How to Change Vacuum Bags

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How to Change Vacuum Bags

When you find that your vacuum cleaner isn’t capturing all the dirt and dust lying on your floor effectively, the first thing you should check for is the vacuum cleaner bag. A filled vacuum cleaner bag would be responsible for the unsatisfactory performance of your vacuum cleaner. Thus in order to improve the process, you must change a replacement bag. This process surely appears to be simple but if you fail to do it carefully, you may end up creating a mess all around your place. So today we are sharing handy tips that would support you in how to change your vacuum cleaner bags properly.

Tips for Chang Vacuum Cleaner Bags:

Step 1: Unplug Power: Before starting to open up your vacuum cleaner for replacement of bag, you should make sure that the power of vacuum cleaner is unplugged in order to avoid any accidental turning on of the vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: Open Up Vacuum: Depending upon model and make of your vacuum cleaner, you may find vacuum bag on top, in middle or at one of the sides of your vacuum cleaner. You may even need to disconnect hose in order to open up the place where vacuum bag is lying. Position of the bag differs with different types and models of vacuum cleaners.

Step 3: Check Bag: Now you need to check bag for replacement. Bag needs to be replaced if it is 3/4th filled. You may consider replacing more than a half filled vacuum bag as it may be affecting performance of your vacuum cleaner. Many of the advanced vacuum cleaners include an indicator light that alerts you when it is time to change the bag.

Step 4: Remove Bag: Be careful and gently remove the full bag from its place. Many vacuum cleaners include a spring guide that holds the bag and you just need to gently pull the spring upward in order to remove the bag. Hold the bag properly during removal or you may end up spilling its dirt and dust contents. Put this full bag directly in to your trashcan.

Step 5: Place New Bag: Now carefully slide in the new dust bag in to housing and make sure that it is placed in a proper position in line with vacuum so that dust and dirt could be collected inside it properly. Carefully lock it in the housing.

Once you have settled the bag in its position, close the unit. If you have removed hose for changing bag, reattach it.

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Important Considerations

  • Before replacing vacuum bag, you must make sure that you choose right bag according to your vacuum cleaner model.
  • Vacuum bags should be changed each month if you are an average user. However if your vacuum cleaner needs to work hard on daily basis with pets, children, and heavy traffic of dirt in your house, you may need to change bags even more frequently.


A vacuum cleaner would only perform effectively on capturing dirt, dust and other allergens if it is taken care of and you maintain your vacuum well. Replacing bags and filters is a part of maintenance process and thus you should carefully follow instructions of your manufacturer in these regards to ensure long life and good performance of your appliance.