The Best Vacuums for Stairs on the Market

Vertical vacuum cleaners occupy a little more space when storing than the umbrella-cane, vacuuming is hardly worse than large ones, but it is easier, mobile, maneuverable. In the world, this category of vacuum cleaners shows a steady annual growth, and manufacturers are driving prices up on them. But you can buy quite decent “stick” and not for a lot of money.

What’s the Best Vacuum for Stairs

Makita DCL180Z

01. Makita DCL180Z 18V li-Ion Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Body Only by Makita

Cordless vacuum cleaner 2-in-1

A model of the famous Japanese brand specializing in power tools is produce in China at its own Makita plant. It turns into a portable vacuum cleaner, if you remove the suction pipe. Lithium-ion battery, the charge of which is enough for 20 minutes of battery life. The volume of the container-dust collector is 0,65 l, the set includes a slotted nozzle. Model is exceptionally light: 1 kg. The manufacturer gives 10 years warranty on this vacuum cleaner.


20 minutes of battery life – a bit, now there are models that can work 45-60 minutes. But they cost five to seven times more.

Sinbo SVC-3482

02. Sinbo SVC-3482

Wired vacuum cleaner 2-in-1

Yes, this is a model with a wire, but it is more powerful and absorbs dust better than most wireless “sticks”. The triangular attachment is something for which many brands “pull three skins”, and here – just a gift. The manual module is detached from the main body: the vacuum cleaner can be use in the machine or for high locations. The power consumption is 1000 W, the volume of the dust bag is 1.5 l, and length of the cord is 5 m. A slider on the handle regulates the suction power. The removable handle simplifies transport and storage.


High noise: the design is so simple that noise insulation is not provide. No extra baits: this is a model for the floor.

Kitfort KT-510

03. Kitfort KT-510

Wired vacuum cleaner 2-in-1

Also a wired model with a power of 650 watts. In the kit there are nozzles for furniture and cracks. The handle is also remove, and the vacuum cleaner turns into a manual. The peculiarity of this “vertical” is a large dust collector with a capacity of 1.2 liters.


The noise level is quite high: 80 dB, the wire is short: 4 meters.

BBK BV2511

04. BBK BV2511

Wired vacuum cleaner 2-in-1

Another cleaner: power 800 W, a dust bag with a volume of 0.8 liters, complete with a crevice nozzle. Unusually for a cheap “stick” is that the output is a thin filter HEPA, though, the manufacturer does not specify the HEPA class. There are models in black and white-blue colors.


Like all wired “verticals”, it’s noisy, it’s true, it’s not 80, but 78 dB.