How to use a Canister Vacuum

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If you are not used to of a hard to move and heavy weight vacuum cleaner for cleaning all around your house or workplace, the finest substitute that gives you impressive combination of powerful performance with portability are some high-end canister vacuums. People own a canister vacuum for varied reasons. Canister vacuums are lightweight, portable, small size, efficient and versatile machines that comes with a variety of features for you to control according to requirement.
How to use a canister vacuum

Tips for Effective Use of Canister

Canister vacuums can make your life smarter and easier and here we have outline a complete guide on how you can effectively and easily use your canister vacuum for all the cleaning chores of your everyday routine life:

  1. Before plugging in your vacuum, make sure you have read all the instructions and procedures of operating.
  2. Before connecting make sure that all the bags and all the filters are in place. Do not use your canister without the dirt bag and filters.
  3. Also make sure that the vacuum is powered off before connecting or disconnecting.
  4. power cord is usually located at the rear end of a canister. You can simply connect the usable power cord to an outlet to begin operation. When you pull out the cord, on most of the canisters you will find a yellow mark and a red mark. Red mark identifies the end point for usable cord. Do not pull beyond that mark.
  5. Adjust nozzle and attachment tool that you find most appropriate for your floor cleaning requirement.
  6. power on/off button is to be pressed to make the canister functional.
  7. Some canisters offer single suction power while others offer variable multiple suction speeds. The suction control buttons are located at the top and user can set suction level according to requirement of cleaning job. You can set the suction level at maximum for extensive deep cleaning while for delicate surfaces like tiles or soiled places you must set it at a low suction power level. Whether you have deep carpeting everywhere or are looking for some cleaner for hardwood floor cleaning, you will find appropriate choices available in market.
  8. Canister vacuums are light weight machines and thus you can easily pull it behind yourself for cleaning of overhead dust and debris. Whether you need to clean a smooth floor or would need to go up or down, the smaller size of these vacuums let you easily set it even on steps of stair for cleaning.
  9. Canisters come with different attachments and with these attachments you can even clean corners, sides, under base of furniture like chairs, cabinets, dresser etc. When using these attachments, make sure that they are securely locked to avoid damage. With the use of proper tools, you can get a complete floor to ceiling cleaning of your house.
  10. If after some time you find that the cleaning suction power is low, check for the dust bag. If the dust bag is filled completely, it may affect the airflow and thus the cleaning power of vacuum. Even a half full bag may reduce airflow and efficiency so you need not to wait for the bag to be full. Clean it quite often. Most canisters have a full bag indicator light to identify when you need to change the bag. You can find more details on how to maintain dust bags and filter, go through our tips for maintaining a canister vacuum.
  11. Most of the canisters are appointed with automatic cord rewind feature so once you are finish with cleaning, press the cord rewind button to retract the power cord. In order to prevent the cord from whipping around and get damaged, guide it with hand.
  12. When the cleaner is not in use, make sure to turn it off and unplug. Do not leave it plugged in. Same instructions should be followed when you are checking your canister for maintenance.
  13. Canister vacuums are recommended to use on dry and indoor floors.
  14. You must not use the machine for cleaning of sharp/hard objects such as glass, coins, screws etc. It may cause damage to the cleaning system and components.

If canister vacuum is not working

  • It may not be plugged in properly.
  • You may not have turned the power button on.
  • It may be overheated, allow it to cool for some time.
  • There may be some blockage, check and clean each part.
  • Filters may not be clean so clean them up or replace.
  • Dust bag may be full, empty or replace.
  • Hose may not be securely locked.
  • Check all parts for any crack or damage.

If any of these tips don’t work, contact an authorized service representative for maintenance or service of your canister.


With so many options today available in market in the form of high-end and cheap canister vacuums, some are specifically recommended for delicate surface cleaning, some for carpets/rugs, some to ease cleaning for pet owners, you need to make your own choice depending upon how are you going to use your canister and for what purposes? With proper use and care you can get improved life span of excellence in performance by your canister. So leave your broom and duster and opt for a canister vacuum that not only saves your time but also gives you hassle free cleaning of your house or workplace.