaning with 99% elimination of germs thanks to its Clean and Steam technology. One of the most innovative steam vacuum cleaners, it offers different cleaning modes with a flow rate adapted to each type of floor. Its long 8-meter cord offers greater freedom of movemen.

Pros & Cons

  • Fast heat-up time (30 seconds)
  • Ergonomic handle, adapts to the movements of the arm
  • 3 power and steam flow variation modes
  • Effective cleaning without detergent
  • Easy to use
  • A bit heavy
  • Ineffective for hard-to-reach corners
  • Quite noisy
  • Difficult to handle with full water tank


Bissell Vac&Steam Titanium: a high-performance vacuum cleaner

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The Bissell Vac & Steam Titanium model presents itself as a high quality and most innovative cleaning device. For a thorough cleaning of your home, this is the ideal choice. Indeed, the device perfectly combines the action of a mop and that of a steam vacuum cleaner. Well-heated steam easily breaks down dirt and grime on the floor. With several features, it can, among other things, be used in vacuum mode only or in steam cleaning mode. Both functions can be activated at the same time, however.Its 1600 W power coupled with its cyclonic technology makes it a particularly efficient and effective device whether it is to clean a very large room or several rooms in the house. Delivered with a microfiber mop and a cleaning cloth, the Bissell Vac & Steam Titanium will make your life much easier.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent power of 1600 W
  • Hygienic and innovative tank: dirt is sorted and directly rejected
  • Light
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Too loud (81 decibels)
  • Poor quality plastic finishes


Proscenic 811GB: the best robot vacuum cleaner

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Are you tired of vacuuming to have a clean house? This Proscenic robot mop will meet all your expectations. A model of vacuum and mopping robot, the Proscenic 811GB is just as efficient as the models offered by major brands such as neato or roomba. Its great autonomy of 130 minutes and its capacity of the water tank of 200 ml allow it to clean all the floors of the house . Ultra-quiet and ultra-slim,this Proscenic robot vacuum mop manages to easily sneak under tables, chairs and beds to ensure a thorough cleaning. It has a programming system in addition to being a WiFi connected robot vacuum cleaner. This allows you to control it from your smartphone or tablet, whether to start, stop or schedule cleaning and thus ensure better maintenance of the house. Ideal for homes with pets, it has 4 different cleaning modes, including Auto mode for automatic cleaning to effectively vacuum dust, crumbs and hair. 

Pros & Cons

  • Ultra quiet at 55 dB
  • 4 cleaning modes
  • Compact and design with these magnetic borders
  • Automatic recharge: returns to the charging base after each cleaning
  • The mop leaves marks on the tiles
  • Some difficulties in reaching its charging base
  • High price

Black + Decker Fsm1630: the best value for money

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If you need a vacuum mop that is as easy to use as it is efficient, you have made an excellent choice with this Fsm1630 model from the German brand Black + Decker. A simply remarkable type of steam cleaner, they have several features to turn the chore of cleaning into a real moment of relaxation. In addition to the fact that cleaning is done in a single pass, it also easily reaches the most difficult to reach corners thanks to its delta head. On the handle, you have digital controls to select the type of floor, the amount of water vapor emitted and the temperature. In case of difficult to remove stains, you only have to activate its ” Steam Boost ” function and your floor will be shiny and cleaner .

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent steam flow
  • Limescale filter
  • TriActive rotating brush
  • Cheap mop vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning modes for different floor types
  • Cable a little too short (6 meters only)
  • Insufficient autonomy


Proscenic M6 pro: excellence in autonomous robot

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Saving time and saving energy , these will be the first advantages you can enjoy by opting for this Proscenic robot vacuum cleaner. The Proscenic M6 pro model vacuums and washes any type of floor with much greater efficiency and performance. A multifunction robot vacuum cleaner, it is particularly efficient and methodical. Indeed, it has the ability to map the several rooms it has already cleaned . What makes it remarkable, in addition to its navigation system, is its ability to overcome slopes of 25 degrees and to cross obstacles that can reach up to 1.5 m in height. This is an excellent choice for a robot vacuum and mop that can maintain the house and even perform the functions of a window cleaner., especially since it has a suction system that can suck up all debris, crumbs and long hairs.

Pros & Cons

  • Ability to clean baseboard and localized areas
  • Rotating brush for powerful suction
  • 3-in-1 robot cleaner: vacuum, wash and clean
  • Cleaning on personalized schedule
  • Difficulty connecting to a smartphone
  • It easily gets stuck under furniture

What is a vacuum cleaner?

Steam vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner… these are all names attributed to the vacuum cleaner. A real innovation in the sector of household appliances, this type of vacuum cleaner is much more practical and economical. Indeed, it is a vacuum cleaner and steam or hot water cleaner that allows you to suck up dirt at the same time as it will steam wash the floors. For a better maintenance of the house, it is an ideal choice, because the results are most satisfactory: cleaner house, excellent rendering, fast cleaning and less tiring.

Compared to a handheld vacuum cleaner and a conventional vacuum cleaner, the vacuum mop or the steam cleaner is much more effective, especially for a complete cleaning of the house. In a single pass, it sucks up dust and washes the floor with hot water or steam or soapy mixture . You will no longer need to vacuum and then wash the floor with a mop with this type of 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. In terms of technology, moreover, the latest developments have enabled manufacturers of household appliances to create robots . even more efficient domesticsas we find with the different models of robot cooker and piano cooking, robot swimming pool, robot mower or robot toys. Like an intelligent robot, the floor mopping robot will then carry out optimal washing of all types of floors, with or without cleaning products. The floor cleaning robot has intelligent navigation and it is programmable to perform cleaning in due time every day.

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Of all the household chores, housework is, without a doubt, the one that bothers us the most. However, with the appearance of the vacuum cleaner and mop, cleaning becomes even a source of relaxation . With this type of vacuum cleaner indeed, the whole house is well maintained. This is a floor cleaning device with powerful suction technology, a rotating brush, special mops and wipes to be able to vacuum, wash and dry at the same time. It is equipped with a water tank or tray and a collection tray to receive dirty water and dirt accumulated during cleaning.Easy to use, the vacuum mop generally has a handle fitted with control buttons to operate the device according to the needs and the type of floor to be washed.

With a steam robot or a vacuum cleaner, you only have to operate the device with the remote control or the on button. The time to heat up, you can then perform the movements back and forth to wash the floor with a vacuum cleaner. Some models are also able to detect the most encrusted dirt and remove it with a light rubbing action. On the other hand, with a robot mop, you will only have to program and plan the maintenance of the floors from your smartphone and with the dedicated application .

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The different types of models

Within a vacuum cleaner comparison, you can find the different types of models, one of which is the vacuum cleaner. However, even if the operation of this device is based on the principle of vacuuming and washing the floor in a single pass, the models differ in terms of their design, their functionalities and the technologies with which they will be equipped. This is why there is not only one model of vacuum cleaner on the market. If the most basic model is revealed by the mop which has a tank allowing it to moisten the floor and clean it as it passes.The most sophisticated model is the automatic vacuum cleaner or robot cleaner, a small circular robot that is controlled remotely using a remote control or an application on a mobile device. In the middle, you will have the choice between the vacuum cleaner with mop or microfiber cloth and the vacuum cleaner with rotating or rotating brush. The mop vacuum cleaner generally consists of a front part that sucks up dust, a rear part with mop or wipes and an automatic water dispenser associated with a water tank. The model with rotating brushes is a vacuum cleaner and cleaner at the same time. Vacuumed dust is flushed out with the water, making it a better mop vacuum for allergy sufferers.

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How to choose well?

With the different types of domestic robots commercially available today, we have the advantage of performing household chores more quickly. This is the case with the vacuum mop or the robot mop which allows you to clean the whole house like with a sweeper.However, to know how to choose your vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to take into account certain aspects of the appliances and some of your living conditions to make the right decision when buying a vacuum cleaner and mop. Thus, one of the first aspects to consider when choosing the best mop vacuum is to choose between a cordless or corded vacuum cleaner model. Then, you have to take into account its energy consumption, especially for a rechargeable model that is equipped with a Li ion or Lithium ion battery. For practicality and maneuverability, the choice will be made with a bagless vacuum cleaner or a bagged vacuum cleaner, a canister vacuum cleaner or a broom vacuum cleaner or even an automatic vacuum cleaner.With the range of vacuum cleaners on the market and the latest models which are much more innovative, the choice for the purchase of a cheap vacuum cleaner can be difficult. This is why it is essential to rely on selection criteria that can meet their daily needs and expectations.

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What are the important criteria before buying?

Before embarking on the purchase of a vacuum cleaner, you must know how to make the right choice. Indeed, the needs will not be the same for floor cleaning in an apartment and in a large house. In order to be able to opt for the best vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner, here are the most important criteria to take into account:

Power  : this is an essential criterion associated with suction technology. The more the device offers a powerful suction, the more it will need a certain power to clean all types of floors . Between a power of 400 to 2500 watts, you will be spoiled for choice.

Steam pressure and flow  : the higher the pressure the vacuum cleaner has, the more effective the release of steam and cleaning will be. A minimum pressure of 4 bars is recommended for the vacuum cleaner to perform very well.

Heating time  : saving time is one of the biggest advantages of using a vacuum cleaner. Thus, the heating time of the device is of major importance when making your choice. If for a steam vacuum cleaner, it only takes a few seconds, for canister vacuum cleaner models, it can take a few minutes.

Accessories and different features  : depending on the model, accessories and features may vary. If with an automatic robot cleaner you can benefit at the same time from a window cleaning robot thanks to its ability to thwart obstacles of a few meters, with a sled vacuum cleaner model the functionalities will be more limited. On the accessories side, the various brushes and suction heads will allow you to clean your floors in a particularly effective way, whether on a carpet or a rug, tiles or parquet.

The price  : for entry-level models, the price of the vacuum cleaner and washer is between 100 and 200 €. Intermediate type vacuum cleaners are offered around 500 €, while the most high-end models see their price fluctuate between 700 to 1000 €.

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Complete house cleaning can be achieved with a mop vacuum, a versatile and easy-to-use type of household robot. However, knowing how to choose your vacuum cleaner requires taking into account several selection criteria which will be based on your living conditions and surroundings, but also on your needs and expectations . Brand reliability also comes into play when choosing the best mop vacuum. Indeed, you will be spoiled for choice between several major brands of household appliance manufacturers, such as Philips, i robot braava, vorwerk, rowenta, neato, roomba, dyson, koenig, samsung and robomow. In any case, the steam vacuum cleaner greatly reduces the time spent doing housework. However, the big differences are in terms of functionality and performance to allow you to choose a model that will suit your needs and meet your expectations for a cleaner, allergen-free home.