Black Friday vacuum deals 2022

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Where to find the best vacuum deals during Black Friday

Especially since we often see some of the best vacuums undercut to their lowest-ever prices during Black Friday deals, rather than just end-of-line items, Black Friday vacuum deals are always worth keeping an eye out for.

November is a great time to snag a bargain on vacuum hardware, so if you’re looking to invest in a new cordless vacuum or simply upgrade your existing one, or have been thinking about doing so, this year’s sales are sure to be impressive.

We expect major brands to announce their Black Friday vacuum deals at least a week before the holiday falls on November 26 this year – Thanksgiving Day for our UK readers. 

In order to find these deals, we spend all year keeping track of product prices so that we know how to pick out the best Black Friday vacuum deals come November. We will continually update this page with all the latest sales to save you the trouble, including Dyson Black Friday deals, Roomba Black Friday deals, or other product discounts such as those in our Dyson V11 Black Friday deals hub.

Besides Black Friday deals, we’ve compiled last year’s best deals so you’ll be able to see which vacuum models might be on sale this year, as well as those we predict are likely to save over the upcoming weeks.

Here, then, you’ll find answers to all the questions you may have about the best vacuum deals in 2021 on Black Friday.


The official Black Friday shopping season hasn’t started yet, but there are still a few good vacuum deals available right now. Alternatively, if you don’t see a particular model you’re looking for right now, there’s a good chance a better deal will emerge come November, and some of the products listed below may even be subject to further discounts. 

Our prices will be updated regularly over the next few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on this page. We’ve also included our selections of the top retailers you should follow, too, should you prefer going bargain hunting on your own.

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Is it worth waiting for Black Friday deals on vacuums? 

As far as we’re concerned, yes – unless you’re desperately in need of a new vacuum right now. 

Over Black Friday weekend last year, vacuum cleaners were one of the top three most-searched-for appliances, with Dyson and the more affordable Shark brands among the most popular. Despite that, it’s not surprising, since models from these big brands have been knocked off for up to $100 / £100 before.

Black Friday deals won’t be limited to corded vacuuming — there will also be discounts on some of the best cordless vacuums, as well as robot vacuums. 

You can’t expect too many discounts on top-of-the-line vacuum cleaners, but you still might see discounts on the newest Dyson and similar hardware. It won’t hurt you to wait until Black Friday to see what’s available if you aren’t in a hurry to buy a new vacuum right away.

The Black Friday price promise, however, was not just available for Dyson’s low-ticket products, that is, the Dyson V15 range. When you buy Dyson’s most expensive models, but find them cheaper elsewhere within seven days, Dyson will refund the difference if you find it sold at a lower price by Argos, Currys or John Lewis within seven days of the original purchase.


Is Black Friday 2021 going to be the best year for vacuum deals?

November 26 is Black Friday this year, as mentioned earlier. Cyber Monday is swiftly following, taking place on November 29. We see the largest reductions on Black Friday itself, but we’ve also seen great vacuum deal opportunities from the start of Thanksgiving week through the first week of December last year – giving buyers a much bigger window to grab a bargain. 

The pandemic caused many retail stores to close last year, and for the first time in almost a decade, major retailers like Target and Walmart didn’t open on Thanksgiving night to kick off the Black Friday shopping marathon. Adobe Analytics has shown a 50% increase in online shopping in 2020 compared to 2019, so many brands took advantage of this trend by dropping deals well before the end of November. 

Even though we don’t know whether retailers will begin offering reductions that early this year – an earlier section of this article offers the best deals today, so you can look for yourself – we expect retailers to offer a range of deals over several weeks. Remember to bookmark this page so you don’t miss out on the best vacuum deals this Black Friday. 

Can you tell me where the best vacuum deals will be on Black Friday?

As soon as the black Friday vacuum deals drop, we’ll round them up here. Additionally, it’s important to know which retailers tend to offer the best deals. 

Although Amazon always offers plenty of Black Friday vacuum cleaner discounts, there are dozens of other retailers that compete to provide the best deals during the holiday season, so there are always plenty of deals to choose from. 

There were some serious reductions last year by retailers including Best Buy, Home Depot, Argos, and Currys. Additionally, most of the best Black Friday vacuum deals can be found directly on manufacturers’ websites, though Walmart, Target, and John Lewis are some great places to shop for deals on Black Friday robot vacuums. 

Moreover, Dyson has applied its Black Friday price guarantee to many of its high-ticket items in the UK, so you’ll also want to monitor premium vacuum prices across the pond, even if Dyson does not discount these vacuums. 

The best vacuum deals will be rounded up right here after Black Friday, but for now, we have listed the retailers most likely to offer the best deals. There are many brand websites that offer great deals, too, in addition to big stores like Walmart or John Lewis – just keep in mind that they don’t have many (if any) live deals available yet.

In 2021, what vacuum deals should we expect? 

Vacuum cleaners are a regular staple when it comes to discounted home appliances on Black Friday, so we can expect plentiful vacuum deals on Black Friday 2021. 

In the past year, Dyson cordless vacuums have been discounted by up to $100 / £100, while Shark, Vac, and Hoover models have been reduced by up to $180 / $150. There were also some great Black Friday robot vacuum deals to be had, as Roomba offered up to $100 off a wide range of its robot vacuums across the US and the UK, while select Roomba models were marked down by as much as £150.

If you’re hoping for a deal on the Dyson V15 Detect, which was revealed earlier this year, you’ll likely be disappointed. If you’re seeing a discount on a top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner, that discount will rarely be larger than 10%. Regardless, we’ll keep an eye out for those discounts.

However, older vacuum designs aren’t uncommonly given huge savings, and while they might not include the latest technology, they still tend to provide enough suction power to thoroughly clean your home.


It’s never too early to prepare for your Black Friday vacuum deals so that when November rolls around you have the least possible stress. 

The first step is to identify the product code of the model you’re planning on purchasing, which can usually be found on retailers’ websites. Keep this information on hand at all times. With this method, you won’t be surprised by an older model that lacks the features you really want coming Black Friday.

As we mentioned, some older models of vacuum cleaners can prove to be an even better deal since they offer the same level of suction as newer models, but they do not include additional attachments or large dust canisters, or additional batteries for cordless vacuums, which might not be necessary for a smaller home or if you just plan to use it as a vacuum for anything other than floor cleaning.  

Compare the discount you found with the discounts other retailers are offering, as you’ll probably find better reductions somewhere else since retailers vie for the best Black Friday deals. Black Friday vacuum deals can vary widely between retailers, which is why we’ll look through hundreds of them and pick out our favorites here. If you’re going it alone, bear in mind that discounts are subject to variance. Additionally, keep your eyes open for retailers that offer long guarantees in an effort to edge out the competition. 

While Black Friday will be the biggest shopping day, discounts will start to appear as early as Thanksgiving week and continue through Cyber Monday. Take advantage of any sale on a vacuum cleaner you have been looking at, as these reductions usually sell out quickly. Later down the line, if a better deal becomes available, you can always opt for the lower-priced option. 


1. Dyson V11 Outsize

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Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for a large home

The cordless power supply weighs 3.5kg, is 1.9L in size, and can run up to 60 minutes

  • Suction power
  • The bin is much larger
  • Vacuuming is faster with a wider cleaning head

If you have a large home, a larger dust container is essential to ensure your floor cleaning isn’t interrupted. The Dyson V11 Outsize dust container meets this need. A 1.9-liter capacity means you will be able to vacuum your floors 150% faster than with the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute. It has a wider-than-usual cleaning head, too, so you will be able to vacuum your floors faster. 

It was tested for its powerful suction and managed to quickly rip away discarded biscuit crumbs, ground-in dirt, and even cereal and cat biscuits. While the Dyson V11 Outsize can certainly be expensive, if it gets a discount on Black Friday, it could be worth your attention. 


2. Shark WandVac

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Small spills are best cleaned with a vacuum

Cordless | 3kg | 0.25L bin | Run-time: 16 minutes | Power supply: cordless

  • Weightless
  • A powerful suction
  • Easily emptied

In my opinion, the Shark WandVac is the best stick vacuum for spill cleanup because it’s compact and can be grabbed quickly to clean up messes right away. 

The Shark WandVac is a relatively lightweight and simplistic handheld vacuum that can be used either as a stick vacuum or in handheld mode. We also found the dust canister to be extremely easy to empty, although with it being so small, you’ll need to empty it quite frequently. 

Shark WandVac is a little bit loud and has a runtime approximately a quarter of that of competing for cordless vacuums, but it is still one of the best vacuums that may see discounts on Black Friday.


3. Shark SV1106 Navigator Bagless Cordless Stick Vacuum

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For tight spaces, the best vacuum

This model uses cordless power and  7.5 lbs. The bin capacity is 64 quarts. The run time is up to 60 minutes.

  • Reach under furniture with ease
  • The suction that is powerful
  • Wraps that prevent hair growth

On Black Friday, this might be worth keeping an eye out for if you are looking for a versatile vacuum that can clean up high as well as under low clearance furniture.

In addition to its power fins and flexible wand, this Shark cordless stick vacuum cleaner has a bendable wand for reaching in tight spaces, while remaining compact for easy storage. 

We were impressed with just how much dirt and debris it picked up when vacuuming hardwood floors and carpet, even when it’s called the Shark Vertex Pro Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum with DuoClean PowerFins (IZ662H) in the US. This product also includes Shark’s Anti Hair Wrap technology which prevents your hair from becoming tangled, so you don’t have to spend hours picking out individual strands.