Roomba 677 Vacuum Review

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that cleans your house efficiently? Do you wish you could vacuum your floors, rugs, and upholstery without worrying about dust or debris? If you don’t know how to clean your house efficiently without any effort, then you must know about the Roomba 667 vacuum cleaner. It can easily clean your entire floor by using its 677 powerful suction head, which is a unique feature that I didn’t find in other vacuum cleaners.

The Roomba vacuum cleaner comes with many other attractive features, such as Wi-Fi, smart sensors, a navigation map, an app, etc.

Roomba 677 Vacuum is designed for those who need an upright vacuum cleaner with suction power that goes beyond traditional vacuum cleaners.

The Roomba 677 Vacuum has a powerful motor that will pick up everything from pet hair, dust, debris, and even dirt from carpets. It will pick up dust and leaves on the floor or carpet without scratching your carpets. It comes with a large cleaning capacity of 75 liters which is more than what traditional vacuum cleaners can offer.

The Roomba 677 Vacuum cleaner has a smart technology system to clean your house with ease, it will self-learn how to clean your entire house as it vacuums every room automatically. The Roomba 677 Vacuum cleans both hard floors and carpets with ease.

With its brush roll that picks up pet hair and debris as it goes along, it is a versatile and efficient vacuum cleaner. Roomba 677 Vacuum also has an app to track your household activities, you can easily set your schedule through the app and the machine will automatically follow your schedule.

It has a charging base that is easy to use and you do not need any tools to install. You can use the base to charge it while you are using the vacuum.

The Roomba 677 Vacuum will last for long periods of time because it has a quiet motor that runs quietly during cleaning and a cordless brush roller that won’t damage your floor or carpet.

There are many accessories for the Roomba 677 Vacuum, they include a filter bag, extension pole, dust cup, dust bag, and remote control.

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Check Out the details of Roomba 677 Vacuum 

The Roomba 677 Vacuum has all the features that a new owner would expect in a vacuum cleaner. It is powered by a 650W motor that can operate on electricity or with battery power.

It has a great suction that is powerful enough to remove dirt and debris even from large furniture and pet hair.

This article is written based on my real experience of cleaning my entire house. So, if you have a Roomba vacuum cleaner, then read this article to clean your house with ease.

Best Features of the Roomba 667 Vacuum Cleaner:

The smart technology features are useful when vacuuming the home. The Roomba 677 has navigation sensors that allow it to navigate the room independently to make sure that it always vacuums up pet hair and other debris from a variety of surfaces.

The main body of the Roomba 677 is designed with soft plush carpeted surfaces, which makes the vacuum cleaner ideal for every flooring type. The cleaning mode and navigation are easy to use, as well as its intuitive navigation system, which is helpful for even new users.

There are two modes to operate the Roomba 677. One is the standard cleaning mode, and the other is the Quick Cleaning mode. The cleaning mode is similar to other brands of vacuum cleaners, including Dyson, Samsung, and Miele. It is powered by a built-in 12-volt battery, which lasts for about 40 minutes, then it automatically turns off after 10 minutes to avoid overheating.

Quick cleaning mode is like a turbo cleaning mode. It’s a cleaning tool for stubborn spills, hair, and dander. It can clean small areas, including carpets, rugs, hard floors, and stairs.

The Roomba 677 comes with four different brushes and is equipped with a brush guard, which can prevent the robot from damaging walls, baseboards, furniture, and carpet. The vacuum is designed with 360-degree rotation capabilities, allowing it to navigate in any direction. In addition, the Roomba 677 is equipped with a sensor, and will automatically stop if it gets stuck or bumps into something.

The Roomba 677 has a high-definition camera that allows it to “see” the room that it is cleaning. This feature is a big advantage when using it with a wall. It will be able to differentiate between items on the wall and items on the floor.

The Roomba 677 has a lot of other useful features. It can be connected to Google Assistant. You can ask it questions about vacuuming.

It can be connected to your phone and control your home devices. It can also be controlled with Amazon Alexa.

What we did like it

WiFi which allows it to automatically check the status of the vacuum and clean itself. The Roomba 677 is a cordless vacuum cleaner. It can be easily maneuvered through the room. It has a small footprint, which makes it easy to maneuver and store. The Roomba 677 is a powerful vacuum cleaner. It can easily pick up pet hair and other debris from the carpet, floor, and stairs. It will also pick up dust and allergens from the walls and furniture. The Roomba 677 will vacuum your floors and carpets. It can be used to clean all areas of your home. The Roomba 677 is a smart vacuum.

It can easily find and clean the area of the floor where the debris is located. It is very easy to navigate the vacuum cleaner through the room. The Roomba 677 can be programmed to clean at specific times and dates. It will be able to automatically start cleaning when it is plugged in. The Roomba 677 can clean your home using just one battery charge. It doesn’t need a power outlet. It can also be cleaned using a remote control. The Roomba 677 is a versatile vacuum cleaner. You don’t need to purchase another vacuum cleaner just to clean the areas that the Roomba 677 can clean. 

What we dont like it

The only problem you might encounter with this vacuum is that you need to replace the filter periodically.

The battery life of this vacuum is short but if you are willing to spend a little extra then you can buy a second battery.


It’s an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner; it learns and adapts to its environment

Voice control is easy to use

The app is easy to use

The Roomba’s smart features can help you keep your home clean and organized

Roomba’s sensors make it smarter than ever

Comes with a one-year warranty

No need for a cord; it runs on batteries

Suitable for floors made of various materials


The Roomba is not suitable for hard floor surfaces such as wood and ceramic tiles

The Roomba’s vacuum sucks in a lot of dust

It needs to be recharged every 6 months

Final Verdict

Overall, the Roomba 677 is a great vacuum cleaner for a reasonable price. However, if you have a large home, then you may need to invest in a higher-capacity model.I think that this is one of the best vacuum cleaners for the price in India. If you are looking for a vacuum that can clean under the furniture and along the walls, then this is the best