Tips for cleaning your wooden floor

People who have hardwood or tiled floors all around their house may always remain worried about the floor getting scratched with the use of vacuum cleaners. Some low-quality cleaning appliances have plastic wheels that can cause scratching/damage to your wooden floor. However, if you own a good quality canister vacuum, you can work worry-free on cleaning the wooden floors. Canisters vacuums today are designed with non-marking rubber wheels and have strong suction power, making these machines the most suitable ones for cleaning bare floorboards. With all the features they have, canister vacuums are considered the best appliances for cleaning hardwood floors. Here we have highlighted some tips for users in order to take the best possible use of their canister vacuum cleaner for cleaning wooden floors.

Wooden Floor Cleaning Tips

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  • Canister vacuums are usually used for hardwood floors however they can also be used as an upright ones. If your canister cleaner has a rolling beater brush, before using it over your wooden floor make sure that the beater brush is turned off. Beater brush can scratch the floor and may scatter dirt on your floor. A beater brush is good for capturing dirt, dust, and even hair from deep inside your carpets but for bare floors, it can have adverse effects. Setting your vacuum in hardwood floor mode is extremely important.
  • Make sure that the vacuum you have or intend to buy has non-marking rubber wheels. If you are using a cheap vacuum cleaner with plastic wheels, it can badly scratch your fine-looking floor and can ruin its completely beautiful appearance.
  • Another important factor that you must check when preparing to vacuum wooden floors is that the cleaner must have a completely powerful and strong suction. This is essential for the effective capturing of dirt and dust that lies between floorboards. This tip must also be followed when cleaning other bare floors like tiles.
  • Wooden floors are to be handled with care and thus the best option for cleaning them up is with the use of a high-quality floor brush having natural bristles. These floor brushes are specifically designed to capture all the dirt and dust with care from your wooden floor with impressive suction power. Many vacuums now come with these hardwood cleaning brushes such as Miele’s Canister Vacuums with a parquet floor brush option.
  • Your bare wood floors are often accompanied by some area rugs that you place in high-traffic areas for preventing your wooden floor from getting damaged. You can clean up those scattered rugs with the use of a turbo head which is the most convenient tool for cleaning from floor to rugs.
  • Vacuum area rugs as often as possible in order to avoid accumulating dirt to filter out from the rug and damage the bare wood floor.
  • A common problem that you may be facing while vacuuming your hardwood floor is that your cleaner might be pushing all the light dust and dirt particles away rather than sucking all that stuff up into its bin or bag. These scattered fine dust particles may need you to chase them all around and may frustrate you while cleaning. To cater to this problem, you may prefer using a vacuum with a wand attached to it. When you clean up with the hose wand, the motor is left well behind and then you need not face the fear of dust particles being scattered by the winds.
  • You must vacuum your wooden floor once a week or twice according to your requirement in order to protect the finish and appearance of the floor that might get dull with the fine dust particles slowly wearing it out.
  • Select a low-height setting for proper cleaning of the bare floor.
  • Use a wand for cleaning under the furniture lying on your wooden floor. If you wish to clean thoroughly without a wand, carefully lift the furniture and move to another place. Do not drag furniture as when it comes in contact with wooden floor, it may result in scratches.
  • If you are using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, avoid excess water as it could run in between the floor and can cause damage. Always use light damping and avoid any hard liquids on this floor.
    Canister vacuums are compact and lightweight appliances. However, if you have options, use the lightest model that is easy to move around on your wooden floor. With heavy cleaning appliances, there is always the fear of scratches and marks.
Tips for cleaning your wooden floor

Always follow instructions given on your appliance user manual in order to get the best effects of cleaning out of your appliance without causing any sort of damage to the floor, appliance, or yourself.


New wooden floors offer you a feeling of warmth, richness, and a beautiful appearance, and in order to maintain it as well as new, these delicate surfaces need your extra care and attention. Having Christmas around the corner, it is the best time to begin cleaning. A good canister vacuum would be the best option for your wooden floor in order to clean it effectively, get rid